Game Star Wars

Star Wars – One of the most famous and popular universes in the world. Currently, the universe “Star Wars” has shot seven feature films and created various computer games. The invention of “Star Wars” in the late 1970s and is still popular today. One of the most talked-about games is “Star Wars: The Old Republic”. Game reviews include details of plot elements, mechanics, gameplay, graphics, the overall impression of the gameplay, etc.

Short history

“Star Wars” was the idea of ​​George Lucas. Legend’s first movie was released for rent in 1977. No need to wait long at the biggest box office – the image is a landmark of its time and it’s still easy to watch.

As time passed, computer game developers turned their attention to a great universe, because it was the reign of Nepahanno. The legendary JD Night game has become a favorite not only of “Star Wars” fans but also of high-quality computer RPG fans.

A series of projects related to the legend was later completed. These are all in the game’s logo and Lego theme, as well as the two “Continuing Forces” and the infamous “Front”. The sequel to the recently mentioned game is recent. In this article, however, we will discuss “Star Wars Old Republic”, an overview that will appeal to fans of the series. For those who have heard of this project for the first time, it will be a great opportunity to learn about this game.

Around “Star Wars”, he developed a completely independent culture. Computer game developers cannot pass this niche game. In the form of Star Wars Old Republic, merging the very popular MMORPG with the universe seems to be the best solution. An overview will help you understand, be it the founder of the failed project.

History of the game

As mentioned above, “Star Wars: The Old Republic” is a unique feature and multiple player game with chips, which will be discussed later. The project was more explicitly unveiled in 2011 before the new year. The developers of Studio Beaver released the game in a timely manner, which affected the quality of customization and the overall impression of the player, but the actual fans did not stop. The project is still ongoing. However, publishers and developers must make more concessions to save popularity. The reasons for these decisions will be explained later.

Improving the game program

The game was developed in 2008. Even then the studio promised to be different from other MMORPGs. This theme is the focus of the project. Since Bioware RPG is known for its outstanding records, “Star Wars in the Opal Republic” has high expectations. Especially when a multiplayer game is combined with a complete story, it seems interesting, because almost no one has done it or there is no soft implementation.

In 2009, the first trailer for the project was shown at the E3 Game Show. A few months later, the developers announced the game in the closed beta test “Star Wars the Old Republic 2011”. At the time, game server reviews said the company’s business wasn’t the best way. Due to the huge popularity and thousands of people who want to enter the server of the “Star Wars” project in the game world universe, they simply can not carry this task. Even the weakest official websites can manage visitor traffic.

In the summer of 2010, the game had its second trailer. Exactly one year later, the final game of the third movie “Star Wars: The Old Republic” came out. An overview and novelty of the whole genre of chips – so you can identify these 3 trailers.

On June 21, 2011, the publisher began pre-ordering the game and released it in December of that year. The publisher is Electronic Arts.

A year later, however, the project’s popularity waned. To improve the score, the app’s publisher has decided to adopt a free model to attract new players. Thus, the number of spectators and players do not have to pay a monthly fee. All of the game’s investment or limited data, however, is not required to complete a comfortable game.

Project scale

Old Star Wars Republic Star Wars can be considered as the largest and most complex game in the universe. This conclusion will be reached after reading the following figure. First, developing a lifestyle for more than 3 years, it will turn into a high-quality game. Second, the huge budget – about 200 million US dollars. The development of the project is conducted in parallel across four continents, with more than 600 experts in various industries and game development fields. Third, due to the strong volume and plot elements, Bioware needs to attract more than a thousand voice actors to create all the unique characters. According to their developers, they would do so if they had the opportunity to be invited as a unique actor in each role.

Star Wars: An Overview of the Old Republic Concept

Just before entering the public beta project, the project is located as a multiplayer game with a monthly fee. It can be bought for more than a thousand rubles. In this case, Donut also took part in the game, which will affect the gameplay. It is not yet clear why developers and publishers have such mismatched ideas at the same time. But after this move, they made a cruel joke with them.

Star Wars The Old Republic (Online): An overview of the game’s technical information

The project has a Heroizine game engine. The platform is specifically designed for online multiplayer games. Successfully tackled the task, including the engine. The engine concept is very suitable for Bioware’s work style. Because programmers do a lot of work, they need to work on the same elements at the same time in different parts of the world. The heroine has just got a chance.

Required for system

To start the game, you must have Windows XP or higher computer. The processor frequency must be at least 2 GHz, such as Intel’s Core 2 Duo processor or AMD’s equivalent processor. Minimum RAM 2 GB. Video memory should be at least 512 MB.

Game optimization

Although the system requirements are low, the level of optimization of the “Star Wars” game “Old Republic” is very poor. Even in configurations that exceed the mentioned abilities several times, the game slows down and speeds up. LRF sometimes can’t play up to 10 seconds out of 10 seconds.

The story

As mentioned above, the main feature of the project – a deep and thought-provoking story. The action locations of the game “Star Wars” have become a large number of planets in the universe. These events took place 3,000 years before movie events. Players must choose the part: the Galactic Republic or Sith Empire. In the story, Smith has captured the main capital of the Republican Party. However the rebels will not tolerate this situation, so a small fire of war will take place here.

Study the characters and their personal stories carefully The main pride of the developers of Star Wars: The Old Republic. The video commentary has a unique description of each important scene and each character has a character. Basically, the player has to read the conversation and imagine the plot characters.

Game console

However, they have not been forgotten by the MMORPG game developers, although they are in the shadows. The first problem of the project began to appear.

Playing “Star Wars: The Old Republic” on an MMORPG is annoying. Therefore, after experiencing the missions and game missions in the story, those who just come to love the environment and history do almost nothing.

At the same time, fans of the classic MMORPG will love the different dungeons, dungeons, and PVP modes. It should always be diluted by a mix of plot social and general RPG elements, otherwise, the game can quickly become boring. However, after experiencing the story of one character, you can browse the history of another group, or create a new unique character and choose new answers in the dialogue, which will lead to other consequences.

The rest of “Star Wars: The Old Republic” is annoying and rather gray MMORPG, although it has received high ratings since its launch. The real helper is the task-kill, collect him and bring him back or go down and activate more items in certain darkness and kill the last boss. That’s right, the side search situation is so bad, you can only save a single non-repeat NPC via voice operation.

The first 10 levels of the character are conducted in the manner of teaching in the original position. Players are visually familiar with the process and control of diagrams and a small number of third-party functions. When you reach level 10, you can swim for free. Here, Star Wars: The Old Republic is very good: you can freely choose the location of the planets and let them feel a part of the universe and the real explorer of distant galaxies. Of course, not all space can be conquered in one minute – it’s still a kind of MMORPG and equipment, and the level of the character directly affects the complexity of the enemy and the missions of different planets.

These locations are very beautiful and have never been repeated in the source of “Star Wars: The Old Republic”. The summary of each unique planet is usually reminiscent of its color palette, weather, and nature.

Star Wars: Old Republic: Opium D Class

In the view of “Star Wars: The Old Republic” a brief description of these sections would be unnecessary. The number of classes available for each score is the same. Traffickers, soldiers, JD consuls, and JD knights will be available for those who choose the republic. Smugglers are local analogs of killers or thieves. Destroy paratroopers-major dealer parties. The Knight is a tank, like the JD’s magic advisor and wizard’s consul.

For the Sith Empire, they have the following courses: Bounty Hunters, agents, and investigators of the Sith Empire warriors. These classes are equal to the republican class.

At the beginning of the project, the balance of all classes was disgusting. Over time, however, the developers tested and interviewed the players and listened to their opinions. As a result, all classes have reached a perfect balance: unique skills and competencies complement, and there is no “unbalanced” class.

The result

During his project, four additional stories and the contents of various games were updated and automatically released to the server. This proves that the game is still looking good. Although the arrival of new players is low, it still exists.

Fans and fans of “Star Wars” will be satisfied with the game will perfectly inform the surrounding atmosphere and the universe does not make them indifferent. Casual players will not be dissatisfied – combat arrangements, pumping, and conversation will not be a problem even after we first meet. The only players who are dissatisfied with this game are hard fans of MMORPG, as they are unlikely to own a very small number of small objects. For example, a simplified pump system or something better. This kind of player, however, has many more multi-user projects. Perhaps in the near future, the gaming community “Star Wars: Old Republic 2” will be released. Overall, the review is positive. Despite some minor flaws and adjustments based on the story of the game, we still have a unique and interesting project. Don’t stay long, but at least it should be read.