The Batman superhero games the “Rocksteady”

Batman is a world-class idol, not because of his strange vigilant attire. Although it is useful to master Bartosi and a shark spray prevention belt, his legendary status is due to all the masterpieces in the film. Who participated. For example, “Killing Joke” by Alan Moore. For example, Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight.” Take Rocksteady’s Arkham City trilogy as an example.

Indeed, the covered crusade has a history deeply rooted in video games, with its ups and downs. There we have a classic return of the NES joke, and it is undeniable that the Lego Batman Legend is faithful to the DC character in its own way. However, “Batman: Arkham Sanctuary” is really a powerful blow to the table, enough to permanently affect the game of superheroes.

Not long ago, Alex told us that instinctively, we all ended up comparing him to “Dark Souls.” If a game is very difficult, then it will have a dark and scattered plot … In essence, it’s about communicating the senses and, to some extent, this is the key to understanding how the dark knight of Rock steady changes his action. and the video. . game. Super hero

In other words, Insomniac’s “Spider-Man” is really shocking. Great game. So much so that he reached the podium of the best superhero game. Pretty good, the introduction of Square Enix in Avengers made us a little cold, but not enough to make Rocksteady’s Batman overtake. Quite simply, a trilogy (and its derivatives) on another level.

The most important thing is that it must be stopped from the beginning. This is the key to Arkham Legend’s success is to gain the fan experience in a very real and original way, but the most important thing is to be a player. It doesn’t matter what superhero factory is behind it. In fact, to be fair, the role of the role can support and help the project when it is disappointed.

That being said, the London studio has always shown that its success is by no means accidental, portraying Batman and his nemesis as the greatest comic book author, thus increasing his power. In the game of superheroes we always wanted to play, but we never did, deconstruct each character and assemble them one by one.

So how could Lindyson’s second project go so deep?

A master lesson in how to reinvent an icon

The starting point led us to the trilogy of the movie “Dark Knight” is not accidental. Filmmaker Christopher Nolan (Batman: Begins) through his adult vision of “Batman: Begins” has successfully attracted the creation of Bob Kane and Bill Finger The role has attracted a new audience. It’s not about accidentally injecting darkness into a gloomy character in a few words, but how to embrace these features to get the most appropriate tone for the character.

Moreover, this is not the first time it has worked. The best example is “Batman: Animated Series”. Of course, the series has nothing to do with comics at the time and is currently very popular. What do they have in common creatively? In essence, both are works of authorship, exploring concepts surrounding Batman.

By the way, something was missing in the official “Batman”: start playing video games, flirting with general games is very dangerous.

In the summer of 2008, the sequel to Nolan’s film was released in theaters, as DC Bat was first taken by Tim Burton and did not officially adapt to video games. For Warner Games, this seemed like a missed opportunity, especially when we consider the box office “The Dark Knight”, but instead, a game was made that could make history.

Shortly after the film’s release, the development of “Batman: Arkham Sanctuary” was announced. Rocksteady was almost at the helm at the helm, and Paul Dini was one of Batman’s most successful: animated series and screenwriter. Detective Comics, responsible for reimagining Batman and giving credit for the entire original project.

In fact, Dini’s involvement was due to a series of accidental misfortunes. DC has suggested a possible story about video games with Batman since 2007. Something completely original – what happened today – is more risky than betting on adapting a movie, series or simply embracing a successful Lego formula.

Logically, Dini is passionate about challenges, although his suggestions for Warner laid the vision and foundation for the game to become Roxsteady, when he officially joined the London team, a lot of material started to appear. Ideas, aesthetics, the background of the characters …

In a way, this is because, unlike most video games, the story and the game develop at the same time, but it’s enough to make Rocksteady turn Dini around when Dini writes too much. a lot of story or motivation for the game. On the other hand, due to the narrative limitations of video games, the character cannot be reflected.

It cannot be said that the success is entirely due to Dini. The plot and background of the movie “Batman: Arkham Sanctuary” is based directly on some of the best Batman works published and overwhelmingly support those who are most passionate about the role. But he is also an artistic, visual and playable genius.

Rocksteady’s dark tone blurs the line between realism and comics, but shines like a video game:

  • The combat system establishes a seat in the action game, providing real visual effects, without the player having to have special command skills.
  • Compared to other games, Batman’s investigation and penetration system not only jumps, but also fits the character like a glove.
  • The settings and plot have the same weight as the gaming experience and always benefit each other, so players will be agitated by the gaming experience from start to finish.

However, if some aspects of “Batman: Arkham League” stand out than others, it’s a lot of things, because it gave the new version of Gotham Gruardian life in an excellent way and at the same time gave us made to become the same Batman. Everything is internalized.