BetaDwarf has raised $6.6 million to extend the “Friendship Game” beyond its relationship with previous titles such as Forced and Minion Masters.

The Makers Fund led the funding with the participation of early investors, venture capital partners in London, new investors 1UP and Everblue.
Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Beta Dwarf is known for the games Forced (2013) and Forced: Showdown (2016), and the Minion Master 2019 (one of the largest official discord communities in the world). The company says it is profitable, but has raised additional funding to actively invest in what it defines as a new genre that focuses on friendship.
BetaDwarf has launched the cooperative multiplayer game Forced, which has sold over 500,000 units.

They continued Forced: Showdown and Minion Masters and were still able to make money. Steffen Kabbelgaard and Kenneth Harder founded the company in 2012, taking over unused classrooms from the school. Currently, the team is 20 people.
The London Venture Partner led the Beta Dwarf Financing Round in February 2018, assisted in the development of the Minion Master, and provided game capital and knowledge as a service. Minion Masters has over 2.5 million downloads and over 100,000 Discord server members.

However, BetaDwarf aims to speed up the game and define new approaches by investing in the “genre of friendship”.
The company has always been fascinated by the amazing collaboration experience, both on the sofa and in the online collaboration mode. The team grew up playing games like DOTA and still belong to the generations who love these games, but they had limited reaction speed, time, and a period of friends available. .. As the company continued to refine its vision, it revealed the issue of loneliness.
Increased loneliness: The British prime minister of loneliness was recently nominated and identified as the next public health epidemic of the 21st century. In countries such as the US, China, and the UK, more than 50% of adults feel lonely.
Feeling alone is more dangerous than you think and is associated with a 26% increase in mortality. One solution may come from finding friends who are relevant to your life and who can share your activities with you. The company believes that “friendship” requires a specific approach to game design.

In the statement, CEO Steffen Kabbelgaard said, “I would love to have the opportunity to have a positive impact on society and business.” In some cases, reducing or eliminating customer loneliness sets many new benchmarks for industry KPIs to empower and motivate teams that have a positive impact on life. ”
BetaDwarf is in the early stages of developing the latest and greatest games, but we are confident that they are special and add more capital. Bigger, better, faster than expected. The studio is currently recruiting a new game team to ensure continued and great updates to the recently released Minion Masters titles.
To date, the company has raised $8.1 million. Regarding the description of friendship, Kabelgard said in an email: “It creates intimate friendship by always providing a mutually demanding cycle between two or three people. A game focused on construction and maintenance. Building an intimate friendship takes over 200 hours and combines activity and intimacy with others. Friendship games provide all this and should continue later. ”
Cabaguard said scuba diving is a good example of friendship.
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“We speed our ability to act efficiently and our ability to further accelerate trust and comfortable sharing of vulnerabilities. We do not make diving games. Our vision is to be one.