Entering the vast world of Warframe can be difficult at first, but with these tips and tricks that we give you from Vandal, it will be very easy.

Warframe can overwhelm anyone in their first hours of play. It is normal, this free to play title released in 2013 has not stopped nurturing and expanding its horizons since then. That’s why Warframe has an intricate difficulty curve for beginning players, mostly because of the things that can be done.

Since we’ve created a definitive Warframe guide on Vandal we didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to pick up some of the best tips and tricks out there for novice and novice players to the game.

If you are embarking on your first hours, following these steps will be great to make your adventure much lighter and more fun. Take note!

First steps in Warframe

The first is first. Of course, maybe you don’t have the game yet and want to start with it. If so, we tell you here how to download it for free. Remember that it is available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Although the most updated version is usually the PC version. You can also check from this link if the game has crossplay between platforms.

The game tutorial

Once you’ve created an account, Warframe will welcome you with the first major adventure, Vor’s Dam. This serves as a tutorial on the most basic concepts. The adventures are like the most important missions of Warframe since these stories are told ( lore of the game) and get rewards for your inventory plus access to more content.

The Vor dam is a very simple adventure, it will not be difficult for you to follow the steps and learn to move. In addition, along the way you will have to get your first things:

  • Choose your first Warframe: the choice will be between Excalibur, Mag, or Volt. You can consult their respective sections of our guide to help you choose one.
  • Your first main weapon: it will be the one you use the most, Mk1-Paris (bow) or Mk1-Braton (rifle).
  • Your first secondary weapon: a support weapon, Mk1-Kunai, or the Lato (pistols).
  • Your first melee weapon: important for the closest engagements, Skana (sword) or the Mk1-Bo (staff).
  • Unlock your ship and its segments: you will get the ship to then move through the Star Map and access to some important aspects such as the Arsenal, the Mods segment, and the Foundry.

You can choose the Warframe and weapons you want, although the latter is usually recommended Mk1 Braton, Lato, and Skana (later you can get everything else). After the adventure you will have total freedom to do whatever you want, your thing is that you continue at the beginning concatenating the missions that they propose and unlocking the first planets, Venus and Mars.

What are Warframes and how do I get them?

The Warframes are the playable characters who embody the Tenno, ie players. They are a kind of cyber ninjas with different abilities and unique powers that feature shields, armor, and much more. In the game, except for the one you choose at the beginning, all the others will be blocked and you must get them through their plans. There are currently more than 40.

The blueprints of its parts, which are usually obtained through missions, adventures, and more, you will create them in the Foundry of your ship with different resources that you collect. Each Warframe is always made up of three fundamental parts, the neuroleptics, the chassis, and the systems. When you have these 3 pieces, you can assemble them and unlock the Warframe.

A major there are Prime Warframes (and also Prime weapons), which are slightly improved variants in attributes and with exclusive aspects of the normal ones. Although you will surely not taste these until you have been playing for many hours. But it never hurts to know that they exist and that you can also have instant access to some of them by paying money in the Prime Access and Prime Vault system, or by getting them for free by opening the Relics of the Void.

How do weapons work?

As we have seen, there are several types of weapons in the game. Many are those that you can use in your Warframes. The good thing is that Warframes can handle them all since they do not have specific requirements. Although there are some who will be better at swords, others at rifles, etc. … You can use them at will.

The only requirement that exists is the Mastery Rank because to use some weapons you will need to reach a certain rank. Otherwise, most of his blueprints are purchased from the Market or unlocked in missions.

What is Mastery Rank and how does it go up?

The Range Master determines your level within Warframe. It is increased by getting Affinity, which is how the experience is called in this game, and it is achieved by doing practically everything. As you get more affinity, you will unlock new ranks of Mastery.

To climb a rank you will have to complete a trial with a combat challenge (with only one attempt per day). By increasing mastery ranks you will unlock access to more content, such as the use of weapons or Warframes, for example.

What are Mods for?

The Mods or modifiers will come great to increase the powers and abilities of your articles. They can be applied to Warframes, weapons, and more and are usually achieved by defeating enemies.

In addition, in your ship you can improve them by investing Credits and Endo in them. Feel free to do it to be more powerful in the long run. And remember to match the polarities correctly, as that will allow you to equip more Mods.

Join a Clan and play as a team

An important part of the Warframe experience is defined by Clans and cooperative play. It will help you a lot to have support from other players, both in your first hours and in the future when you are already advanced. We have already explained here how you can join a Clan. Once you have an invitation, you will need to create the Clan Key to access the Clan Dojo.

Playing with friends can make things much easier for you, especially against the toughest enemy factions, final bosses, etc. … It is also more fun, gives you more affinity and access to trade with other users. They are all advantages.

Enter the Codex and learn about the game

The Codex is a section of your ship, or of the game menu, which you can access whenever you want between missions. In addition to the fact that many of the main and secondary adventures of the game can be activated from here, this is an important section since you will find a lot of information related to the game.

There are tons of texts and mechanics explained in the Codex, including tips for newbies, as well as the explanation of the different types of missions. It is highly recommended that you consult the Codex a little at first, especially on those aspects that you have the most doubts about. It will surely solve many for you.

General tips for insiders

Having seen the above, we can now move on to give a few strokes of general tips for insiders. These will serve you in your first hours of play.

  • Complete nodes of the planets: take a look at the Star Map and go completing missions naturally, thus you will unlock Convergences, which allow you to go further.
  • Join a Clan: it would be good if you decided to join a Clan very soon since it will be very very useful.
  • Create the Clan Dojo Key: you will receive the blueprint as soon as you join a Clan and by creating it you will be able to enter the Clan Dojo, which is vital to being part of the clans.
  • Collect resources: you will need them for practically everything in the game, so it would not hurt if you do not forget to farm them whenever you can.
  • Invest your Platinum well – you’ll have 50 Platinum upfront, and this premium coin is very valuable. Don’t waste it. The most advisable thing is to acquire a Warframe and a weapon slot, for example.
  • Unlock Syndicates- There are many and they all offer unique rewards as you earn Reputation for them. When you reach Mastery Rank 2 you will have access to all of them.
  • Upgrade Your Mods – It can be a hassle at first, but this will make a difference on the toughest missions.
  • Get companions: they will give you support in your missions. In your first hours, you can get a Sentinel or a Kubrow, for example.
  • Hack terminals: in many missions, you will be able to hack enemy terminals to avoid raising alarms, it is recommended to do so since you get extra affinity.
  • Don’t be shy and use the chats: there is no shame, Warframe has several chats available to interact with other players and ask for help. Remember that you can do it, many veteran players will be happy to guide you in what you need.
  • Trade with other players: following this trend, remember that you can trade items with other users, they could have things you need or vice versa.
  • Play With Friends: Warframe is quite focused on the cooperative experience, so let your game stay in “Public” mode so you can play missions with allies, which will make things much easier and give you more affinity.
  • Log in daily: every day you play you will have a reward at the beginning that can help you, they are usually rare resources difficult to get, and the more you play, the better rewards you will receive for the Daily Tribute.

With these basics explained, we hope your first steps in Warframe are as comfortable as possible. Do not hesitate to consult our extensive guide on the game in case you still have doubts about more mechanics or want to delve into them. You will surely find what you need.