Soul of Tsushima Island

A very important element in “Soul of Tsushima” is the ghost of war in the name of the game. The protagonist can choose to abandon the traditional Bushido and use stealth and hidden assassination techniques.

During the game, players are sometimes forced to use assassination or orthodox Bushido, but most of the time, the family is still free to choose the fighting method they want.

If you like to attack the enemy sneakily, then you must understand how to point out the best configuration, how to assassinate the enemy, use weapons, and kill the enemy faster.

If you still like to face off against the enemy, you can click on another article below to watch. But if you don’t use the assassination technique, you can’t retake Tsushima Island. Let this article help the players to make Ren to become the ghost of war!


It might be a bit unfair to say that “Soul of Tsushima” is a Japanese-style “Assassin’s Creed”, because “War Ghosts” is mainly based on “Batman: Arkham”, “Sekiro” and “Horizon: Looking forward to dawn, and if you want to say the most difference, in fact, the assassination method of “War Ghosts” is very different from “Assassin’s Creed”.

Assassination is the most effective way to achieve stealth effects among all evolutionary tactics. Even if Ren tries hard to avoid detection, if he uses certain ghost weapons in the designated assassination mission, the mission will still fail.

How to use assassination? Just sneak to the enemy and press the box. But be careful, because the enemies usually line up in pairs, if possible, kill them in succession as soon as possible to avoid being discovered.

Before getting other war ghost weapons, in fact, the method of assassination has not changed.

It is to hide in puff reeds or stand on the roof, use intensive listening to find out the enemy’s position, don’t run in open space, and then the enemyt is not found. Only under circumstances can the enemy be hit hard.

Remember to use R2 to hide under the building or in the gap. In addition, assassination is actually similar to other games, but the protagonist may feel that they are against his conscience when doing these things.


Although it is not the most secret equipment to use, it can be said that it is the most practical and lethal weapon that players can use.

This throwing dagger can be used as the main item of upgrade, because Kumo can be used as a weapon to attack when hiding in the grass, or as a life-saving weapon when surrounded by enemies.

Although it is designed to attack in the dark, it is actually a good way to launch a series of kunai when rushing into a group of enemies. The enemy will not dare to approach, and a group of kunai can defeat 15 enemies.

When the enemy is too close and there is no time to change the frame, it is also a very effective method to use kunai. Kunai can be said to be a very important all-round weapon in “Soul of Tsushima“.

smoke bomb

Any assassin needs a smoke bomb in their pocket. Smoke bombs can be said to be the most versatile props in the game. Knowing how to use them can make the player’s journey to becoming a war ghost better.

As it means literally, a smoke bomb will produce a cloud of smoke after being thrown to make the player invisible. The best time to use it is to run away when the battle is in danger, but this is not the only way to use it.

You can use the concealment effect of smoke bombs to transfer two strongholds in an exposed space, and you can also use this to more easily approach the enemy and assassinate them.

If this is not enough, after the upgrade, the smoke bomb can even heal your own vitality.

Although smoke bombs will cause the task of forced assassination to fail, because even if the enemy can’t see you, they know that you are in the same area, but generally speaking, the use of smoke bombs can make sneak assassination more smooth.

Wind chimes

Although the wind chime is a weapon, it cannot cause any damage, but it is the perfect prop to help create assassination situations.

Although it is useful to continuously assassinate when encountering two enemies, if it is a large group of enemies, it is difficult to kill them silently, but some tasks require such clearance conditions, and this is the case. It’s time for wind chimes to come in handy.

Using wind chimes to surround a group of enemies can attract an enemy to check out, so that they will be alone, and they can be solved one by one.

But be aware that the guard will not be distracted by the wind chimes for too long, but will make your prey more nervous and pay attention.

And when using this item, remember to approach the alert enemy from the side instead of the front.

Blow arrows

Blowing arrows in “Soul of Tsushima” is not a very special item, but once unlocked, you will find that he has changed the way the game is played.

After completing Yuriko’s first mission, Blow Arrow can be obtained. It is the long-range weapon most capable of countering archers.

It was mentioned in another combat guide article that archers are the most disturbing of all enemy types, but a single poisonous needle can actually solve them easily.

Because archers are usually at a higher position, they cannot detoxify them as quickly as warriors.

If you want to use blow arrows to attack fighters, illusions are most effective for berserkers.

Before the blast frame is unlocked, it is a better choice to use the arrow blower and the pikemen than the head-on duel.

Sticky bomb

Although the sticky bomb is not hidden at all, it cannot be used to complete the task of forced stealth. But when performing liberation missions, sticky bombs can be dropped from the roof, which can effectively eliminate a large number of enemies.

It’s also very useful in face-to-face duels, especially after unlocking to ignore your own bomb damage.

But beware if there are hostages; using sticky bombs will make the mission fail, and will put the hostages in danger, panic, and even cause serious damage.

For most enemies, sticky bombs cannot kill them at once, so in the end, you still need to clean them up one by one.

Black powder bomb

Compared with sticky bombs, black powder bombs are really not concealed at all. In addition to the use of black powder when confronting the berserkers, it can also be used in other stealth battles.

After the upgrade, there will be black powder bombs with explosive fragments. There is no doubt that the player can use the most harmful projectile.

Just throw it into the enemy and escape again. Because it will not only kill the enemy, but the sound of its explosion will even attract more enemies to confirm.

This method is not suitable for the task of forced stealth, but it can increase the player’s war ghost meter at a time, and it will also bring another group of enemies.

At this time, black powder bombs, kunai, assassination, or even traditional face-to-face duels are used. Inauguration Jun selected.

Talisman and moves

As the game progresses, players can unlock many amulets and moves. The source of the amulet is a side mission, and the task of finding the fox’s lair is to increase the upper limit of the amulet’s equipment.

In addition, the moves need to be obtained through upgrades to unlock block, evasion, stance, exploration, contingency tactics and ghost weapons.

Amulet can be matched at will, but after the technique is clicked, it cannot be restored.

Because there are many ways of matching, players will definitely want to wear different amulets according to each task, and in addition to exploration skills, they must also achieve a balance in learning other moves.

Amulets are divided into five types: melee, defense, long-range, stealth, and function.

You can choose the amulet for healing without a trace to let the smoke bomb heal yourself, and you can also choose the shadow, disappear without a trace, fast arrow hunting, poisonous smoke and superior amulet.

In terms of moves, of course, you have to upgrade your favorite weapon, but basically every one must be upgraded. In addition, most of the moves are actually face-to-face skills.