Apex Heroes Season 5

Some changes have taken place in Kings Canyon since the heroes first landed in February last year.

Not only does the Apex hero’s world go by over time — including the advent of the edge of the new map world, but even more so for opponents who are eager to fight.

Sometimes these adjustments seem to bring better changes, but sometimes they can also get worse.

However, no matter which hero you choose to specialize and fight to the end among Apex heroes, the latest lineup guide compiled by Red Bull is available for you to adapt.

1. an illusion

Of all the recent adjustments made by our hero, especially Mirage, he has the most significant enhancement changes. Once the player learns to distinguish between a real opponent and his false projection bait, let’s face it-it’s not difficult to distinguish, is it?

The latter will move forward in a straight line after accurate calculations until he is stopped by an enemy or a wall-he becomes one of the beads that are cool in theory but failed to grow on the battlefield.

The most significant improvement is that when the illusion is resurrecting a partner, he and the downed partner will be temporarily invisible-this is a crucial battle advantage, especially when the battle is fierce. The same was true when he called back the team on the Rebirth Signal Station.

But not only that. Now, the player can completely manipulate his decoy to make the holographic clones more convincing by mimicking the actions of real illusions for up to 60 seconds.

His greatness has also become more convincing. In the past, people just released a team of clones who were barely able to survive, but now they will also imitate what the real illusion does-this may be the interference you will have when you climb back to the team after being knocked down.

And you know that even if the enemy does not take the bait, the illusion will still chuckle and say: “You’ve been bamboozled!” This is also changed. Now, he would only speak when he really confuses nearby enemies.

2. Pathfinder

Although the adjustments of the illusion are all improvements, this is not good news for the kind Pathfinder.

Anyone who often plays Apex Heroes will tell you that, due to the superior tactical capture ability of Pathfinder, he can often be seen in the game.

But now, you won’t see him move so frequently again-the cooldown of this cute robot’s hook has increased from 15 seconds to 35 seconds, more than doubled.

However, his zip line gun has not been changed, which means that he can still help the team get rid of the narrow space at his own convenience.

But from now on, players who specialize in Pathfinder will have to be more cautious about when and where to use the zipline gun.

3. Gibraltar

Gibraltar’s friendly attitude and love for home cooking have always made him top the list of most players’ best heroes, but now it seems that his “protection dome” has been weakened and his performance in battle will be slightly less. Worse.

In a shocking adjustment in Season 5, Gibraltar’s shield was reduced from 18 seconds to 12 seconds, which meant that he would not be able to guarantee the protection of his teammates when suffering from certain extremes (such as corrosive poisonous fog). Safety.

Although it will not necessarily change the rules of the game, players who use Gibraltar must carefully think about when to remove the shield-if the time is missed, it will be very expensive.

4. Lifeline

The lifeline has not changed in any way, but please pay attention to this changeable space-if the most recent exchange on Twitter can be trusted, Respawn is seeking to correct an oversight as soon as possible.

Lifeline has always been one of Apex’s most balanced characters in player polls, but because its popularity is mainly only useful in early games, especially with the new charging tower, some players have begun to question her long-term perspective.

Interestingly, Respawn does not want to make any major changes. According to the chief game designer of Apex Heroes: “‘Sidegrade’ may be more suitable for her than simply over-enhancing to overwhelm everyone.”

5. Others (Bangalore, Bloodhound, Corruption, Codex, Octane, Undead, Watson and Evil)

These heroes have basically remained the same in the previous update, which means that of course, you can use them as often as you like or ignore them…except for the Bloodhound! Because they are the best without dispute.