Make money in GTA Online

Last week, the Epic Games store held a “Grand Theft Auto 5” (Grand Theft Auto 5) limited time free event.

Although Rockstar’s crime simulation game has reached its seventh year and has sold more than 120 million sets so far, players in this limited exemption campaign still squeezed Epic Games’ servers.

The representative said that there are still many people who want to make a fuss in Los Santos.

While buying GTA5 for free, it also includes the multiplayer mode “Grand Theft Auto Online” (Grand Theft Auto Online), and this free event ended on May 21.

If you are lucky enough to keep up with this event, congratulations, you will be able to wander in the world of GTA5 forever.

Whether you are a foreigner who came to San Andreas for the first time or just returned from a vacation or a retired soldier who is in desperate need of cash, the following five methods can quickly make you big money in GTA Online.

At the very beginning of GTA Online, your first job is to complete pre-set multi-stage tasks, which will be distributed to you by familiar characters in the story mode, such as Lama, Trevor, Ronald, and Simon.

There will be tedious searches and story reviews in the process of completing the tasks, but these tasks can help you make considerable money and help you quickly upgrade in the early stage.

As long as you work hard to deposit 200,000, then you can really start making big money. Buy a high-end apartment with a robbery mission planning room, and prepare to make a big-ticket.

Leicester’s Robbery Mission and Pacific Standard Deviation

Okay, after completing the preliminary tasks just now, you can start to make more money! Robbery missions are not just the most profitable errands in GTA Online, they are also the most fun.

Leicester will be your main contact person, which is quite reasonable because you can use him to complete the following tasks: errands at Quanfu Bank, escape from prison, raid on the humanitarian research laboratory, and the first round of fundraising.

It is worth noting that the mastermind of each robbery will pay. When calculating the money you will get after each task is completed (at least four people are required for the task of Quanfu Bank), you must also consider that the cost of robbery will also affect the final ratio Of profit sharing.

For a robbery task like jailbreaking, the default cost is 40,000 yuan, 200,000 yuan for simple completion, 400,000 yuan for normal, and 500,000 yuan for difficult tasks.

If you want to play the hard version, you can naturally earn more money every time, but it mainly depends on the strength of the team and your trust in them. After completing the above four tasks, you can complete the first task that can make a lot of money: Pacific Standard Deviation.

The default cost of this task at the beginning is as high as 100,000 yuan, but according to the difficulty, you can get 500,000, 1 million, and 1.25 million respectively. The team will have a designated hacker, a person responsible for sabotaging public property, and two people controlling the people.

It needs to find ways to make use of the team’s strengths. In hard mode, the soldiers are divided into four groups and can earn 400,000 in one hour. Make a fortune!

Doomsday Robbery

Once you have a good grasp of the Pacific mission, then Leicester’s multi-layer mission: Doomsday Robbery, will be your next profitable goal.

Divided into three operations, in addition to the larger scale of the operation, it is also different from other tasks. This time, you only need to find someone to help.

Fewer people share money together, which means more money can be made! In the first action, you can earn 81.25 million, while in the second act it is 1.2 million, and the third action is 1.5 million, but the price of making more money is the difficulty will be particularly high.

In addition, you need to purchase facilities to host the robbery. The cheapest price is 1.25 million, located at the top of the map.

To start preparing tasks, you need to complete the prerequisites first, which cost the host’s money, and the money will not be returned to you.

Therefore, all of the above expenses must be included in the final split. On average, you can earn 3 to 400,000 an hour after completion.

Special cargo

In order to be able to continue to complete the big robbery case, there needs to be a method that can provide a stable income, and that is the task of special cargo.

In order to perform special cargo tasks, you must first become a CEO and find an office. The cheapest place is located in the west of the Garden Bank in the middle, asking for 1 million, with preset furniture.

Of course, there are more beautiful, better-located, and customizable offices, but this is enough. In addition, warehouses are needed to store illegal goods.

Although it’s good to say that it’s located in Blue Hill, the convenience store trailer that can put 16 goods is only 250,000 yuan, but in Lopota, it can put 42 goods in a medium-sized warehouse: a Fidget warehouse would be a better Choice, asking price of 925,000 yuan.

As long as everything is arranged and running smoothly, you can start stealing goods in San Andreas, ship them to the warehouse, arrange a time for unloading, and then start looking for potential buyers.

Is it very simple? Yes, but there is a condition that special cargo tasks can only be completed in free mode.

If someone chooses to intervene, they can also get some rewards. So before you send the goods you just grabbed to the warehouse, you need to protect all the goods because dozens of people will try their best to hinder you and prevent you from arriving smoothly. Can only say: Welcome to the online version of GTA.

You can choose one person to complete all special cargo tasks, or you can find several partners together, which saves time and money. If you find the right person, you can earn 200,000 an hour.

In order to get the entire map to run through, it is more convenient to buy a helicopter, or even better, buy a flying car Deluxo, which can be unlocked after completing the preparations for the doomsday heist.

After the special cargo task is completed, there needs to be a cooling time to start another task. If you don’t want to be idle, you can complete the VIP task in the player’s interactive menu and earn 150,000 in one hour.

In addition, the operation mode of the vehicle mission and the air cargo mission is almost the same, but different from the original warehouse, you will need to buy the vehicle warehouse and the apron, which require at least 1 million and 1.2 million respectively.

Behind the scenes: arms trade and motorcycle gang

In addition to robbing banks and stealing flying cars, there are many ways to silently bring you income. Think of these businesses as other money-printing machines.

Before doing the arms trade, you need to buy an underground fort, the cheapest one is 1.2 million. Don’t spend time stealing supplies, there is no need, just buy it directly, and instruct the NPC staff to go to the production line.

Research takes too much time. You can observe the current progress directly from the player interaction menu. When you are ready to sell, use the laptop in the fortress to launch a delivery mission and pay.

Once everything goes smoothly and successfully, you will also have a passive income of 80,000 per hour while you are doing other major things.

Motorcycles and nightclubs can also give players passive income, and the former is more profitable.

The clubhouse in Great Chaparral is the cheapest, only 200,000 yuan. Although it is said that the heroin transaction costs more than other businesses, it costs 975,000 yuan, and the sales task takes a long time, but in the long run, is worth it.

Just like the arms trade, it is easier to buy goods directly, and if you operate it properly, you can earn 80,000 yuan per hour.

Double activity

Participating in Rockstar’s weekly double game currency event is the easiest and most effective way to accumulate wealth.

Refresh every Thursday to see if there are any tasks that can help you make a lot of money, or if there is a time-limited discount on the land mentioned above.

For example, on May 14th, the arms trade task is double rewards. In other words, as long as Rockstar has any requirements, you can make a fortune by working hard to provide him!