Call of Duty brings “League Play” back. In league play mode, you can move up in ranks, claim rewards, and brag about your progress

What is League Play?

This is what Call of Duty calls its ranked games. In Black Ops Cold War, the model is called “League Game”. You will be separated into a partition based on your performance and you will play with and against players who are on the identical levels as you are. League Play is a mode with strict skill-based matchmaking.

The mode came into play as part of the “Season 1 Reloaded” update and is now accessible to all Cold War buyers. So that you know how it all works, what rewards there are, and how you climb to the top ranks, we have summarized the most important information about the league game mode.

League Play is (almost) based on the rules of the Call of Duty: League

What are the rules in league play mode? With League Play, Call of Duty aims to appeal to players who are looking for an even greater challenge on their skill level. To do this, the mode uses the rules of the Call of Duty: League, CoD’s Esports segment. Only certain game modes and maps are played here and some equipment is not available either:

Game modes & maps

  1. The game is 4 vs 4
  2. Search & Destroy CDL – Checkmate, Garrison, Miami, Moscow, and Raid
  3. Team fire is activated
  4. Control CDL – Checkmate, Garrison, and Raid
  5. Position CDL – Checkmate, Moscow, Garrison, Crossroads, and Raid

Not Allowed Equipment

  1. Primary weapons: LMGs & tactical rifles
  2. Tactical equipment: stimulant and decoy grenade
  3. Secondary weapons: M79 grenade launcher, rocket launchers, and shotguns
  4. Attachments: yellow aiming point, Akimbo attachments, and SWAT-5mw laser marker
  5. Field upgrades: gas mine, directional microphone, and proximity mine
  6. Primary equipment: C4 and Tomahawk
  7. Scorestreaks: Air Patrol, Counterintelligence Plane, Combat Bow, Supplies, Gun, Spy Plane, and HARP
  8. Perks: Paranoia, Data Passing, and Tracker
  9. Wildcard: daredevil


However, these requirements do not quite correspond to the rules of the CDL. “Gentleman Agreements” still apply in the league. These are unofficial rules that professional players set among themselves and that is tolerated by the CDL. Among other things, the weapon class of sniper rifles is currently excluded from the CDL, but individual weapons such as the AK-47 are also not allowed.

Can I use my own load-outs? Yes, you can make and use your own equipment. The loadouts from the league game mode are independent of your equipment combinations in multiplayer mode.

However, CoD has also built some classes that you can find in the class editor. These are official loadouts from the current league operations and accordingly strong. Please note, however, that these load-outs are limited by the “Gentleman Agreements”. You do not have these restrictions in league game mode and you can also grab a sniper rifle or the powerful AK-47.

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