Coin Master is a mobile game developed by Moon Active in 2010 heavily based on a virtual slot machine. The main purpose of the game is to earn coins and spins and use them for growing villages and rank higher on the leaderboard.

The Slot Machine is the main feature of Coin Master. To play to this beautifully designed slot machine you have to use spins. Playing on Slot Machine can give you many opportunities: raiding your enemies, attacking their villages, getting free spins and coins, pet food, and much more.

Raiding your enemies means you will loot lots of coins from your opponents in your account – so we think this is a great feature to catch on the slot machine.

Attacking people’s villages is not a bad idea – but if they have shields to protect you don’t earn many coins. You should definitely check this out on Slot Machine too.

The main disadvantage of the game is waiting until you get more free spins to use the Slot Machine and play further.

There are a few ways that you can earn free spins and continue playing your favorite game:

Hourly Spins

This is indeed a great way to continue playing Coin Master as the game automatically adds to your account five free extra spins. In 10 hours, you will reach the maximum limit of 50 spins, depending on which village-level you are.

Ask friends

You can also ask your in-game friends to send you some free coins and spins. Without a doubt, there are some people from your Facebook list that play Coin Master because it’s a very popular game worldwide today.

Complete Villages

Using coins to complete villages will lead you to great rewards like XP, coins, pet food. In the beginning, there will be plenty of free coins and spins from the villages but as you grow your village to a higher level you will get amazing free spins rewards.

Complete Card Sets

This tip is easy: the more card sets you will complete, the more rewards you will get from them. These rewards also include free spins!

Win Spins in Events!

From time to time there are great Coin Master events that can give you up to 50.000 free spins. Yes, you hear me right! When completing these events in-game they will give you stunning rewards.

Rewards from Viking Quest

If you want to achieve some great gold and rare cards, then you should play on Viking Quest. This feature will also give you a lot of great surprises!

Free Coin Master Spin Links

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