Mastering the season is a new beginning and a huge challenge for classic World of Warcraft players. In short, season mastery is part of World of Warcraft. Players need to choose one of several new servers and create a new character to participate in the season challenge. In the Season of Mastery Server, the basic content of the game is the same as World of Warcraft nostalgia-the upper limit of the character level is 60, and the player will eventually challenge the Naxxramas raid. Unlike WoW Classic, the ability to master all monsters and bosses in the season has been improved, and their health has doubled. Players must complete all challenges within 12 months before the server reset.

How to get more coins for WoW Classic SOM (Season of Mastery)?

Because you play a new level 1 role on the new server, the way to get WOW SOM Gold at the beginning of the game is the same as you need to do on the classic server. Complete all the tasks you can accept to get some monetary rewards, collect all the loot that the monsters drop after death and sell them to the merchants in the city, use the character’s natural recovery ability as much as possible to reduce the potion’s trumpet, and so on. When your character reaches a higher level, there are more ways to get WOW Classic Season Of Mastery Gold. Although the price of basic mounts for Mastery Season has been reduced, you still need to pay 1000g to purchase advanced mounts. If you still can’t make up the necessary WOW Classic Season of Mastery Gold after reaching level 40, the quality service of MMOWTS can help you solve the problem immediately.

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