With online 토토사이트gambling now legal in the Netherlands and the Netherlands, the number of ads on the subject has nearly doubled in a brief time interval. The country formally legalized iGaming in October 2021. This was followed by eleven casinos receiving licenses. Research conducted by Nielsen indicates that between October and November of 2020, the country saw just under 170,000 advertisements promoting gaming in the area. The same period was awash in the year prior with over 366,000 ads.


Details of the advertising Totals

Of the online casino service across the Netherlands, The most expensive came from Holland Casino. For two months, the company was able to spend 6.4 million euros on advertising. Toto was in second place, with 4.6 million euros.

FairPlayCasino was in the second spot with 3.3 million. Batavia casino was the top with 3.2 million. Tombola has decided to spend a smaller amount, in the amount of 2.6 million. Their money enabled approximately 370,000 advertisements and just under 270,000 linked to online gambling.

According to Nielson, the study found that around 80 percent of advertisements appeared on websites and on social media websites. There’s more flexibility for ads on the internet as compared to television ads. Television ads are limited to specific times to ensure that youngsters aren’t getting multiple daily ads.


Beware of the Increasing

Because the number of advertisements has significantly increased in recent months, there is an enormous concern about whether there is an increase in gambling-related addictions across the Netherlands. The Tweede Kamer is, the House of Representatives in the Netherlands, has expressed concern regarding the increased number of gambling advertisements in the last couple of months.

The House is concerned that the growth may lead to a rise in gaming addiction in the Dutch. Members have proposed that rules be strengthened regarding advertisements for gambling. The majority of them are online and do not have the same restrictions like television ads.

Tweede Kamer wants to see gambling advertisements removed from the internet before nine midnight. This is an equivalent ban to the ones used for TV ads. The House would also like to see non-targeted advertisements for games that involve risk being outlawed.


Experts, MPs and lawmakers believe that online 토토사이트 gambling could negatively impact society. Arie Dijkstra, a health psychologist, said that the rise of gambling advertisements and the legalization of online gambling alters the norms of society. This will result in an increase in addiction to gambling.

Sander Dekker, minister of Legal Protection, stated that he would be willing to consider the ban request made by Tweede Kamer; however, he feels that it’s too early for a ban to be declared. Sandra Molenaar, the Consumer Union director, showed concern and said that the profits outweigh the well-being of consumers.

She believes that children are more susceptible to advertisements, and the absence of regulation could lead to children being exposed to advertisements.