For the gameplay to be constantly interesting and not boring players, developers are constantly coming up with something new and unusual. There are a large number of Mods that have everything that has never appeared in the standard version.

This time in Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.20.0 release, users are waiting for a lot of discoveries. They will have to explore new territories and biomes, get acquainted with unprecedented creatures, and get a lot of positive emotions.


There are a lot of diverse forest biomes in cubic space. All of them attract the attention of the players. Because they can extract various resources from wood to meat, such locations invariably remain the most popular among users.

That is why in Minecraft PE, and 1.21.0 the heroes are invited to visit the Maple Forest. It is no secret that these trees in the real world differ not only in their very beautiful appearance, especially in the autumn period, but also have functional value.

The fact is that in some countries maple juice is extracted from them. Such a function will become available in the game, it is enough just to stock up on glass bottles.


In these forests, players will be able to meet animals that were available before Minecraft, and 1.21.0 only after installing additional Mods. It will be deer and bears. And if the former is quite timid and is likely to run away when they see a player, the latter can be very dangerous when they meet.


Another biome that has received some updates is the desert. Camels have already appeared in it before. These large animals are used for horseback riding. They do not require much water but feed on cacti, which grow everywhere here.

Sitting on the back of this mob, the player will be safe from the attack of aggressive mobs and this will allow you to travel comfortably. In addition to these creatures, vultures can be found in new game version Minecraft 1.21.0.

These birds are large and attack the undead. After death, they drop rotten meat and bones. The danger to the player is represented by other inhabitants of the desert – hyenas. They are aggressive toward anyone who gets in their way.

Elephants have become the largest animals that live in cubic space. Do not anger them, because they have incredible strength. But these creatures also have a weak point – they are afraid of bees.

And to add even more unique creatures to the game, download Mods and get acquainted with new features.

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