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Christmas is already here in NBA 2K23 following Season 3’s start!


As everyone expected, cool new MT player cards have also made their way inside the game, starting with the ‘’Tis the Season’ promo.


Right now, amongst the best ‘’Tis the Season’ Player Cards is of Dallas Mavericks elite basketball player, Luka Doncic, who receives a new Pink Diamond upgrade in-game!


Luka Doncic is already considered one the future faces of the NBA, and this new card makes him that much more invaluable, enjoying impressive attributes like:


(PG/ SG) Luka Doncic’s Pink Diamond ‘’Tis the Season’ Player Card: OVR 96


  • Hustle (Athleticism): 98
  • Draw Foul (Inside Scoring): 98
  • Hands (Inside Scoring): 98
  • Ball Handle (Playmaking): 95
  • Passing Accuracy (Playmaking): 95


  • Passing Vision (Playmaking): 95
  • Passing IQ (Playmaking): 95
  • 3-Point Shot (Shooting): 95
  • Offensive Consistency (Shooting): 95
  • Driving Layup (Inside Scoring): 94


Luka Doncic is extremely smart with the ball in his hands, and he can surprise everyone with his long shots off the paint too.


Additionally, Doncic also offers many great player badges:


  • Finishing
    • Acrobat (Gold)
    • Bully (Gold)
    • Dream Shake (Gold)
    • Fast Twitch (Gold)
    • Fearless Finisher (Gold)
    • A few more


  • Shooting
    • Agent 3 (Hall of Fame)
    • Deadeye (Hall of Fame)
    • Guard Up (Hall of Fame)
    • Limitless Range (Hall of Fame)
    • Space Creator (Hall of Fame)
    • Many others!


  • Playmaking
    • Dimer (Hall of Fame)
    • Floor General (Hall of Fame)
    • Ankle Breaker (Gold)
    • Bail Out (Gold)
    • Break Starter (Gold)
    • So much more!


  • Defensive
    • Post Lockdown (Gold)
    • Ankle Braces (Silver)
    • Box-Out Beast (Silver)
    • Brick Wall (Silver)
    • Challenger (Silver)
    • Tons others!


If Luka Doncic’s latest Pink Diamond card here suits your fancy, you can get him by purchasing ‘’Tis the Season’ card packs available in-game until 30th December 2022 (Friday)


Interested in buying him from the Auction House instead?


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