Online casinos make it easy for players to deposit money into their sites. You don’t need to bother going to an ATM machine to make a deposit. There is an easy way to make a deposit. That is, just use your cellphone. Currently mobile phones are versatile, there is nothing that mobile phones can’t do in technology.

Using credit balance

This method uses your cellphone number’s credit balance for gambling. You don’t need to go to the bank or to the ATM machine. It’s enough for you to fill in your cellphone credit balance. So you can reason with your household to buy credit to make calls, even though the credit is for gambling. Brilliant idea isn’t it.

Don’t forget that you also have to register your telephone number to be able to use this credit payment method. Because that’s the main requirement for registration using the credit payment method.

Deposit limitations

Even though you have a lot of money, you can’t make large deposits. There is a maximum deposit in every online casino such as Bandar Casino Online Terbaru to stabilize the economy of the players so they don’t get greedy.

It’s enough for you to play normally. By playing with small money, you can get big money over time.

Payment By using Mobile monthly billing

This payment method is almost the same as the payment method by credit. The only difference is that filling in your online gambling account balance is immediately filled when you make a deposit. However, the bill of payment will be accumulated for up to one month. So that you pay this deposit payment once a month.

Apple Pay & Google Pay

Apple pay and Google pay are basically e-wallet products that allow people to make payments using these e-wallets. To make payments using this method, all you have to do is have the e-wallet and register the e-wallet on the online gambling site that you are playing on. Of course, you also have to check whether the site is compatible with the e-wallet or not.


Don’t want to be outdone by apply pay and google pay, Paypal can also be used for deposit payments and your winnings at online casinos. Even Paypal is the first E-money in the world. This is what makes Paypal already known and used by everyone.

Different Payment System

Now every country has a platform created by its own nation’s children. It also made online casinos interested in creating such local payment systems in every country. Because it helps the development of local product technology.


The casino is constantly developing its payment system. This makes it easy for us to make any payments, especially when making a deposit to your online gambling account. Just click on your cellphone, you can immediately gamble safely and very comfortably.