As with any shooter, it’s very important to have a good kill/kill (K / D) ratio in Valorant. It depends on the role you play in competitive play, but you need a good K / D ratio and useful teammates for you to succeed in order to improve your ranking.

Consistently improving K / D is not an easy task, but if you commit and spend your time taking the game seriously, these five tips should dramatically increase your ranking in Valorant.

1.Do not neglect your Aim training.

This is the most important thing you can do if you want to see a consistent improvement in K / D over time. Do not go directly to unheated matches in the Valorant practice area. Even if you don’t want to play the full game, you still need to practice shooting for 30 minutes every day to improve your skills.

If you don’t like the shooting training tools provided by the game, you can always try CSGO’s “Aim_bot”. This provides a more complex and diverse way to support shooting training.

2.Learn from professionals.

Valorant is still in beta, but many other esports title experts are jumping into Riot’s new FPS, and most of them are already their own to find creative ways to protect the game. I’m developing a strategy.

It’s important to have the time you need to play the game, but it’s also important to observe other players inspire your approach to the game. Streamers and former shroud pro players regularly stream their games in a mixer, but current players such as Brax and Stewie2k also provide great insights.

3. Take Advantage of a Valorant Boosting Service

Valorant boosting is a service, where a professional or semi-professional player helps another player to climb the competitive ladder. We do offer solo boosts, where you will have to share your account information with us, after which a player will log on your account and achieve the goal you desire. You can choose Duo boost, where you will play on your own with a player from our squad. Account sharing is not required. We do offer professional Valorant boosting service on all regions and on PC, PS4 and Xbox one.

4.Understand the role of each agent

Valorant shares many similarities with Counter-Strike, but Riot Games’ FPS has added a strategic layer to the game with the introduction of agents. Currently, the player has 10 agents. Each agent has a number of abilities aimed at helping players reach their goals. Unlike Riot’s MOBA League of Legends, Valorant’s agent capabilities are less complex, with only 10 in the end compared to League 148.


Knowing what every agent is doing is an easy task for Valorant. If you know the sound of the Omen’s Ultimate or the damage of the Raze’s Grenade, you’re ready to avoid death and fight back. So, even if it’s a bit of a hassle, it’s essential to know all the agents from cover to cover before doing anything else.

5.Learn recoil patterns

Valorant has different types of weapons, each with a different recoil pattern and firing pattern. Of course, there are easy ways to use your skills to eliminate enemies, but if you don’t know how your weapon works, you’re unlikely to get enough kills.

Take the time to explore all the weapons in your driving range and get used to recoil and rate of fire. Doing this will also give you an idea of ​​which weapon is your favorite. In particular, they all have different costs, so it is important to have a good knowledge of each.