Once you do a username verification, Twitch will update it on your account’s channel URL and send you an email to confirm that the change has been successful.

However, after changing your username, you’ll have to update your old channel URL every time you’re using it because your old channel URL won’t redirect automatically.

If your username change is major, you should inform your audience and rebrand your merchandise, social media, and the other areas of your channel to suit the change.

Frequency of name change

You cannot change your Twitch username more than once in 60 days, so bear this in mind when opting to rebrand and pick a name that you won’t need to change urgently.

For brand consistency, it isn’t a good idea to change your name often. Stick to a name that’s a good fit for your business.

Recycled Usernames on Twitch

When there are no activities connected to a username for a year or more, Twitch recycles the username. If you’re lucky, you will find some good names amongst the recycled ones. Although Twitch doesn’t notify users about recycled names, so you will always have to check.


Tips on picking a Good Twitch Username

  • Brainstorm and write down all the name ideas that cross your mind.
  • After taking a break, return to the list and read all names aloud. Remove any suggestion that doesn’t sound right to you. Continue this process until you drastically reduce the names on your list.
  • Reach out to people whose opinions you trust for feedback.


Features of a Good Twitch Channel Name

Consider these factors when choosing a Twitch channel.

Characters and Numbers: Don’t include random characters and numbers in your name unless it is absolutely necessary. People find it hard to remember names that have numbers and characters.

Length: Long names are more difficult to remember than shorter names. The goal is short and catchy.

Send a message: While this isn’t always easy, your channel name should communicate your brand personality or content, whether by delivering a feel or communicating a descriptive message.

Availability on Social Media: It is imperative to consider and ensure that the name you choose for your Twitch channel is available across other social media platforms for uniformity and easy identity.

Availability of .com Domain: If you are looking to own a website, find out if there is a.com domain available for your name choice.


When you should change Twitch Username in 2021

  • If your username is difficult to remember and contains a lot of random characters and numbers.
  • If your username is difficult to spell and can be easily mistaken
  • If someone else already has a similar username.



As much as you should put a great deal of thought into your channel name, don’t overstress it because it is not the sole determinant of success. There are many famous brands and channels whose names are not so catchy now everyone knows them.

Remember that you can give your username the meaning you want it to have, and only you can do that!