In simple terms, the Apostilles act as a stamp of approval for any document to countries that are signatories to the Hague convention of 1961. They certify your US documents to these signatory countries and save you the hassle of seeking other means of authentication and legitimization. Once these documents have received their Apostille service, they are valid to be used internationally. Some of these documents include; divorce judgments, marriage certificates, death certificates, FBI background checks, social security checks, US passports, driver’s licenses, IRS letters, and many more.



Decide what you need

Numerous legal transactions require Apostille services. Some of these transactions are listed below;


  1. Obtaining a Visa

If you need to travel to any foreign country for work, school, or tourism, you may be required to present an FBI background check, and state, or criminal records. You will need to obtain an Apostille for these federal documents to show their authenticity.


  1. Getting a dual citizenship 

Before obtaining dual citizenship in another country, you will need to get an Apostille for your birth certificate. With our Apostille service in New Jersey, we can make this process a lot easier and quicker.


  1. Getting married in a foreign country 

If you plan to tie the knot in a foreign country belonging to the Hague convention, you will be required to present an Apostille of your birth certificate and a certificate of singleness to show you are eligible to get married. If you have been previously divorced, you will also be required to present your divorce document along with an Apostille.


  1. Working or studying abroad

To be allowed to work or continue schooling in another country, you will need to present all your schooling documents along with Apostilles for each one of them. Some of those school documents may include diplomas, degrees, transcripts, or certificates. This is another Apostille service we offer. We ensure you get an Apostille that is up to standard for these educational documents.


  1. Granting the power of attorney 

If you intend to grant the power of attorney to somebody in a foreign country, you will be required to also present a notarized copy of the power of attorney document, as well as an Apostille. After concluding the notarization, we will offer any Apostille service you may need to guarantee the successful completion of the power of attorney.


  1. Claiming an inheritance 

Before you can claim any inheritance abroad, you must provide a legalized will in your name left by an executor. After obtaining this, we can offer our Apostille services to your successful claim.


  1. Retiring in a foreign country 

Before you can retire in a foreign country, you will need to submit several legal documents with their appropriate Apostilles. Some of these documents include; an FBI background check, Social security letter, Retirement benefits letter, Income verification letter, etc.


  1. Registering birth, marriage, or death certificates in a foreign country 

If you need to register any certificate of birth, marriage, or death abroad, you must provide the relevant Apostilles for each of those documents.


  1. Registering your corporation abroad and doing business 

Before you are allowed to carry out business transactions abroad, you must provide legal documents like certification letters, Articles of Incorporation, Power of attorney, Certificate of Good Standing, invoices, or IRS certifications. We also offer Apostille services for each of these documents.