The Paypal is now on the scammer team 2023

Don’t invest your money on PayPal

If you have ever purchased something online using PayPal and the money you were paying in was not the same as on the website you were paying on. Or if you were withdrawing USD from your PayPal account into another currency such as CAD, then you must know that each time you do that PayPal gives you a conversion rate that is never up to date but always at their benefit.

Here is a concrete example:

Today, June 6th, 2018 I had 1600$ USD sitting in my PayPal account and decided to withdraw it to my Canadian bank account. The conversion rate at the time of withdrawal was 1.29.

I want now my money back, this seller does not provide me with a theme or license key, this seller already scam another person

I complain to another person on the PayPal help center but the PayPal team block my account I have many dollars on it my PayPal account

The Paypal team is a scammer in 2023

please see this s s this seller has blocked me on Facebook please refund my payment as soon as possible I already ask another person but he knows that seller is a scammer

check also this s s here is this seller sent me the invoice and then I will pay this invoice and then he blocked me on Facebook

Your payment is not secure on PayPal 2023

I think your team is crazy why did you notice this I am already told you I m not a scammer another seller is a scammer why do not act on the scammer? He releases my payment on another account I want to send money to my client. PayPal your service is too bad ….. The batter for Payoneer. Payoneer service is too good. Next time my company did not use your service, it’s too bad for my business Palpay team

why did you not block the scammer profile I know your service is too bad it’s one day you already waste and you do not refund the payment

I already told you this seller says me he can’t give me a product then why you can’t refund why PayPal team that block my profile it’s not good