the end of Paragon and will offer refunds

It’s over, Epic Games has decided to shut down Paragon, and its servers will stop working on April 26. Despite having its own fan community, the game failed to attract players, which is why Epic Games made this decision. This research will return all the funds they spend on the micropayment system to users.

This is a statement issued by Epic Games to announce the closure of Paragon

We warmly thank you for everything you have done for Paragon during this time. We have received countless enthusiastic ideas to show us the direction of the game, a large number of thoughtful suggestions is another incredible sign of this community.

After careful consideration and many internal discussions, we believe that Paragon has become a clear way to become a MOBA with sufficient participants’ sustainable development capabilities.

Our work is not good enough to bring you the game we promised. Despite the great efforts of the team, we have failed you. We apologize.

If you are one of the people affected by the closure of Paragon, you can request a refund in the link we provide below, depending on whether you are playing on PC or PS4.

• PC: Through your Epic Games account

• PS4: You must join the Epic Games account with the console user and claim rewards from there.

Epic Games, the creator of important legends such as Gears of War or Unreal Tournament, released Paragon for PS4 and PC in 2016. In the game, two teams of up to five players fight with their heroes on a symmetrical map of bases, jungles, turrets, and AI-controlled enemies…You must say goodbye to the action titles before April 26.

The predecessor will try to uphold Paragon’s legacy

After the Paragon server was shut down, Epic Games’ MOBA did not convince players, and the company decided to release various assets with a total value of US$12 million. The goal is to provide users with the elements that once brought Paragon to life so that they can be used in their projects. Thanks to the release of this material, a team decided to preserve the legacy of the game by publishing a new proposal, Predecessor.

This weekend, the Omeda Studios development team showed the world Predecessor, which is a MOBA created by assets that once belonged to Paragon and will perform the function of renovating the poorly fateful Epic title.

According to the information on the official website, Predecessor is a third-person MOBA, and its mechanism is based on the power of the following three elements: material, spirit and void. The first of them will allow characters to develop their own powers based on the potential of the physical elements present in the game universe; the second will establish connections with things other than life, and the third will act as a dark element that can consume various energy.

In addition to revealing Predecessor and mentioning its debut this year, Omeda Studios also revealed 2 videos, which announced the celebration of Alpha in March next year, and confirmed that MOBA is only under development for PC, although it may reach PS4. The second video shows a map that players can try out in a closed Alpha:

Paragon: Epic Games gives away game content valued at $ 12 million

Sadly, developers have been dealing with all kinds of content that players will never have. Maybe it is, because Epic Games announced the arrival of a huge content pack, which is now available for download from the Unreal Engine Market. Assets include up to twenty full heroes, multiple skins, and many resources worth millions of dollars:

“We are pleased to announce that we have launched assets worth US$12 million from the action MOBA Paragon. They can all be used unconditionally in the Unreal Engine 4 project for free,” the company announced on its official forum. In this way, any developer or student in the industry will have the opportunity to interact with the content and even include it in their work for free. How would you rate the Epic Games’ decision?