Apple produces powerful computers and laptops capable of handling intense workloads. And while the company’s machines are widely known for being adept at video and audio editing, this isn’t the case for high-end gaming. When folks consider buying the best gaming PCs or best gaming laptops, Apple products almost never factor into their decision.

But things might soon change thanks to the Apple M2 chip, macOS Ventura and the Metal 3 API. With these, Apple hopes to make games look better and take advantage of the graphical capabilities of Apple silicon. Considering how high-profile titles like Resident Evil Village and No Man’s Sky are expected for Macs later this year, it seems that Apple is finally going to deliver high-end gaming experiences.

Gaming on MacBook Air

No Man’s Sky is coming to Macs in late 2022. (Image credit: Apple )

I recently attended an Apple gaming event to learn more about the company’s gaming aspirations. I’m a lifelong gamer who never once gave Apple computers a second glance because they weren’t all that great for gaming. The MacBook Pro 14-inch and Macbook Pro 16-inch with their powerful M1 Pro and M1 Max chips did little to change my mind. They’re killer laptops, but a waste for gamers. And while Apple Arcade is good for mobile gaming, I don’t particularly care for those types of titles on a large screen.

Because of this, I was eager to see what the company had up its proverbial sleeve and if it could deliver the kind of high-end gaming experiences I was looking for. Though Apple still has to overcome certain challenges, the event gave me renewed hope for its gaming prospects. The company seems to be on the right path, based on what I’ve seen. It’s given me hope for what lies ahead.