Here are some of the most widely believed (and completely false) gambling myths and superstitions, as compiled by Jason Gray, The Sports Geek’s resident casino specialist 토토사이트. With over a decade of experience in casino management on the Las Vegas Strip, I can confidently say that I know which superstitions and urban legends about gambling don’t hold water and why they don’t!


Common Gambling Myth: The Slots Are Fixed


I’ve lost count of how often customers have yelled that their machines were rigged while reaching into their wallets or handbags for another hundred-dollar note after a one-armed bandit has already taken their money.

While I can appreciate their anger, the machines are not fixed since no one enjoys losing, at least because dishonesty is afoot.Put bluntly, all casino games involve parting you from your cash 토토사이트. Yet we’re all aware of that when we step in the door or log on to our favorite online games.

At least it’s something we can count on knowing. If not, surprise: gambling halls aren’t designed for winners! In many instances, the most straightforward answer is the one that works. They aren’t rigged since they don’t have to be.

All players should be aware of the stacked odds but continue to play. Independent authorities monitor the games played at every casino to ensure they are playing by the rules. It’s not worth risking a casino’s license to stay in business for a few additional percentage points when the house always wins.

If you keep losing at the casino, it’s not because they’re being dishonest; it’s because gambling is a game of chance, and games of chance have a mathematical probability that favors the house.

For as long as I’ve been in charge of a casino, I can’t recall a single instance of a player shouting “shenanigans” when they came out on top. No matter what you may have heard, slot machines are not fixed in favor of the house, whether online or at a brick-and-mortar casino.

Misconception: There Are Lucky Numbers

  • The bad news is that there are no such things as good numbers. Neither at keno nor bingo nor roulette nor anything else. The outcomes will be determined by the probabilities associated with them. Just that, and no more.
  • The law of big numbers, a concept popular in mathematics, governs the random outcomes at casinos. More extended periods of play will provide outcomes closer to the mean, as stated by the law of big numbers. If I say huge numbers, I mean enormous numbers, so just because a certain number hasn’t shown up in craps for the last two rolls doesn’t imply it will on the third roll.
  • All the games on the casino floor and online rely on random numbers, and although our minds revel in the hunt for patterns, these numbers may be deceptive.


  • Whether or not they exist, it would take years, not minutes or hours, for the math to catch up to the findings. In this case, the casino is content to wait it out since they have the advantage in terms of probability and can afford to. At the same time, players don’t think this way. The casino will always come out ahead in the long run if you play for long enough. Another piece of advice concerns the law of big numbers and is called the gambler’s fallacy.