Justice League Comics

“They are warriors who act in the darkest moments of life. Sometimes they go unnoticed and sometimes they pollute the sky with their amazing feats. Warriors. Protectors. Guardian angels. They have extraordinary power and even more. A presence of great dedication and miracles for all mankind.

They are members of the Justice League and their adventures finally reach the big screen with the appearance of the first film directed by Sachsnider and Joswedon. Cinemascomics recommends some of the DC Superhero Union comics published by ECC Ediciones that match the movie premiere.

1. ‘Justice League. Origin ‘by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee

To be sure, the best cartoon to read before the Justice League arrives at the cinema is the “Justice League”. “Origin” with a script by Geoff Johns and always spectacular illustrations by Jim Lee. A comic that redefines the image of the Justice League story, and probably the most influential of Zack Snyder’s films.

Origin talks about the first encounters of these superheroes and introduces Parademon, the mother box in the movie. Steppenwolf, the villain of “Justice League”; and the dark side that may appear in the world of DC movies in the future. In fact, the editing book’Dark Side.

Pramaldad is the best option to enter the path of the evil Dark Side, the greatest enemy of the Superman and Justice League. Jack Kirby, Walt Simonson, Mark Millar and Paul Levitz are some of the screenwriters included in this volume.

Unlike other Saga cartoons, Geoff Johns’ “Origin” features the same characters that Zack Snyder met, with the exception of Green Lantern. The comic introduces all the characters in this new story and presents them to the reader, among them, and at the same time, just as it can happen on the big screen.

The comic looks fresh and new. Most of it is thanks to Jim Lee’s stunning illustrations of South Korea, who wrote the scripts for “For Tomorrow,” “Batman: Silence,” and “All-Star Batman and Robin.” By Frank Miller.

2. Grant Morrison’s ‘JLA’

Grant Morrison, the father of great classics such as Frank Quitely’s “Arkham Asylum” (1989), “Final Crisis” (2008), and “All-Star Superman” (2006-2008), is also justice. League. ECC Ediciones has attracted participation in the Justice League’s Great Authors stage, one of the most famous of which is JLA number 1.

The publisher will restore Morrison’s stage at LJA, which lasted from 1997 to 2000. Some of the adventures that Morrison of Mark Millar, Howard Porter, Óscar Jiménez, and Don Hillsman wrote in this volume are, for example, the arrival of a supergroup called Hyperclan, led by Protex, to reach Earth or become part of the Justice League. There is the appearance of the android Tomorrow Woman.

3. ‘JLA. Freedom and Justice ‘by Alex Ross and Paul Dini

A trinity formed by Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Atom, Plastic Man, and Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. They are all part of the vast Justice League of America comic book “JLA”. “Freedom and Justice” by Alex Ross and Paul Dini (2002-2003). One of the great things about this cartoon is Alex Ross’s unique painting.

The league needs to deal with strange plague that reaches regions of Africa that may be the result of viral or bacteriological attacks. Beyond the plague theme, the comic emphasizes how humans react to fear of the unknown, and how the media does not help but create confusion. Anger and despair.

The best moment is when Atom, a Martian detective character, enters the body of Flash, who appears to be infected with plague.

4. ‘Kingdom come’ by Mark Waid  and Alex Ross 

In the wake of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, Mark Waid and Alex Ross deployed DC Super Heroes in the future, many of whom retired forever. But the situation and the danger to the land will bring them back, but like Miller’s cartoon, they are no longer the same.

Today, the world is protected by a controversial hero led by a vigilante called Gog. Magog experiences extreme violence to distribute his justice. He is a member of a new generation of superheroes, “many people know that Superman is responsible for leaving the metro …”

The recommended “Kingdom Come” (1996) is not part of the Justice League story, but in the end, almost every character has more than a spectacular illustration by Alex Ross and an apocalyptic tone. Appears with things.


5. Mark Waid’s ‘Tower of Babel’

The Justice League is faced with one of Batman’s main enemies, the applause comic “Tower of Babel” (2000). Man, Wonder Woman, and even Superman …

The story drama is questionable about who provided that information to Ra’s al Ghul and what role Batman would play in this context. His animated film adaptation was directed by Lauren Montgomery in “Justice League: Doom” (2012).

6. ‘Justice League. Renaissance ‘by Bryan Hitch

Bryan Hitch has been asked to update and reunite the Justice League in the latest regenerated universe. DC Super Hero will be back with news such as three new members of the group, two from the Green Lantern family and a third from the new Superman who may or may not join the league.

The comic “Fear the Reaper” (2016) is a complete presentation and new character, but also aimed at a clear reflection and even the origin of the Justice League: “This is the world that Starro (the first enemy of the group) did not do Lao Conquer the place where the justice league exercised against thousands of people broke. The Dark Side was defeated without finding a hungry dog. ”

From the Justice League “rebirth” story, one of its best cartoons is the conflict between this group against the suicide squad. A cartoon written by Joshua Williamson.

7.Grant Morrison’s “Final Crisis”

Another great piece of Grant Morrison in the DC Universe is the intricate “Final Crisis” (2008-2009), which influenced many characters in the Justice League. This begins with Detective Dantapin investigating the disappearance of six children.

As ECC Ediciones says, Morrison is evil in plots that include all the great characters in DC Entertainment, including Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, and Superman, and minor heroes whose lives were interrupted by Libra’s attacks. Working on the victory of his Supervillain Secret Society.

In “Final Crisis,” Batman seems to have died in front of the alien dark side. He’s not the only one suffering from comics, but all the superheroes in comics suffer from torture and violent attacks. Superman himself experiences painful pain.

The image of posterity is the image of Man of Steel holding the face of Batman in disguise in his arms. But although he did not die, his consciousness was sent to a distant past and had to be removed to reach the present from there. The story told in the interesting “The Return of Bruce Wayne” (2010).

8.”Identity Crisis” by Brad Meltzer and Rags Morales

Published in the United States in 2004 and republished in one volume by ECC Ediciones, the DC Comics “Identity Crisis” comic is one of the finest gems of publisher and Justice League work. How the painful “identity crisis” begins when Elasticman’s wife, Sue Dibny, is severely murdered and dies.

Her death is intriguing to the superhero community and some vignettes show her regret and pain for this loss. From there, a detective novel of revenge begins, which also leads to despair. But the well-kept secrets of a group of superheroes trigger the adventure.

The secret behind the big question: What can the protagonist do to stop the villain? This is not Marvel’s “Civil War” in a constant struggle between the two major camps, despite the powerful and soothing internal cracks of the Justice League.

“Identity Crisis” is a choral story with all the great DC characters, especially superheroes. However, some play a major role, as in the case of Green Arrow, who often acts as a story narrator.

Also, the Elastic Man and Wally West mentioned above are Flash, and Kyle Rayner is Green Lantern or Atom. One of the most appearing and most important villains in history is Dr. Ruth.

9.”First Year” by Mark Wade, Brian Augustyn and Barry Kitson

The Trinity formed by Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman is essential to confirming the Justice League. Even with the first known approach to filming, it was Batman himself who decided to look for other superheroes to form a supergroup.

However, Mark Wade escaped from that idea with the comic “Year One” (1999), which is included in the story of the great Justice League writer published by ECC Ediciones. In fact, it is Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Black Canary, and Martian Manhunters who work together to form the group.

One of the challenges facing heroes is their own coexistence as a group to save mankind and defeat the wicked.

10.”JLA / Avengers” by Kurt Busiek and George Perez

There is a DC and Marvel crossover work that brings together Batman and Captain America, or Superman and Spider-Man on the same page, but one of the most famous in its history is a work that includes DC and Marvel superheroes. It is “JLA / Avengers“.

That is, Justice League and The Avengers. The main villain is the DC Universe Alien Krona, who appears in comics where the intersection of the Multiverse and the world occurs between DC Reality and Marvel Reality.

Unfortunately, the work “JLA / Avengers”, published in the United States in issue 4 between September 2003 and March 2004, is currently out of print in Spain.