God of War games

Kratos goes far beyond one of the PlayStation superstars. The ghost of Sparta has become one of the greatest standards of modern video games in itself and is capable of having his maturity and excellence since the latest god of war. To reach the story of video games. On the other hand, it’s not how much fun it is to crush an enemy in anger. Especially oversized ones.

After all, talking about Santa Monica Studio’s Star Saga doesn’t limit our role to cleaning each section of that exotic scenario until we reach the next boss, the Olympic proportions. Is in revenge. Take a sense of revenge and savagery until the hero is satisfied.

Logically, not all deliveries could convey these experiences with the same excellence. In other words, the influence that the original god of war left on the PS2 is undoubtedly, but the way the formula was reproduced in each of the new main entry and parallel story was not necessarily incremental. This does not mean that all God of War games have reached a must-see date.

Because of this, as well as the best Nintendo and Microsoft saga, and because Vida Extra is wet, he throws himself in the mud to separate good from the best, commanding the entire god of war saga from worst to best. ….

Starting from good, the god of war, toward the highest

Whenever I embark on this type of text, I’d like to explain a bit about the process that goes through. After all, this type of saga has a mix of many important factors, such as nostalgia, how it has withstood the passage of time and the limitations of released hardware. We assume that consensus is almost impossible, but we want to go beyond simple and subjective.

The process we adopted is based on scoring certain common elements, such as the impact each title caused on that day, whether it influenced more than saga, or contributed to the legacy of the series. In the case of a tie, the previously released ones are usually prioritized, but the god of war did not.

There are also some previous nuances. For logical reasons, compilation, collection, etc. are omitted. Also, there is no distinction between the remastered version and the original version. Also, I can’t find a game in which Kratos appeared in any way. Instead, it focuses on the title of the god of war.

Finally, we abandoned the conversational adventure launched for Facebook during the God of War in 2018. A short interactive prologue that seeks to complement the experience at the same level as the progress and novelization of the Nordic world, not because it is not considered a video game in itself, but for practical purposes.

This does not mean that the list is not interesting. Conversely, one of the most exciting and most famous video games, Saga Expand, starts with a less stimulating title and gradually its maximum index.