While scrolling through the same apps the whole day, one might get bored with the applications and play store.  So why not head on to explore some other amazing applications? Builds.io/BUILDSTORE is the latest and most used new applications platform that is known to be the first signing service for the side loading of tweaked applications.

Sideloading is when you install/download various applications onto your end-device from additional resources than those of official ones. Build store is only for iOS devices.

What’s Builds.io-

Builds.io serves as a legendary platform to allow the users to download the applications rejected from the Apple store as every single month several thousand applications are submitted to the apple store but are not published as they lack matching to some of the standard regulations.

How does it work?

Builds.io as a website serves you by allowing you to download the IOS applications of your choice onto your device. The official browser for downloading these applications is Safari. So enjoy the best social media apps and some amazing additional features too.

No more jailbreaking:

Enjoy the best and your new favorite apps on your IOS of course without jailbreaking. There is no need to remove any software restrictions imposed on your IOS products.

Safe and trustworthy platform:

Builds.io is 100% safe for all their end-users and their real-time users showcasing their good word helps new ones to trust the platform easily. Back then in 2013, September, the very first revision of Builds.io got available to users online.300+ tweaks and apps are also yet one of their amazing features. User-interface is already way too friendly and doesn’t require any kind of extra tools or specific experience to use the platform.

All the new users are heartily welcome every day and the platform is also being used by more than 15000 individuals on daily basis, making it the most used apple store alternate platform.

Save your time:

Builds.io is surely the platform that saves a whole lot of time for its end-users by providing them with the Auto-update apps feature. This eventually implies that more than 300 applications are updated on their daily and more than 20 new ones are added almost every single month. It also provides an additional feature of “Request an app” where you can also request an application that you might like.

Readily available with 24/7 Customer Support:

BUILDSTORE is serving you all the 60 minutes of an hour, all 24 hours of a day, all 7 days of a week, and all four weeks of a month. You are entertained for all of your possible queries and questions by their highly-skilled staff behind the online customer support feature.

Most popular content:

Undoubtedly it would take a long list to mention all of the amazing applications available on the platform, but I would love to mention some of them that users have been loving lately:

  • iPlayTV
  • UFC++
  • Unc0ver JB
  • Popcorn Time TV
  • Youtube++
  • Music Pocket
  • MovieBoxPro
  • MediaBox HD
  • Crunchyroll++
  • GBA4iOS 2.1 &
  • Channel TV

Serving since years:

BUILDSTORE has been acting as a bridge between developers with their respective markets since 2013. It already has succeeded to gain an average of more than 15,000 active-users daily. Back then in 2013, September, the very first version of Build.io got available to users online. Since then, it has a majority of users globally, including a big amount only from the U.S.

Try it to believe it:

Get in touch without wasting a moment and see it yourself. Getting registered and downloading the content is way too easy. You may do this by following the five simple steps listed below:

  • Sign up by clicking on this link and get registered.
  • Open the Activation Link on the respective device (the rest will be delt by the Native Mail Application on your iOS device).
  • Accept mobile provision installation.
  • Pay for your device via the main page or Applications link from your user profile page.
  • Click Install near the application of your device.

By following these steps you will get your respective application downloaded right on your home screen where you may enjoy it at any time from anywhere. Don’t forget to check them out on Twitter and Facebook or catching us online for help.

Use promo code for amazing discounts:

Use promo code “GAMEZONE” at the builds.io checkout and get 30% off your first month of using Build store.