On April 8, Grinding Gear Games will host a live broadcast showcasing Path of Exile: Ultimatum and more detailed information about the long-awaited Path of Exile 2. The 3.14 expansion will be demonstrated through live games, complete trailers, discussion of its mechanics, possible unique encounters, and all other possible ways.

There are better and more substantial projects in action all the time, an essential element of RPG games. Besides, the path of exile (buy it now) is no exception here, whether you are still going through ten games or want to stay confident in a complex endgame: only if you know how to equip your character correctly, you have a chance. It’s here. Unfortunately, opportunities are not always in your favor, so it often happens that the game progress is slowed down due to the lack of suitable equipment. This is especially true for the objects on which your game style and skills are based. For example, these can be Vaal gems, some unique merchandise, or special bottles.

This is where the transaction comes into play because, in this way, certain items can be purchased to improve the character and current skill level. Since Path of Exile does not have an auction house or a single currency, Grinding Gear Games is much more challenging to trade in an action RPG than other types of representatives. For you to still get the most benefit from trading, we would like to explain step by step in this guide how to exchange not only Wraeclast’s NPCs but also other players for the treasure found.

Dealing with players-buying items

Of course, you should pay special attention to transactions with other players because here, you have the opportunity to purchase specific items or convert unwanted valuable discoveries into valuable poe currency. The first reaction may be to visit the game’s trading chat room, but we recommend that you do not do this. The chat is full of bots, and in most cases, there is confusing spam, so it is impossible to find valuable objects for the current character anyway.

Websites like POETrade or GGG official trading websites are much more elegant, and you can search for commodities sold by the community here. Are you looking for gloves with long life and energy shielding capabilities, and these gloves also have fire and lightning protection functions? Do you want the speed of the boots to be no less than 30%? No problem, because with countless setting options, you can find the items you need here.

Searching and trading on these pages always follow the same steps:

First, determine the type of product and the modifications you consider essential. Be careful not to narrow the search too much. Then, you will get an overview of all items that belong to your search grid and whose owners are currently online in the game. Conveniently, they are also classified according to their prices.

If you decide to buy an item now, you will receive a line of text where you can whisper and discuss the transaction with the relevant participants. Just copy it into the chat window of the game. Usually, you don’t receive group invitations from other players soon. Accept and send it to his hiding place (click his character in the interface), and then you can trade.

Even though this method has its problems (sometimes the player is AFK or they provide false quotes), it is currently the best method for trading in the Path of Exile. By the way, other sites specialize in different trade areas. On https://currency.Poe.trade, you can trade various currency items and exchange them for other currencies. We also recommend poemap.live. Here, you can select the existing endgame map and the endgame map you are looking for. Then, the site will automatically refer you to the appropriate trading partner. As we explained for POETrade, the transaction itself is also carried out via whisper macros.

Dealing with players-selling items

If you want to list and sell products on sites such as POETrade, you need at least one Premium Stash tag, and you must first buy it through the in-game store. These allow you to change the name and color of the chest space and determine the value of the items stored in it. To free up the corresponding trading space, you must first set it to the public using the related settings. Then, you can choose from three options:

  • The price of each item is set individually (right-click on the corresponding item)
  • Negotiable price
  • All items have the same price

If you want to get the most profit from each transaction, it is recommended that you set the price separately. However, because this always takes very little research time, some players also provided their items according to the table grab principle and put the cost as a uniform price of 1 Chaos Ball (also 2 or 3 in the later stages of the league). Which method you ultimately choose is entirely up to you.