Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft is a collectible card game in which players can face off against rivals from all over the world in exciting card duels where strategy and planning will be the key to victory.

Blizzard card video game set in the ‘Warcraft’ universe. The objective is to defeat the opponent by killing their 30 health points, deploying minions, and using spells, each card costs an amount of mana, which increases by 1 point each turn. “Hearthstone” has 9 different classes, all classic characters like Anduin Wrynn, Malfurion, Guldan or Jaina Valiente, and with a different streak. Each character must create a deck consisting of 30 cards in total, with the different decks geared towards a different type of game: aggressive, midrange, or control. Since its launch, up to 3 Booster Expansions and 3 other Solo Adventures have appeared, with new cards as a reward for beating them. ‘Hearthstone’ offers two competitive play modes, casual and ranked,

The gameplay of Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft is similar to that of other titles in the genre such as Magic: The Gathering. Each turn, players will receive an additional maximum mana point, which will be used to put as many cards into play as that mana allows them. We can summon creatures to attack our rivals or their own creatures, cast powerful spells, and combine all abilities to perform the last move with which to kill enemy hit points.

When opening hearthstone for the first time we can realize that thanks to the great diversity of available cards, various combinations and strategies can be created in order to obtain victory in our confrontations. However, as we move forward, we can see how the personality of the players is reflected in their decks and “playing styles”.

Below we will give a brief explanation of the different playstyles that exist in Hearthstone.


This style of play is based on keeping the pressure on your opponent, proposing a table, and causing your opponent a lot of damage quickly, either with creatures or spells. It is arguably the most faithful representation of the “active” state in the game.

Main features

Low-Cost Cards: Approximately 90% of the cards that make up these decks have a converted mana cost of 3 or less, as securing an early-game advantage is vital to this style of play. They are mostly creature cards, the rest are usually either “removals”, which allow us to deal with threats from the opponent or cards that try to stop our explosive advance. Support cards can also be included that allows us to reinforce our strategy as “buffs” for our creatures.

Consistent Mulligan: due to the small cost of our cards and a large number of creatures present, it is quite easy or usual for these decks to have very explosive outputs and that they very rarely have cards that they cannot play in the first 3 turns.

Playing speed: derived from the previous points, decks with this style of play usually play a large number of cards in a few turns, which means that if the opponent cannot deal with the pressure imposed, the game usually ends in the first 5 or 6 shifts after starting.

Players will be able to compete in individual duels over the internet or face artificial intelligence, although the most interesting game mode is the Arena, where players will have to improvise a deck of cards for the time being and try to survive as many people as possible. duels with him.

The most important part of Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft is dueling against other players, but it’s not the only one. The gathering is also a very important element, as players can purchase card packs to create their own decks. To earn money in the game to buy cards, we can win matches … or use real money.

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft is an excellent collectible card game, possibly the best of its kind. In fact, your only problem is that it’s so, so good, it might take too long. I write from experience.


Hearthstone Update 11.2 comes with a bunch of new things that will excite new and old players. After hunting monsters in Witchwood, Toki serves as the starting point for the creation of new Time Taverns which will be available from June 11 to July 2. And best of all, that’s not the only new thing in this full update.


Card games are one of the oldest forms of entertainment in existence. We’ve loved them for centuries and are still discovering new ways to do it. The digital world has opened a huge door of possibilities in which the old and the new meet and expand the possibilities of the medium. From collectible card showdowns to complex single-player titles, card games are having a great time on mobile devices. We have selected the most illustrious from each house, so don’t miss this list of the best card games for Android.