For all the CSGO gamers, it is very satisfying to kill enemies and earn points. The excitement grows when you complete tasks like planting bombs or diffusing them. You get bonus points for that. But sometimes it becomes frustrating to lose points against silver ranked player and get deranked.

To avoid losing points and games against high-ranked players, there is a wise tip to get more rank without even spending hours on the game. This is the Prime Account function that allows you to jump on Rank 21, get matched with eligible players, and avoid noobs or cheaters. Players who are already on high levels can also enjoy the advantages of having a prime account or prime status. But the question is, where to buy the prime account from? Several websites are offering prime status at an affordable rate with different skills and tricks. I have been a CS GO player for a decade, and in my opinion, the best site for buying a prime account is

Buy a CSGO Prime Account

If you are trying to buy a CS GO prime account, you must know that you will need to link your phone number to your Steam account and verify it using a one-time password. Prime accounts allow you to play in the excellent matchmaking pool and get a high rank as well. You can also buy prime accounts from at very cheap rates if you fail to get your number verified.

Buy CSGO Ranked Accounts From Reliable Source To Avoid Hackers

Imagine you have spent hours and days up to your gameplay and still not getting your desired rank. Instead, you are matched with hackers who spoil your game, and you lose your interest. In that case, you can always choose to buy a ranked account from a reliable source and get your desired ranked without investing hours playing the initial levels. With a CSGO prime account, you can get matched with the right player in the matchmaking pool lowering the chances of getting matched with a hacker or cheater. Each prime account is given a unique registration ID, and you can choose your preferred rank as per your game. For example, Silver Elite is a lower rank account to smurf at lower ranks, or you can buy higher rank accounts like SMFC for matchmaking with the higher-ranked player and reach the top faster.

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A high-rank counter strike game player can also buy a prime account with high ranks like The Global Elite(TGE) Supreme First Master Class(SMFC), Legendary Eagle Master if you fail to reach the top even after spending a lot of days and fulfilling the daily objectives. This is an excellent way to up the game for those getting deranged and losing the game against higher-ranked players. Elite accounts help you maintain the game level and keep the interest of the game intact. Most of the players who fear getting deranked by unfair means buy TGE or SMFC accounts to enjoy the thrill of the game and play with other skilled players from the privileged accounts. With a Prime ranked account, you do not need to fear getting deranked or wasting your time on your game to rank up.