Have you found yourself stuck in a rank you feel you don’t deserve in Valorant? Do you think you’re better than that Iron badge you have on your profile? Are you struggling to reach the promised land that is Diamond?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you’re in luck! We have five tips for you to reach any rank that you desire.

Tip #1: Get warmed up!

A lot of players tend to have a bad habit of hopping onto Valorant games without any sort of warm-up. While we understand you’re raring to go out there and tap some heads, that’s a sure-fire to lose some very winnable games.

A common tip many pros say is that for every ranked game you play, you need to do three deathmatches first. That’s one good way to get warmed up. You can also go to your favorite aim-trainer (AimLabs or Kovaac’s), or get into a custom Valorant game and feel things out. It helps you be more ready for the action and climb the ladder.

Tip #2: Stick to one… or three.

You might think it’s a huge flex when you play every agent in Valorant. That’s impressive if you’re consistently winning, sure. But if you’re struggling to get out of Bronze while playing every character… maybe it’s time to switch things up.

Just choose one to three agents, making sure to pick an agent for every class. Personally, we recommend having one Duelist agent, one “smoke” agent, and one Initiator in your climb up the rank ladder. These are the agents that every team needs while being self-sufficient enough for you to carry in Valorant.

Tip #3: Learn from the best.

Yes, we know you’re a really good Valorant player, and that you definitely don’t deserve the rank you’re in right now. But if you want to take your game to the next level, you have to master your main agents.

Whether it’s tricky Sage boosts or cheeky Cypher one-way smokes, watching Valorant pros or high-rank streamers play is a good way to pick up some new tricks. Seeing how the best to play your agent will offer some amazing insight you can carry into your games.

Tip #4: Communication is the key!

Okay, hear me out. Hearing kids screaming at you at the depths of Iron rank is irritating, yes. Getting yelled at by Gold scrubs is frustrating. It makes you want to mute all of your teammates at the start of the game.

However, Valorant is a team game, and with it comes communication. No matter what happens, make sure to communicate vital information to your team, such as last known positions, what guns do the enemies have, and how much health do they have left.

Tip #5: Get boosted.

However… we admit that sometimes, your best isn’t enough. You can be a god at Valorant, dropping 30-bombs every time, but you always get the worst luck with your teammates. It’s frustrating, I know.

If you truly think you deserve to be a higher rank… well, there are numerous valorant boosting services around. You can also ask valorant boosters if they want to pilot your account. It can be a fun experience for you to play with higher-ranked pro players. Plus, you get an in-depth look into how they actually prepare and play the game.

Now get out there and destroy your opponents!