Is CS:GO really the best FPS nowadays… or does SEGA have something better to offer? I know that it all depends on the individual gamer, but this comparison might motivate you to try some of the best shooters that SEGA has to offer, and perhaps they will captivate you more than CS:GO… let’s see!

The Best Shooters by SEGA

Even though SEGA is not wildly popular in the FPS area, I’ve personally played some of their games and they are pretty good. They still provide plenty of fun and will bring you a different experience. 


Here you have the list of the shooters by SEGA that I’d recommend you to try at least once in your life, because who knows, you might end up liking them a lot. So, here’s what I recommend:

Zero Tolerance

In this game you will become a Marine who has to complete missions that will principally consist of killing different aliens and predators that menace the Planet Defense Corp’s operations. You have to kill all the enemies in every single level, otherwise you won’t be able to move forward to the next missions.


Zero Tolerance will put your patience and focus to test, because some missions can take hours to complete. 

Doom Genesis or Mega Drive

If you like Doom, then you should play Doom Genesis, which was especially released for SEGA 32X. Even though the game presents several bugs and a few downsides in terms of sound quality and effects, it’s still an old school FPS you should definitely try. You will be able to kill demons and advance different missions, just keep in mind that this game won’t have a lot of missions or maps like other versions of Doom.


You can play them with emulators or if you happen to have the right SEGA console such as the SEGA Genesis. These games are pretty old school, so they will bring back a lot of nostalgia. But if you don’t like the old-school style, then it’s better to just stick to modern FPS games.


I only recommend these two because they are the most entertaining and they are easier to obtain than other more “obscure” FPS by SEGA. You can play them on emulators or you can buy the titles online, if you happen to have a SEGA Genesis.

Why CS:GO Is Still the King

SEGA FPS are old-school and they have no way of competing against games like CS:GO, COD, or PUBG nowadays. They brought us a lot of fun decades ago, but the world of video games has moved forward and CS:GO is the king nowadays.


CS:GO is more than just a simple shooter nowadays, it’s a complete movement. We have tournaments, you can gamble at a csgo skins betting site, you can find a list of sites at the top site for ranking CSGO gambling sites, you can collect skins and sell them for a big premium, you can watch multiple matches on Twitch and there are millions of active players per month, making it the most played game on Steam nowadays.


None of the shooters by SEGA has such features, and this is why CS:GO is still the king. It has molded one of the hottest sectors nowadays, which is skins gambling. The first ever site to offer such an experience was CSGOLounge, and this is another element that is driving up the popularity of CS:GO.


Furthermore, Valve always introduces new cases, skins and items, as well as special events, and all of this is enough to keep the gamers engaged and always coming back for more.


Personally, I’d choose CS:GO over any FPS by SEGA any day of the week simply because it’s the king when it comes to FPS. It’s fun, engaging and brings you more activities outside of the game itself, making it an amazing game that keeps evolving and getting better with the passing of the years


As I said, this is just a fun comparison because SEGA cannot compete against CS:GO nowadays, not even against games like CS 1.5 or CS 1.6 – because Valve really aced it when it comes to shooters.