Mario & Luigi: Brothers in Arms would be the sixth RPG installment game, firstly on the Nintendo Switch platform for a brand-new generation. This is a Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam sequel, as the story development tells about Mario, Luigi, and Bowser being transported to the Enchanted Kingdom based on Super Mario 3D World after they accidentally activated a source buried underground. But they are separated in different locations where they tried to get together and meet their alternate selves, becoming new friends, and exactly Bowser Jr. and Kirby will join in the game too.


Actually, the story development looks fantastic and perfectly great which they like. That is very epic about the Mario Bros. and Bowser discover a rare prophecy artifact, but they suddenly activate an underground mysterious energy source causing them to be ended up being transported to a new wonderful amazing fictional world, where they met their alternate version selves and are have an epic fantasy adventure of a lifetime. It’s looking great that it’s the only Amphibia reference. The Master Trio had a great adventuring lifestyle since Bowser’s Inside Story and now it’s time for another one.


On January 9, 2020, after Alphadream’s bankruptcy, Nintendo of America filed a Mario & Luigi trademark for LetsGoDigital in Argentina, knowing the sixth title entry would be announced and the game would be possibly made.


According to MarketWatch without these 17 negative characters, that would be positively good and safe. In the sixth Mario & Luigi RPG game and beyond, everything has really changed differently…


  • The series returned with a quiet Bowser’s Inside Story DX successor and the overworld exploration gameplay would return with a Paper Jam successor which will be truly amazing. Also, the environments and backgrounds are rendered in 3D once again. Bowser Jr. and Kirby upgraded the unique Star Menu to the powerful Diamond Menu. The Mario Bros.’ battle idle animation is reused from Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. The Enchanted Book, Rare Golden Box, Soccer Ball (from Mario Strikers: Battle League), and Bowser Jr.’s special powerful weapon are the new items added. A Kirby Quest successor filling the Mario & Luigi RPG void would be a good idea and it has to be very safe on that part of what would become.


  • Nintendo might look forward to the franchise’s future and search for new potential by forging a great true team; the Master Trio out of Mario, Luigi, and Bowser. Actually, they will meet the alternate versions of them and become friends forever in the Enchanted Kingdom, belonging to the Mario All of Mario, Luigi, and Bowser’s voice clips are reused from Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story DS game for the regular sprites only with the voice clips from the 3DS remake currently used.


  • Bowser Jr. is mighty strong, redeemed himself, experienced adventure and became the top ultimate guardian agent as a true hero/expert fighter & adventurer taking over the world after claiming the rightful heir to the throne, carrying and equipping his useful special powerful weapon. Now he is promoted as the main character, joining the other 3 main characters as well, which is actually branded as the Master Quartet.


  • Bowser redeemed himself, being respectful, no longer always kidnapping Princess Peach, and becomes Mario’s trusted friend who is being able to guide the Mario Bros. on their adventure since Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and its remake. This happens due to Midbus is truly evil.


Meta Description

Master Trio

  • Mario – The one-and-only super-famous hero.
  • Luigi – Mario’s brave legendary brother.
  • Bowser – Mario’s trusted best friend.


Newly Introduced

  • Bowser Jr. – The top ultimate guardian agent and a resident of the Minion Army.
  • Kirby – The ultra fancy popstar who is ‘extraordinaria’.


The Only Important Terms: Kirby Replacing Starlow & Milo, Violeta, and Starlow in Disney

  • Kirby is a good positive character who is the rightful heir (making Starlow the imposter) to enter the sixth and the other new Mario & Luigi RPG games for the Nintendo Switch. The only actual reason he is mighty, legendary, had the ultra power, and is mighty strong, replacing Starlow for good. He is voiced by Makiko Ohmoto, making him an excellent trusted character, and used to have good terms with Bowser Jr., with Kirby being a true hero all the time. From this point, Nintendo will accept Kirby which he is highly recommended to introduce in the Mario & Luigi series for safety so nothing bad will happen. This ultra popstar had wings so he could fly.


  • Starlow is a bad negative character who is too weak (definitely called ‘nothing but trouble’) and possibly the worst unpredictable character ever that everyone really hated. She doesn’t have her voice, only sound effects used. Due to that, she is strictly forbidden, restricted, and not allowed to enter the sixth and new Mario & Luigi RPG Switch games (which she only appears on DS and 3DS), forcing her to be removed from Nintendo would devastatingly banish her forever and permanently move to Disney to join Milo Murphy and Violeta Viberly, becoming friends with each other. At this rate, Bowser Jr. and Kirby would take over the world, and they not allow Starlow to enter because 2 guardians are infuriated about her and unhappy that they strongly dislike her as being such a threat. Starlow is very much terrible; she must be ignored for safety reasons and finally, she will never come back. Milo, Violeta, and Starlow will be in the new Disney franchise; Milo & Violeta, as Violeta Lauren Viberly will debut as a new Disney


In the end, the Master Trio boosted their encouragement, have a good friendship, and become legendary one day… because this would be an outstanding experience they would face.

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