One of the projects to share the mythical world called “FABULA NOVA CRYSTAL LIS”.
Set in two worlds, Pulse and Cocoon, Lightning and others fight against Falsi, who is like a “god.”

FINAL FANTASY XIII” (FF13) is a PlayStation 3 game software released by Square Enix on December 17, 2009.
In Europe and the United States, it is compatible with XBox 360 in addition to PlayStation 3, and was released in 2010.
The XBox 360 version was released in Japan in 2010.
There are sequels “13-2” and “Lightning Returns FF13”, which are collectively called “Lightning Saga”.

The first work of the “FABULA NOVA CRYSTALLIS” project.

“FINAL FANTASY Type-0” and “FINAL FANTASY XV”, which are the “FABULA NOVA CRYSTAL LIS” project works that share the same mythical world, are different stories.

The seamless battle system adopted in FF12 was changed to a symbol encounter system in FF13.
When you approach an enemy on the map to a certain distance, you will encounter and the battle screen will appear.
The battle is the traditional Active Time Battle (ATB), but it has evolved further.
MP has been abolished, and abilities such as magic can now be used only by consuming the ATB gauge, and a new parameter called “TP gauge” shared by parties has been added.

There are 3 battle members. The player operates only one person set as the leader.
The other two act automatically, and the game is over when the leader becomes incapacitated.

When the battle is over, HP will be fully restored automatically, and abnormal conditions such as incapacity will be cleared.
You can’t earn money in battle, you can get it from treasure chests or sell items.
Also, in this work, the shop is linked with Savepoint, and it is a format to access the Cocoon website and purchase.

The world broke up with Grand-Pulse and Cocoon and was fighting.
In each world, there is an existence “Falsi” like “God”, and Falsi gives a special power to human beings and uses them.
Humans empowered by Falsi are called “Luci”, and the end of “Luci” is either crystallized or a monster called a skeleton.
The main character Lightning’s younger sister Sera has also been made Luci.
Lightning and Serra’s fiancé Snow fights Falsi to save Serra.

View of the world

Fabula Nova Myth

At the beginning of everything there was a goddess called “Muin”.

The world consisted of two things: the visible, visible real world and the invisible, invisible world, “Valhalla.”
And it was the “soul” that revolved around the world and controlled the circulation of the world.

Muin had a son named “Booniverze”.
His son, Booniverze, gained the real world by persecuting his mother, Muin, and driving him into the invisible world of Valhalla.

However, when Muin closes “Valhalla”, the circulation of the soul is stagnant, the balance of the world begins to collapse, and the collapse of the real world begins.

Booniverze, who thought that the cause of the collapse of the world was Muin, created three new gods, “Pulse,” “Etro,” and “Linze,” and fell asleep as a crystal.
The three gods were tasked with finding the door to the invisible world where Muin was.
They are said to be the first “falsi”.

And among those three, “Etro”, who was the only one who was not given power because he resembled his mother Muin, mourns his existence and disappears.
The existence of “human beings” was born from the blood that flowed out due to this disappearance.
After Etro disappeared, it was “Valhalla” with Muin.
Etro, who arrived at Valhalla due to his disappearance, was taught by Muin about the “circulation of the soul” and became the existence that manages the “chaos” of Valhalla’s soul instead of Muin.

Etro gives humans “chaos”, which becomes the human heart.
Etro’s giving heart to humans managed to maintain the balance of the world.

After that, the increasing number of humans in the real world worshiped Pulse as “Almighty God”, Linde as “Guardian God”, and Etro as “Grim Reaper”.

On the other hand, Pulse with great power created a new world called Grand-Pulse, and created Falsi who followed himself.
Falsi’s purpose is to find a door to Valhalla.

Linde created a “cocoon” above the pulse in an attempt to find the gate to “Valhalla” in a different way than the pulse, creating the cocoon falsi.
Pulse and Linde came to think that it took a lot of human souls to open the gates of “Valhalla”.

Pulse produced Falsi such as Titan, Bismarck, and Atmos, and Linde produced Falsi-Baldanders and Orphan, who ruled Cocoon.

Due to these actions of Falsi, many human beings existed in the ground Grand-Pulse and the aerial city Cocoon.
Then the three gods left somewhere, leaving only Falsi and humans in the world.

Falsi and Luci

Falsi is a super-dimensional machine created by the gods in ancient times, and uses crystals as the source of power.
God left Falsi and humans and left the real world.
After that, Falsi came to control humans.
Falsi has missions such as food production, weather control, and reclamation, and has a common purpose of searching for the lost god.
Falsi has grades, and low-level falsi cannot defy higher-level falsi.

Falsi made by Pulse became Gran-Pulse, and Falsi made by Linde made Cocoon and began to manage humans there.
Cocoon’s Falsi and Grand-Pulse’s Falsi are not on good terms and have been fighting since ancient times.
It is said that there are about 8 million falsi in the cocoon.

Luci is a human being given a mission by Falsi.
Falsi cannot act in any role other than his or her original role, so by making humans Luci, he tries to fulfill roles other than his own role.

The human being chosen by Falsi takes on a mission through a paranormal image called vision, and the stigma of Luci appears somewhere on his body.
There is no choice on the human side, and Falsi unilaterally chooses Luci.

Humans who become Luci have no choice but to infer their mission from the vision they see, and there is no clear revelation.
Therefore, there are cases where the mission is achieved by chance through the intervention of a third party.

A human who becomes a Luci becomes a crystal when he fulfills his mission, and becomes a monster called a skeleton if he fails to fulfill his mission.
In addition, there is a deadline for carrying out that mission, and the progress can be known by changing the stigma.
Either way, you can’t stay human and you can’t go back.
It is said that it is no longer equal to death, so it is said that it will end when it becomes Luci.
Also, the people of Cocoon are terribly afraid of Grand-Pulse Luci.
Therefore, the Cocoon Holy Office has a policy of forcibly repatriating to the lower world (Grand-Pulse) who came into contact with or was there with Grand-Pulse Luci and Luci.
This is called the purge policy.
However, those who hit the purge were actually taken to the blockade area without being taken down to the lower world, where they were killed.


A spherical world floating above the Grand-Pulse.
There is a surface where people live inside, surrounded by an outer shell. The area of ​​the earth’s surface is as large as the Americas.
There are many modern cities here and there, and the capital Eden is located in the middle of the cocoon.
It is said that it was created to save humans from the threat of the lower world by being like a god.
Cocoon has a population of tens of millions and continues to prosper under the control of the Holy Office.


The vast earthly world outside the cocoon.
The land is rich in nature, but there are ferocious monsters.
There are traces of people once living, such as the existence of the ruins of the city, but it is uncertain whether or not people live there.
The people of Cocoon call Grand-Pulse the “lower world” with a sense of contempt.
Just as Cocoon was afraid of Pulse, those who were once in Grand-Pulse were also afraid of Cocoon as “the devil’s den in the sky.”

Synopsis / Story

Apocalypse war

Hundreds of years ago, a war broke out between the world cocoon in the sky and the terrestrial world Grand-Pulse.

Both Falsi chose a human to become Luci, and it became a proxy war between Luci.
Luci was given a mission by Falsi and was obliged to fight as a spearhead of each other in the war.

The war is said to have started when Falsi-Anima, who was furious at Cocoon looting supplies from Grand-Pulse, ordered his subordinate Luci to destroy Cocoon.

Baldanders, the Falsi on the Cocoon side, made Luci defend, but when Luci of Gran-Pulse summoned the demon beast Ragnarok, Cocoon was hurt and it seemed that Gran-Pulse would win.

However, the goddess Etro intervened in the war, the summoning of Ragnarok was lifted, and the summoned Luci was changed to a crystal, and Falsi-Anima of Gran-Pulse, who led the war, fell asleep.

As a result, Cocoon won.
Since this war, the people of Cocoon have become afraid of Grand-Pulse Luci.
The huge hole in the outer shell of the cocoon is still the trace of an attack by Luci on the Grand-Pulse side, and the damaged hung edge is too damaged and abandoned untouched. ..

The names of Grand-Pulse’s Luci, which was changed to crystal at this time, are Vanilla and Fang.
The two Luci slept with Falsi-Anima in Gran-Pulse, but when they salvaged the building material from Gran-Pulse to repair the cocoon that was damaged in the war, they were pulled up by the building material and became Bodam in Cocoon. It was installed.

The war came to be called the Apocalypse War because Falsi of Cocoon did not reveal the full story of the war to the citizens of Cocoon until the end.
Since the implied war, they have restrained each other, and no war has occurred between Cocoon and Pulse.

The day before the main story

“Vestige” refers to an ancient building in the Cocoon that was made or was in the lower world (Grand-Pulse).
The old cocoon is commonly called “ruins”.

For hundreds of years after the vestige of “The Pulse Fal’Champer” set up in Bodam was pulled up, there was no entrance anywhere and it was impossible to enter.
At one point, Lightning’s sister Serra happened to find the entrance to this miracle.
In fact, it was the doorway created when Luci, Vanilla and Fang, who had revived from Crystal for the first time in 600 years, escaped from the vestige.

Sera, who went inside to explore the vestige, met Falsi-Anima and was turned into Luci.

Meanwhile, Vanilla and Fang, who escaped from the vestige, forgot their mission for many years and infiltrated an energy plant in the Euride Gorge near Bodam to remember, and Fang was chased by the Holy Army. He became a decoy and let Vanilla escape.

At this time, Falsi-Kujata, who was in charge of the energy plant that sensed the infiltrated Fangs, moved to a defensive position and changed Sads’ son Dodge, who happened to be there, to Luci.

Vanilla regretted having involved an unrelated person and boarded a purge train to return to her hometown of Grand-Pulse.

Fang escaped from the pursuit and returned to the Vestige of Bodham from the Euride Valley, but Vanilla was not there.
Fang in search of Vanilla is captured by the Holy Army and protected by the cavalry under Rains.

Chapter 1 The Hanging Edge

Due to the purge policy, people on the train are taken to a blockade called Hang Edge.
Soldiers from the Cocoon Holy Office were on board the train, trying to kill the purged people here.
The purge policy was to forcibly relocate those affected by the lower world to the lower world, but in reality it was to bring the purged people to the hung edge and kill them.
Lightning, Sads, and Snow were on the train to free the purged.

The target of purging is not only those who directly encounter Falsi and Luci in the lower world, but also those who are in the same area where the existence of Falsi and Luci in the lower world has been confirmed.

The citizens of Cocoon are extremely scared of the Pulse Fal’s and Luci in the lower world.
It was also the result of information manipulation by the Cocoon Holy Office.

Snow is the leader of the anti-holy government organization “Nora” and has been guerrilla activities at Hung Edge with members to rescue the purged people.
During the battle with the soldiers of the Holy Office, a woman named Nora died while sheltering Snow.
Nora had a son who was on the train with him.

Lightnings, who dismissed the soldiers in the battle at Hunged Edge and released the passengers, headed for the lower world Falsi.
Lightning, Sads, and Snow had their relatives turned into Luci, so they had to go to the miracle of Falsi in the lower world to rescue them.

Among the rescued passengers was a boy who looked at Snow with a grudge.
He was Nora’s son, Hope.
He thought his mother had died because of Snow and wanted to throw his anger at Snow.
Hope chases Snow with the help of Vanilla, a girl on the train.

Chapter 2 The Pulse Fal’Crate

Hope and the girl Vanilla infiltrated the miracle of “Falsi in the lower world” following the Lightnings.
In this vestige is the Grand-Pulse Falsi.
Hope was inwardly afraid that they would be turned into Luci by Falsi’s hands.
Hope goes looking for Snow, though he is confused.

Meanwhile, Snow also went through the lower world of Falsi to rescue his fiancé, Serra.

Hopes who joined Snow on the way. Snow wanted to take responsibility for his mother’s death because he defeated the monsters roaming in the vestige and protected the Hopes, but he couldn’t say anything.

At that time, Sads and Lightning were also advancing while defeating the enemy in the lower world Falsi.
The purpose of Lightning was to save her younger sister, Sera, who was made Luci, just like Snow.

Lightning and Snow meet and finally find Sera.
It was the throne of Falsi-Anima in the lower world.
However, Sera left behind saying “Protect Cocoon” and became a crystal.
Sera’s mission was not revealed, but it seems that it was achieved by the Lightnings coming here and became a crystal.
Lightning hits Snow with the sadness and anger of having his sister crystallized.

Outside the Falsi miracle of the lower world, a total attack by the Holy Office forces chasing the Lightnings has begun.
Snow appeals to Falsi-Anima to get Serra back, but Lightning and Sads point their weapons at the silent Falsi-Anima.
Fight Falsi-Anima and the Lightnings win.

However, the moment he defeated Falsi, the Lightnings were shrouded in dazzling light.
Lightning sees a vision of a demon beast called Ragnarok destroying the cocoon.
And their bodies were engraved with strange stigmas.
They were all turned into Luci.