The most common “ikasama” in Baccarat is edge 메이저사이트  sorting. Edge sorting is called cheating because only some feel cheating. Some think it’s fair because they couldn’t find the faults or mistakes that would have been found if the casino had looked for them. First of all, what is edge sorting?

Edge sorting is a tactic that looks at subtle intentional differences behind cards and sees if they are high cards or low cards. Then, I asked the dealer to turn the cards so that all the low cards would turn on one side and the high cards would turn on the other (180 degrees). It is said that good luck will come if you do so. The edge sorter also asks the dealer to use an automatic shuffler. Then, the positions of the low and high cards become the same.

Edge sorting                                                             

A player who succeeds in this can 메이저사이트 statistically gain a significant advantage over the casino, even in a game that does not usually have an advantage. Phil Ivy, a popular player in high-stakes poker, is one example of someone who has taken advantage of edge sorting. In 2012, Ivey and his accomplices played Baccarat at the Borgata and won USD 9.6 million. Borgata filed a lawsuit against Ivy in 2014 over the prize money.


In 2012, he reportedly won $11 million by playing Punto Banco at Crockfords in London. Crockford agreed to refund his $1 million bet and send the prize money. Since then, Ivey has filed a lawsuit seeking payment for the refusal. He has lost a case at the English High Court. The UK High Court ruled that edge-sorting was civil dishonesty and that it was justifiable for the casino to refuse payment to players.


Ivey thought that the casino could easily defend itself, so they got an edge fairly. However, the judge said that Ivey did not simply find any errors or anomalies but took advantage of the Crew Pier to get an edge. It’s a small difference, but it’s a big difference because Ivey didn’t get paid. Anyway, it’s not yet.


As reported in late 2015, Ivy had been cleared to appeal the case because the judge had “raised an important legal issue” and had “a chance of success.” That is Baccarat. It’s an easy game. He only needs to know that if he wants to win more, he should bet on the bunker.

Also, at least in Punto Banco, it is out of your reach. The only reason to understand other things is that you can know what’s going on and keep up with it.

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Strangely, some people misunderstand this game as a difficult game. Rather, it’s one of the easiest and easiest casino games that doesn’t require any decision or strategy.


If you are interested in a game like this, why not try Baccarat? That’s because there’s very little else in other casino games that can say the same thing.

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