Grand Theft Auto IV: Lost and Damned (TLAD) is the first of two episodes of the Grand Theft Auto IV DLC for PlayStation 3, PC, and Xbox 360. In this episode, the new protagonist, Johnny Klebbitz, will be introduced. Lost the Brotherhood biker gang.

This episode features new missions, multiplayer modes, weapons, vehicles, and music/radio broadcasts. Download for $9.99 on Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network. Part of the title of the disc “Grand Theft Auto: Episodes of Liberty City”, there is no need to play a GTA IV disc, and the second episode of “The Ballad of Gay Tony” contains 39 content. I will. $99. ..

“Johnny is very different from Nico and has a very different background,” said Dan Hauser, vice president of creative development at Rockstar Games. “I can’t go into the details of the story, as I try not to reveal the conspiracy too much before the game is released, but history can show you another side of Liberty City I can say.”

“The plot is unaffected by the decisions made in the main game,” he says. However, “Color has been added to the main story to explain the details and mysteries of the main story.”

The game was first released on February 17, 2009, as “Xbox 360 Exclusive” available for download on Xbox Live. However, GTA IV’s fourth recent PC patch added The Lost and Damned achievements to the PC version. Originally The Lost and Damned and the second DLC, The Ballad Of Gay Tony, were supposed to be released on PS3 and PC on March 30, 2010, but Sony Computer Entertainment didn’t want to listen to the radio. I thought. The radio station was released on April 13th in North America and April 16th in Europe.

The stories of GTA IV, The Lost and Damned, and Ballad of Gay Tony were written by Dan Hauser and Rupert Humphries. All three stories take place simultaneously and are closely related.

Lost and Dumbed’s conspiracy is eerily similar to Peter Pan’s conspiracy, whether in a motorcycle park or surrounded by Peter Pan. A group of motorcycles consists mainly of men in their thirties and forties. They are forced to “grow” at all times by giving up difficult lifestyles, taking leadership positions, and starting families. Billy Gray is equivalent to Peter Pan. Peter Pan is the most reckless of all, guiding others to stubbornly reject rational ways (even Johnny doesn’t like Billy to reconcile with angels when you are) .. .. of death). Among many other similarities, another important factor is the Lost Clubhouse’s role as a dark and dirty hard rock version of Neverland. Members of the gang can enjoy beer, bikes, and more. There are no traditional jobs or obligations for children. The struggle between sports and strippers (even the married man Jim Fitzgerald). It was at the end of Johnny’s 34-year-old childhood and a lesson in history that Johnny Klebbitz and his companions were burned and forced to “free this place from suffering.” Connections: Everyone grows. A little while.


  • Johnny Klebbitz and Jim Fitzgerald: Johnny is the protagonist of the game and Vice President of Lost. While struggling to guide the gang intelligently, he was encouraged to be more rational by the types of “model citizens” outside the gang, such as “Brothers and Thomas Stubbs,” You will finally realize it when you leave. Pub. Motorcyclist at the end of the game. Jim is a gangster and a very rare role model, an older man with his wife and son. Although he is Johnny’s closest friend and ranked higher than him, he seeks wise advice from Jim. After Jim died, he called him “the man we all wanted to be”. Probably he is the other character in the story.
  • Billy Gray and Brian Jeremy: Billy Gray is the president of Lost, and as mentioned earlier, leads the gang in pursuit of pride, fast times, and love of violence. His own immature pride leads him into initiating a war with the Angel of Death and trying to part Lost and kill Johnny. He is a very backward-looking child. A clear example is when Jason Michaels dies, he calls him “just a boy, but the kind of man I want to be”. Brian, with his closest disciple, an almost unconfident kiss, joins his own punishment for a lost member loyal to Billy against Johnny after Billy’s arrest.
  • Ashley Butler: Johnny’s former girlfriend who is always guarding when threatened by gangs and drug overdose. The frustration of Johnny wasting her life is a huge step forward in her maturity.
  • Elizabeth Torres, Malc, and DeSean: Elizabeta is a Puerto Rican drug dealer, while Malc and DeSean are black men in the Uptown Riders gang. In addition to personal growth, racism is a theme in Lost and Damned. The Angel of Death, who may be a white supremacist, is often called a racist (especially by Johnny, “You are a racist, you throw me out!”). Krawitz and the rest of the lost (Billy, who insults Johnny’s Jewish heritage and openly calls the Chinese “yellow”, is far more generous and a black member of the Brotherhood called Clay Simons. Therefore, we work very closely with Elizabeta, Marc, and Deshawn.
  • Thomas Stubbs, Ray Boccino, Dave Grossman: All influential white-collar workers who hire Lost for dirty work and don’t want to see what they do. Stubbs, in particular, is a rare example of the outside world that speaks badly of what is lost and affects them. Johnny thinks the three are bad news, just as he is obsessed with their way of life, especially when creeping on Maitre’D before meeting Stubbs.

As read in the booklet included with Episodes from Liberty City:

Alderney is located just across the west river from the gorgeous Algonquin River. The home of The Lost Brotherhood, a notorious motorcycle gang alongside gangs of thieves, murderers, and drug traffickers, in the brownfields, malls, dark suburbs. Lost vowed to go beyond the law and live by their own rules with full fellowship loyalty. Club president Billy Gray has the priorities of biking, alcohol, babies, and hits. All in any order, preferably at the same time. His second conductor, Johnny Klebbitz, knows that this outlaw gang lacks time. For him. sunset. .. Johnny was in charge of the club while Billy did a court-ordered stint in rehab. He focused his gang activities on trading and ceasefire rather than trivial revenge, and made a major foray into the world of organized crime in Liberty City, including developing business relationships with the Angel of Death. A longtime rival. Lost term. problem. Billy is back home and he’s crazier than ever…


Johnny Klebbitz, Vice President of The Lost Brotherhood’s Alderney Branch, is busy defending the gang’s business interests in Liberty City and is loyal to Billy Gray, chairman of the biker club recently dispatched to rehab. Due to heroin addiction after the strait avoiding prison time. When Billy returned, his violent action against gang rival Los Angeles De La Muerte defeated a previously established ceasefire between the two gangs, threatening the survival of the Brotherhood. When recently patched gang member Jason Michaels dies at the broker, Billy takes advantage of the opportunity to convince Johnny that the Angels are responsible for the murder, not the actual murderer. In retaliation, Lost attacks the Angel Clubhouse and seizes large amounts of heroin. The gang tries to sell heroin through the drug dealer Elizabeth Torres, but the buyer turns out to be a masked police officer. Billy then introduces Johnny to Thomas Stubbs III. Thomas Stubbs III is a corrupt congressman who pays Johnny to stay politically dominant. Finally, Johnny’s friend and club member Jim Fitzgerald found out that the heroine had been stolen from the triad by the Angel of Death, so the gang tried to sell it to him, but only betrayed and shot it. It led to the battle. Billy was arrested by the police.

Johnny regains control of the gang as vice president, but member Brian Jeremy refuses to pursue him, accusing him of being fiercely loyal to Billy and arresting Johnny. Brian tried to make his own chapter, and Johnny had to kill him.

In an attempt to bring out fraternity, Johnny began working with uptown rider members Marc and Desean, and finally asked the boss of the Pegorino family, Reyvoccino, after his former girlfriend Ashley Butler asked him. I will help you. While working at Ray, Johnny steals a large number of diamonds from the “gay” Tony Prince and attempts to sell them to the Jewish mafia with the help of Nicoberic, but the case is ambushed by guards. The bodies of Gatney, Louis Lopez, and Johnny managed to escape. .. With money, we plan to keep it for the Brotherhood. Angry Rey kidnaps Jim and tortures him by shooting a gun and restraining Johnny, but the two escaped. Johnny battles several hitmen and learns from Jim Ashley that Jim is dead. He intends to attack Ray, but Stubbs tells him not to do so and instead focuses on Billy. Billy agrees to testify to Johnny and Angus Martin and is released from prison. Johnny, Terry Thorpe, Clay Simons, and other members of Lost infiltrate the prison, and Johnny personally executes Billy.

Angus Martin, Terry, Clay, and Johnny have agreed to rescue the Lost MC clubhouse from tragedy and rescue it from misery. Terry sprays petrol into the main room and Johnny pushes Angus in his chair down the street, followed by clay. The four stand in the street, staring at their former home, the scorching hell, preparing to face an unexpected future. In the end, Alderney’s chapter was really lost and maybe destined forever.