The competitive playlist for the Crucible has been updated and now includes the classic Destiny 2 Hand Cannon, Rose, as a reward.

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The Destiny 2 Rose Hand Cannon is returned, and you may obtain it by finishing your placement matches in the revamped Competitive Crucible format. Or, at the very least, you would be able to if the drops weren’t broken. Players may recall Rose from many seasons ago, when it was essential to completing the Lumina Exotic Hand Cannon objective, but it has been reintroduced for Destiny 2 with random rolls, several potent perk combinations, and a unique Lightweight Frame intrinsic characteristic, which gives it excellent handling. What you need to do to acquire Rose in Destiny 2 is as follows.

It should be noted that the Rose Hand Cannon reward drop is presently broken, and players are not receiving the weapon after completing their placement matches.

We’re looking into a problem with the Rose.

How to get the Rose hand cannon in Destiny 2

The Rose Hand Cannon has returned in Destiny 2 as a prize for completing the new ranked Crucible experience with Destiny 2 competitive rankings. To obtain Rose, you must complete seven placement matches for your Placement Series and be assigned to a Competitive Division – in other words, jump into the Competitive Crucible playlist and play your first seven matches. You should also pick up Lord Shaxx’s ‘Dividing the Ladder’ quest, which serves as an introduction to the revamped Competitive mode and walks you through the Placement Series.

As previously said, this is presently bugged, and players are not receiving Rose after finishing their placement matches.


You may also earn a roll of the Rose Hand Cannon by completing a Competitive Division assignment in the Competitive playlist once a week. This challenge is available for each character, allowing you to obtain three Rose rolls per week.

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