In this guide,LOLTANK discover the secrets to amassing wealth and mystical gems in the depths of Dark and Darker. Uncover the top 10 tips for conquering dungeons, master the art of gold-making through mining, and delve into the intricate process of farming mystical gems. Equip yourself with essential strategies, class insights, and detailed step-by-step instructions to become a true master of the game’s economy and treasures.

10 Tips for Dungeon Delving

With these 10 tips at your disposal, you’re ready to dive into the treacherous depths of “Dark and Darker” and emerge victorious. Remember to adapt your strategies to different dungeons and enemy encounters, and you’ll become a true master of dungeon delving.

  1. Prioritize Loot Containers: Smash barrels and crates to upgrade your gear reliably. Loot containers offer a great way to enhance your initial equipment. The loot scales with the dungeon, so you can find better gear as you progress. Keep an eye out for trinkets from pots as well, but be cautious of hidden traps.
  2. Mob Management with Traps: When surrounded by mobs, use traps to your advantage. Aggro enemies and lead them into traps, whittling down their numbers safely. This tactic is effective in various dungeons, especially those with trap-filled rooms. Master this technique to earn free loot and escape tough situations.
  3. Goblin Cave Extract Point: There’s a secret extract point in the Goblin Caves. Only usable once per dungeon, it’s crucial to keep an eye out for its use. Look for the audio cue that signals its activation. You can camp nearby and use it as a last-minute escape route if needed.
  4. Choose Your Dungeon Position Wisely: Decide whether to play on the edge of the circle or within the inner circle. Starting far from the circle can lead to dangerous encounters. Strive to reach the inner circle quickly, as sitting on the outskirts might expose you to unnecessary risks.
  5. Upgrade Your Starter Gear: Wait to default gear for a long. Invest in better starter gear using the currency you earn after extracting it a few times. Even a small investment can significantly enhance your survival chances. Swap out gear you find during raids for continual improvement.
  6. Master Movement Mechanics: Experiment with movement mechanics like crouching, walking, and slow walking (hold Shift) to reduce noise. Removing your shoes can further silence your steps, aiding stealth. Adjust your movement strategy based on the situation and your playstyle.
  7. Carry a Gold Pouch: Consider carrying a gold pouch to maximize your inventory space. This inventory-saving trick can hold up to five slots worth of coins, potentially leading to higher profits after successful runs.
  8. Healing Potion Stacking: Heal stacking involves using different healing potions simultaneously for faster recovery. Since identical potions don’t stack, mix and match potions with varying healing amounts. This technique can be a lifesaver in dire situations.
  9. Spider Pot Strategy: When dealing with respawning spiders, jump onto their pot to prevent their spawn and force them to attack you. This strategy simplifies dealing with these pesky enemies and can even lead to them damaging each other.
  10. Embrace Failure to Improve: Don’t fear failure. Choosing to fate or reflect after making a mistake is crucial for improvement. Push yourself into challenging situations to learn and grow as a dungeon delver.

How to make gold in Dark and Darker?

Next, We’ll walk you through the steps to accumulate Dark and Darker gold effortlessly. Master the mining process, optimize your gear and build, and ensure your survival in both mining and combat scenarios.

Get Started: Before diving into the gold-making process, ensure you’ve watched my Best Class Guide video for valuable tips on playing Clara. This will help you survive against other players and remain resilient while mining.

Acquiring Resources: You can make a significant profit by mining Cobalt and Ruby Silver ores. Start by obtaining a pickaxe, which you can purchase from The Woodsman or Weaponsmith. It’s not certain whether different rarity pickaxes affect mining speed, but higher rarity pickaxes do exist.

Mining Locations: Go to the Goblin Cave solo dungeon and head to the bottom left corner or north area. In these regions, you’ll find Cobalt and Ruby Silver ore deposits. The latter is more valuable due to its purple rarity, offering better defense and additional modifiers compared to Cobalt. Focus on mining Ruby Silver for optimal returns.

Mining Process: Approach a Ruby Silver ore node and take out your pickaxe from your consumable slot. Interact with the node while facing it and avoid moving during the mining process. Mining is slow and noisy, so stay alert for potential threats from other players. If you hear footsteps, pause and assess the situation to avoid getting ambushed.

Safety First: Mine carefully, prioritizing safety over greed. Maintain your HP and healing items to prevent unexpected deaths. After successfully mining Ruby Silver ore, you have two options: craft armor for yourself or sell the ore for profit.

Selling Ore: Once you reach Level 10 and unlock the marketplace, sell your Ruby Silver Ore. Navigate to the miscellaneous trade section, where players are offering Ruby Silver Ingots. You can sell the ore for around 20 to 25 gold per piece. Selling five ores can easily fetch you 100 to 125 gold.

Looting and PvP: Apart from mining, loot jewelry shelves around the bottom-middle area of the map for additional valuables, consumables, and scrolls. If you’ve followed my Best Class Guide and are proficient in combat, you’ll also win fights against other players and loot their items, adding to your earnings.

Collecting and Selling Jewelry: Sell the jewelry you acquire to the Collector. You can quickly select items and sell them by pressing the middle mouse button. Afterwards, shift right-click gold pieces to place them in your stash.

Repeating the Process: With each successful run, you’ll amass gold, jewelry, and valuable items. Repeat this process to generate income consistently.

How to farm the mystical gems in Dark and Darker?

Farming Mystical Gems in Goblin Caves’ New Gold Pile Room is a rewarding endeavour that requires careful preparation and efficient gameplay. By focusing on the Rogue class, practicing the cave troll’s patterns, and capitalizing on the changes in the High Roller version, you can successfully gather Mystical Gems and uncover the treasures hidden behind the secret door.

Obtaining the Mystical Gem:

To obtain the Mystical Gem, you need to defeat the cave troll in the High Roller area. The Mystical Gem is a rare drop, so be prepared for multiple attempts.

Preparing for Farming:

Equip your character with appropriate gear. The Rogue class is recommended for farming the cave troll.

Start with basic gear and gradually upgrade as you gather more resources.

Occasionally purchase cheap weapons from the Weaponsmith and agility gloves/boots from the Leathersmith to speed up your runs.

Farming the Cave Troll:

As a Rogue, focus on grinding the cave troll multiple times.

Spend time practicing and learning the cave troll’s attack patterns to optimize your runs.

Utilize headshot opportunities to maximize damage.

Gradually improve your gear and technique as you gain experience.

Transitioning to High Roller:

Once you have accumulated enough resources, transition to farming the cave troll in the High Roller area.

Note that the cave troll in High Roller is easier to defeat due to its new moveset, which exposes its head more frequently.

Farming in High Roller:

Utilize the cave troll’s new moveset to your advantage, aiming for consistent headshots.

Consider using a green Rondelle dagger for efficiency.

Focus on defeating the cave troll rather than engaging in PVP.

Notable Encounters:

You might encounter skilled players like “mojito beans.” Embrace the challenge and enjoy the experience, even if you don’t win every encounter.

Obtaining the Key and Entering the Gold Pile Room:

After accumulating enough Mystical Gems, you can purchase the key to unlock the secret door.

Enter the newly revealed room containing a gold pile.

Exploring the Gold Pile Room:

Explore the gold pile room for valuable loot and rewards.

Take advantage of the items you find to improve your gear further.

Farming Strategy:

Continuously farm the cave troll in High Roller to gather resources and improve your gear.

Aim for efficient and successful runs to maximize your returns.

Key Points to Remember:

Start with basic gear and gradually upgrade.

Practice the cave troll’s attack patterns for successful runs.

Exploit the new moveset of the High Roller cave troll for easier headshots.

Prioritize farming the cave troll over PVP encounters.


In the world of Dark and Darker, triumph awaits those who dare to explore its depths. With the guide’s invaluable advice, from dungeon delving to gold-making and mystical gem farming, players are equipped to thrive. Remember, adaptability, strategy, and perseverance are the keys to mastering this challenging realm. As you apply these insights, embrace failure as a stepping stone and let each encounter refine your skills.