The “FINAL FANTASY (FF)” series, which has a history of more than 30 years and gives off an indispensable charm when talking about all titles. One of the most popular is “FINAL FANTASY VII” (hereinafter “FFVII”) released in 1997.

This work is a turning point from pixel art to 3D, and has made the world of RPGs of a new era. It is loved by young fans for generations as well as those who played at the time of its release.

That is why “FINAL FANTASY VII Remake” (hereinafter “FFVII REMAKE”) was a title with a special meaning. While waiting for the release “can be only in a satisfactory experience to Middogaru escape?” “Just cool not just for us to draw the” original version of the cloud “?” “I’m happens transvestite event?” And, Maybe there are many people who have anxiety because of love. … Actually, the author was one of them.

However, I deeply regret when I opened the lid. That’s because there was “FFVII REMAKE” that was more than my ideal, no. And at the same time, one question came up.

“What kind of impressions did those who have deeper feelings have?”

So, this time, we created a strategy guide “Ultimania” for those who play the game with a large amount of information. Questionnaire! We talked to everyone who has an extraordinary passion.
First of all, I asked about the original version of “FFVII”!

Q1 What was the most memorable scene until you escaped from Midgar?

・ It is the “Ichiban Makoto Furnace” where the story begins . It’s a short area, but I like the fact that the charm of “FFVII” is condensed tightly. (Scenario information charge.I)

・Is it the development of the angry waves depicted in “Shin-Ra Building End-Escape from Midgar” ? After the boss battle, the world spread to the point where I was fully satisfied, and I was astonished to say, ” Well, the world map? The story is still in the early stages !?”(Enemy Information Officer.K)

・ It is a scene to meet Aeris again at the church of the slum on the second street . The reunion in a mysterious place where flowers bloom, which is rare in Midgar, and the words “Dating, once!” Were very impressive. (Item information charge.S)

and talked about his favorite scene. The most common answer was the opening movie! With the entire Midgar in the background, the title logo pops up, and the camera goes to the cloud landing on the Ichiban Makoto. The production where the first battle started seamlessly was a completely new experience for game fans at that time.

Q2 What are the impressive sub-characters until you escape from Midgar?

・ I’m Jesse, a member of the anti-Shin-Ra organization “Avalanche”. Perhaps because of the tragedy, the positive approach to the cloud left an impression on me. (Battle character information charge.T)

・Characters who were in the beginner’s hall . Save points and treasure chests that speak words, a trio of men who repeat poses, brothers and sisters who show the exchange of magic and limit techniques with Kyodai Genka, etc., heaped up the tutorials that tend to be plain. Quotations such as “And it’s free!”, “I don’t like it”, and “I want to hit it” in the cloud were also strong. (Battle system information charge.Y)

・ I ‘m Shin – Ra section chief . I liked the sadness of office workers and middle managers . I’m glad that the number of turns in “FFVII REMAKE” has increased. (Scenario information charge.I)

FINAL FANTASY VII_20200804013225

Ra resolutely confronts the unnamed mob character who happens to meet the clouds on the train . The attitude of loving work and family strikes the hearts of adults. Is it cute to appear in the “Honeybee House” in “FFVII REMAKE”?

Q3 It’s too detailed to convey (?) I like this place

・I have the impression that the map of “FFVII” has a very elaborate depiction of the toilet . When I arrived at the new location, I went around all the houses and shops to check for toilets. (Sub-Director.O)

・I remember looking around the robot arm near the 6th Avenue slum and wondering , “Is there an event to operate this to create a new road?”I was happy that “FFVII REMAKE” became a reality. (Battle system information charge.Y)

・I liked the freedom to get various items from the “Nusumu” materia . You cannot leave the Shin-Ra Building until you steal the “Hard Breaker” from “Soldier: 3RD”. (Character information charge.S)

・ When I visited the train graveyard with the original version, I just collected “ghost hands” and “gravity balls” . (Enemy Information Manager. K)

There are various strategies for “FFVII”, but “Nusumu” is the most powerful. In “FFVII REMAKE”, “Hard Breaker” can no longer be stolen, but “Strike Rod” that can be stolen from “Erigor” in the train graveyard is still alive!

By the way, “Ghost Hand” is an item that can take away the MP of the enemy. You can neutralize some bosses, so it’s useful for low-level capture. Isn’t it too maniac?

Next, I asked about “FFVII REMAKE”!

Q4 What did you expect before the release?

・ I wanted the atmosphere of the original version to remain even if the graphics and system evolved. When I actually played it, I was relieved that the nostalgic events, locations, and enemies were in full swing . (Scenario information charge.I)

・ It is a cloud transvestite event that everyone loves . In “FFVII REMAKE”, the number of costumes increased, and new sayings such as “Is it okay to go wild” and “I don’t need any impressions” popped up, which was more than I expected. (Battle system information charge.Y)

The name (stray) scene of the transvestite event “FFVII” whose costumes change depending on the route is the transvestite event! Don’t miss the event to get the new “Something Necessary for Crossdressing” in “FFVII REMAKE”.

・Isn’t the characters and settings added in related works appearing? I was worried. (Character information

charge.S ) Leslie, who appears as a subordinate of Corneo, and Kyrie, an information store, are characters in the Gaiden novel. In addition, there are scenes where you can get a glimpse of the settings of “Dage of Cerberus” and “Crisis Core”.

Also, you can see the stuffed cat in a glance!

Q5 First impression after actually playing

・I was amazed, “Can I operate the cloud of this graphic and actually walk in the midgar of this graphic?”(Character information charge.S)

・ While being surprised at the evolution of graphics from the original version, seeing the development from the opening to the Ichiban Makoto furnace and the appearance of the cloud fighting with a buster sword, “This is definitely “FFVII” it ” felt strongly. (Scenario information charge.O)

・Battle is fun! Although the system changed significantly from the original version, the feeling of playing was very similar, and I enjoyed the fight while feeling nostalgic. (Sub-Director.O)

Q6 Please tell us the characters that have become more attractive in “FFVII REMAKE”.

・ Although it is normal, it is cloud. I feel that the facial expressions and voices make it easier to understand ” scenes that are in parentheses” and ” scenes that are forcibly strengthened .” I was enthusiastic to protect the two women, but on the contrary, I was particularly impressed by how they helped me and sighed and depressed. It was exactly like the image of the cloud, “I’m pretending to be cool, but actually …” . (Character information charge.S)

・ I’m Aeris. Even when speaking the same lines as the original, the addition of facial expressions, voices, and movements made me feel much more attractive.(Battle character information charge.T)

・ It is Tifa who has become more and more outstanding in style . At the audition, I was fascinated by the sexy dress. (Scenario information charge.S)

・ It was personally a point that Barrett’s feeling of “troublesome guy” was doubled by the inclusion of voice . (Scenario information charge.I)


Q7 I want to tell the fans of the original version! Recommended points of maniac “FFVII REMAKE”

-The enemies that appear in the “motorcycle game” were set in detail, including their abilities and attack methods. Despite being a mini-game that is played only twice throughout the main story. I realized the thorough commitment. By the way, the fact that the right-handed cloud originally holds the sword in the left hand when riding a motorcycle is the same point as the original version! (Sub-Director.O)

・ When I was heading from the church to the slum station on the second street in Chapter 8, the interaction between Cloud and Aeris made me laugh. Cloud is trying to dress cool, and Aeris makes fun of it. With the addition of voices , I think that moving scenes without flashy events have turned into fun scenes . (Scenario Information Officer.O)

・ The enemies of “FFVII REMAKE” have terrifyingly crafted behavior patterns and actions, and every time I fight, I discover something. My favorite is the new character “Beg Thieves” . When defeated in a battle, it pretends to be dead, but when it is defeated for the third time in Chapter 14, it finally returns to the star. I’m sorry to make it bumpy many times … (Enemy Information Manager.K)

・ The means of communication during the game has changed from PHS to smartphones, but “PHS Terminal” will appear in a certain scene in the Shin-Ra Building. Can people who were playing the original version grin , including its use ? (Character information charge.S)

Q8 What was the most memorable scene in “FFVII REMAKE”?

・It was shocking to see that at the end of the Samurai Makoto Furnace, there was an event where three people could work together to open the door, which was not good in the original version . There are many variations of the lines when you make a mistake. (Battle system representatives .Y)

is Dakitsuka from the left and right to-Aeris and Tifa, but it should nisin with flowers in both hands are upset, cloud …… Break free the curt without arms hide it indeed he It seems. (Scenario information charge.O)

・ The last scene that unfolds at the end of the Midgar Highway. This is a scene where I felt great expectations for the remake project after this work . (Sub-director.O)

・ It’s the ending, isn’t it? I was thrilled to see how the story of “FFVII” that I knew well would change. (Scenario information charge.I)

・ Development at the end of the story. To be honest, there are still some things that make me feel uncomfortable, so I want to play until the end as soon as possible and feel refreshed (laughs). (Enemy Information Officer.K)

Oh? Anxious comments … Does that mean that “FFVII REMAKE” is not just “FFVII REMAKE”? Please play the game for yourself to see the truth of the shock, why such an impression popped out!

This is the end of the Ultimania “Medium People” questionnaire. Maybe there was something that “FFVII” fans could sympathize with?

Of course, you can enjoy it even if you haven’t played the original version! Especially for those of you who say, “I somehow know the good-looking guys in the cloud …”, you may be disappointed in a good way.

“FFVII REMAKE” is a game that you will surely want to talk about when you play it. Whether you have cleared it or are in the future, why not take a trip to every corner of the reborn Midgar with the supreme strategy guide “Ultimania”.