Deus Ex is a series of role-playing video games. The first two games in the series were developed by Ion Storm, and subsequent entries were developed by Eidos Montréal following the closure of Ion Storm. Set in the 21st century, this series is related to secret factions wishing to dominate the world on behalf of it, and the effects of transhumanist attitudes and technology in a dystopian future environment in connection with real-world conspiracy theories. Focus on.

Deus Ex, one of the most influential games. The Ion Storm game continues to be a mirror where numerous titles are considered to realize a free and organic world of options. On June 23, 2000, the Deus Ex, developed by Ion Storm and published by Eidos, was released. The studio was John Romero’s inflated dream of creating a super studio in Texas after finishing identification software. They had enough capital to form some teams that wanted to revolutionize the video game industry with an ambitious title.

The technology was not just in graphics, lighting, and FPS, but also in narrative and our way of playing, with a particular focus on AI. One of these teams is Austin Headquarters, which has been given a number of prominent names by Looking Glass. WarrenSpector created a PC-based issue that kept a team of 20 developers away from the internal issues that occurred at Dallas headquarters. A masterpiece whose influence continues today. : Deus Ex.

Using an Unreal Engine license and very conceptual and highly iterative development, the Deus Ex is a natural evolution of Ultima Underworld’s idea, but with more flexibility in the hands of the team without fear of breaking the mold. There are engine advantages. .. What seemed like another first-person shooter was, in fact, an RPG with revolutionary freedom to find a unique solution to the problem a player encountered, which allowed the surrounding world to Now adapted to react. Decision. From your dialogue with the NPC, how did you face the struggles and conflicts that you experienced as JC Denton, a nanotechnology special agent for UNATCO, the UN’s counterterrorism unit, set in the dark future of 2052?

A revolutionary game

As soon as we started, we saw first hand how the open layout of the game enabled a variety of possibilities and styles. There was a wide range of JC development, but I couldn’t master everything. Specialties for different types of weapons-affected the pulsation during the handling of weapons, or the ability to move with them-locks, electronics, drugs, computers, swimming, and also the character we want to be in the end. Combined with multiple nanotechnology extension modules to define. In the first mission, you could try a (difficult) frontal attack, depending on your first strength, but with other hacks of the defense system and another crude (but revolutionary) ones as stacked boxes. It was much easier to use the alternative. Access high points where you can skip the entire process through a highly protected main gate.

The whole game has always shown linearity and doing what you were told is not always the only option for video games. Even in situations where a conspiracy seemed to give us little or no choice, it was perfectly valid, and a story flowed combining cyberpunk themes with myths, legends, and a fusion of typical conspiracy theories. There always seemed to be another alternative X file. Deus Ex’s flexibility to respond to our decisions is legendary and remains a desire for the current production.

Today, studios such as Arkane and CD Projekt frankly talk about the huge impact of the games that contributed to the creation of Tom Hall, Warren Specter, and Harvey Smith, with a very valuable modern continuation in the form of the Human Revolution and human division. Yes, what we want, one day you will be crowned third. On the other hand, you can enjoy games by making digital purchases on sites such as GOG and Steam.