Not long ago, at the Xbox Event, Microsoft announced a lot of news. It is not difficult to see that Microsoft has done everything in order to make the Xbox Series X a place in the next generation of consoles.

Compared with Sony’s surprisingly quiet news on PlayStation 5, Microsoft has released many pieces of future releases of games, and deliberately emphasized the unique features of Xbox. Microsoft has established strong confidence in the beginning of this next-generation console. Quite promising.

If you missed the live broadcast at that time, it doesn’t matter, we have already listed all the games that will be released next, from one-man production to epic masterpieces, everything.

“Bright Memory: Infinite”

At the beginning of the exhibition, the first-person sci-fi shooting game “Bright Memory: Infinite” developed by Zeng Xiancheng and published by Playism was the opening.

The time background is set in the future city in 2036. The story is mixed with elements of time travel and Japanese samurai. Players will play the role of battle robot Shelia, fighting with guns and melee weapons in a fast-paced game.

“Bright Memories: Infinite” has an extremely beautiful picture, and it also supports DirectX Raytracing on Xbox Series X. Although I know it was developed by one person, it is still unbelievable.

“Long March 5”

Constantly breaking through the limits, “Long March 5” will have brand-new events and various terrain effects, coupled with the support of 4K, 60FPS high-quality experience, and successfully bring the classic off-road rally to the next generation.

In the game trailer, you can see cars galloping on the frozen river in New York, off-road vehicles flying over muddy tracks in China, or speeding fast in the freezing cold of Norway.

“Long March 5” made every effort and invited well-known voice actors to join. Nolan North, the voice actor who was voiced in “Mystery Adventure”, maybe your rival on the field.

When the player competes with him, he feels like talking trash talk to the protagonist Nathan Drake. In addition, Joel’s voice actor Troy Baker in “The Last of Us” will also give a voice as a player’s mentor to help decide sponsorship cooperation and other things.

This time, “Long March 5” also has a 4-player split-screen game mode, an online mode that competes with 12 players at the same time, and supports the smart distribution function that will start this year.

Players only need to purchase once to play on Xbox One and Xbox Series X Intercommunication.


Copying the style of HR Gilger, the father of “Alien”, coupled with the color of Raleigh Scott’s “Prometheus”, the trailer of “Contempt” exudes a strange and uneasy atmosphere.

Coupled with towering, unforgettable alien buildings, this non-linear first-person shooter horror game makes people feel more than uneasy.

Developer Ebb Software said that the production was also influenced by the director of “The Fly” David. Inspired by Cronenberg and David Lynch.

In addition to the physical appearance, there are creatures and landscapes with the theme of organs and industry in “Contempt”, and everything meets in the dark.

Chorus: Rise as One

If you want to talk about the type of games that are currently lacking, the multiplayer melee type focused on storytelling can be said to be one of them. “Chorus: Rise as One” from developer Deep Silver Fishlabs fits this need.

Simultaneously control the ace pilot Nara and her smart fighter Forsaken. In “Chorus”, players will experience the stories of the above two characters at the same time and fight the weird cult-Circle together.

Supporting 4K and 60FPS, the overall “Chorus” screen performance is quite beautiful, and the color tones are scarlet with pure black, giving a strong visual shock, and the narrow battle space also creates a look like in “Star Wars: Trench run” The embarrassment of fighting on the Death Star.

Not only is a fighter plane a weapon, the protagonist Nara also has a mind-linked skill “Death Control”, which allows her to get a bonus when flying a fighter plane.

“Chorus: Rise as One” is expected to be released in 2021.

“Madden Rugby 21”

The well-known American football player Patrick Mahomes unveiled the game trailer, in which he reviewed the evolution of the game over the past few decades.

Although there are no details about the game or how to play, one thing is certain. Thanks to the smart distribution function, if the player has purchased the Xbox One version, they can also play it on Xbox Series X for free.

And even more exciting, this means that “FIFA 21” may also have the same function.

Vampire: Escape 2

As the sequel to the classic pagan role-playing game “Vampire Escape-Blood Race”, in the second generation, players can also feel fear and excitement.

The background is set in the modern world. Vampires and other humans live together in the dark world of Seattle. Players can shuttle on the roof to find suitable humans for food, and upgrade their skill levels as the game progresses.

Players can transfer the original play data from the Xbox One version to the Xbox Series X version.

Similarly, “Vampire: Away from the World 2” also supports smart distribution, just buy it once, and it is expected to be released in 2020.

“The Call of the Ocean”

“The Call of the Ocean” is a first-person adventure puzzle story set in the 1930s. The player will become the heroine Nora. In order to find the missing husband, set foot on a strange island full of various secrets.

Gathering veterans who have made “Metro Warrior: Return of Sams”, “Azure” and “Mexican Heroes 2”, this is the first game of the new studio Out of the Blue, the environment narration of the entire game environment Reached the level of “Fire Fighter”.

In fact, Nora was dubbed by Cissy Jones, who also played in Fireman.

Although the R&D team indicated that “Call of the Ocean” is not a horror game, players can still experience the incredible story behind this island. The game will be released on Xbox Game Pass at the end of 2020.

“Upward Battlefield”

In addition to the destructible environment and various other features, this “Upward Battlefield” will be a game worthy of attention.


Following the “Observer” (Observer) and “Blair Witch” (Blair Witch), the psychic horror game star Bloober Team brought another masterpiece “Psychic”.

The time of the story is set in Krakow, Poland in the late 1990s.

The heroine psychic Marianne can travel between the real world and the spiritual world, seeing people’s surface and darker inner perception.

The most anticipated thing is that Akira Yamaoka, the composer who once worked on “The Hill of Silence”, will also participate in the production of “Spirit Medium”, especially for two different worlds with separate soundtracks.

Since Xbox Series X supports DirectX ray tracing technology and solid-state hard drives, there is no reading screen in the game. “Psychic” is also expected to be launched by the end of this year.

“Scarlet Link”

Following Bandai Namco’s “Legend of Dusk”, “Scarlet Link” newly produced by the original development team will open another series of role-playing games.

The plot narrates that the “superpowers” in the future world will fight against the monsters “others” from another world.

Players can use superpowers and close-range weapons to fight. In addition, you can also use physical skills to pick up surrounding objects and attack the enemy. The protagonist Yuito Sumeragi seems to be able to pick up and throw anything.

It can also be played between Xbox One and Series X through smart distribution, but the release window has not yet been announced.

“Second Extinction”

If you have been looking forward to “Dinosaur Hunter” for a long time and still can’t wait, then “Second Extinction” may help you relieve itching.

The selling point of this first-person shooter is the “evil mutant dinosaur”, and it can work with three people.

As a live-service game, in order to extend the life of the game, as the launch time is longer, there will be more game content.

Players can upgrade their weapons when they go out to hunt for money. Although this is not “Dinosaur Hunter”, it is actually very close with a vast map and all kinds of dinosaurs waiting for you to hunt (or be hunted).

“Dragon in Man 7: Where the Light and Darkness Are”

With the news that “Dragon in Man 7: Where Light and Darkness” will be launched on Xbox Series X, this next-generation console war between PS and Xbox adds a little more fun.

Finally, I can hit someone’s forehead on Xbox and experience the funny characters, customized skills, and countless mini-games in “Dragon in Man”. This generation also has a “professional” system like RPG games, where players can be bodyguards, musicians, or even chefs, which is quite exciting.

Because of the intelligent distribution of this function, you can also experience the daily life of the Japanese underworld on Xbox One.

Assassin’s Creed: Hall of Valor

Just a few weeks ago, the live broadcast ended with a real machine display. “Assassin’s Creed: Hall of Valor” makes full use of Xbox Series X’s ray tracing technology to bring players a powerful visual shock.

In “Assassin’s Creed: Hall of Valor”, players can freely choose to become the male or female protagonist Ever, take the Vikings to flee Norway, grab the beach together, fight the British in the rolling mountains, and build their own home.

Look forward to the emergence of siege, two-handed weapons, throwing axes, and ravens to replace the original classic crows of Assassin’s Creed. This game will also support smart distribution and will be released this year.