Final Fantasy Type-0″ (FF Type-0) is a role-playing game (RPG) for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) released by Square Enix in 2011.
A Gaiden work of the FF series that depicts crystal and god, human life and death on the theme of war.

The 14 boys and girls of the main character go into war while undergoing rigorous training to become a savior called Agito.


“FINAL FANTASY Type-0” is an RPG for PSP released by Square Enix in 2011.
It is one of the works of the “Fabula Nova Crystallis” project, and was originally announced as a derivative work of “Final Fantasy XIII (FF13)” “Final Fantasy Agito XIII”, but the title was changed in 2011 and “Final Fantasy” It became “Final Fantasy Type-0”.

It shares the same myth of “Fabula Nova Crystallis” (described later) as “FF13”, and although the world view and story have nothing to do with it, some common words such as “Luci” and “Invisible World” appear. Therefore, when playing the “FF13” series, it is easy to get used to the world view of “FF Type-0”.

This work focuses on war and depicts the heavy themes of life and death, life and bonds.
The main characters are 14 boys and girls who attend a school called Madoin.
They go to Madoin and train every day with the goal of becoming Agito (described later) to save the Orient (described later).

They all go to their place of duty after receiving a mission from the Madoin, and engage in various battles such as “suppression battle” to control the right place and “aerial battle” to shoot down the enemy by shooting from the airship. I will go.

The battle is a form in which 3 people are selected from 14 people to form a party, and it is a battle style with a strong action element corresponding to multiplayer.

In the story, all the mysteries are not solved by clearing once, and the whole picture is finally revealed by playing laps.
After clearing, you can take over the level, items, equipment, etc. and start over from the beginning.

In lap play, you can aim to clear missions that appear only in the play after the second week, and strong bosses and dungeons that you could not defeat in the first time.

In addition, the number of characters appearing is the largest in the FF series (excluding online games) so far, and the gorgeous voice actors appointed for the character voice also attracted attention.
BUMP OF CHICKEN’s “Zero” was appointed as the theme song and became a hot topic.

In 2015, “FINAL FANTASY Type-0 HD” was released on PS4 / Xbox One as a remake version.

View of the world

Fabula Nova Crystallis

It is a myth shared with the “FF13” series and is deeply involved in the story.
Since it is a myth, there are some vague expressions, but they are also interpreted differently by each person.
The contents are as follows.

Booniverze, the god who controls everything in the world, defeated the mother goddess Muin and obtained the world = visible world.
Muin disappeared into the invisible world = the invisible world.

Booniverze gets the world, but he suffers when he finds out that the world is finite and that one day everything was destined to perish.
He attributed it to the curse of his mother, Muin, in the invisible world.
To break the curse of destruction, Booniverze wanted to defeat Muin, but he didn’t know where his mother’s invisible world was.

So Booniverze tried to extract his will and create a new god called “Falsi” who should be his limbs, and let them search for the entrance to the invisible world.
The first one created was Falsi-Pulse.
Pulse’s mission is to open up the world and find the door to the invisible world.
The next one was Falsi-Etro.

Booniverze mistakenly created Etro just like Muin.
Fearing his appearance, Booniverze gave Etro no power.
The next thing that was created was Falsi-Linze.
Linde’s mission is to protect Booniverze from various threats.
Booniverze ordered Linde to wake up when the time came, and he fell asleep for a long time as a crystal.

Pulse creates Falsi and Luci to expand the world.
Linde creates Falsi and Luci to protect the world.
However, Etro could not do anything because he was not empowered.

Etro, who was sad about himself, hurts himself, bleeds, and disappears, even though he thinks of Muin that he looks like himself.

The disappeared Etro strangely arrives at the invisible world with Muin.
Humans were born from the blood of Etro that flowed at this time.
Human beings are born and die, and it is not a curse but a fate that the visible world is destroyed in the same way.

The world is formed by the harmony between the visible and the invisible world.
If that equilibrium is lost, the world will eventually collapse.
Booniverze’s mother, Muin, could not stop her fate.
She was swallowed by the chaos of the invisible world and was about to disappear.
Etro came to the disappearing Muin.

Muin told Etro to keep the world in balance, swallowed by chaos and disappeared.
But Etro was so stupid that he didn’t understand the meaning of Muin’s words.
Etro, who became lonely in the invisible world, became familiar with human beings who were drunk in chaos, and gave chaos = heart to human beings.

Humans living in the visible world considered Pulse as the Almighty Ruler, Linde as the Guardian, and Etro as the Reaper.
Humans live with the invisible world of the heart (chaos) given to Etro.
As a result, the equilibrium of the world was barely maintained.


The world that is the stage of FF Type-0.
There are four nations with crystals on the continent of Orient.

The four nations are attacking each other and continuing to fight.
The countries that have each crystal are as follows.
Suzaku Crystal: Suzaku Ryuburum
White Tiger Crystal: Mirites Empire
Soryu Crystal: Concordia Kingdom
Genbu Crystal: Lorica Alliance

Crystal and Luci

The crystal in “FF Type-0” is a source of great power that exists in some parts of the world.
Orient is prosperous with the blessing of Crystal, and Crystal is indispensable for the people who live there.

Each country is building a country based on the power of each crystal.
Crystal is managed by the facility “Pericirium” that protects it, and each country is founded and prosperous centering on Pericirium.

While crystals give people prosperity, they forget the memories of dying humans.
In an orientation where conflicts and wars are repeated, even if a large number of people die in the war, Crystal will forget about the dead, so there is no sadness.

Therefore, we are not afraid of death.
Even if a friend is killed in action in front of him, he will soon lose his memory of that friend and will not be sad.

In the military, this had a major effect, and when a superior died, he forgot his orders with his death, which could lead to serious mistakes in the operation.

Crystal chooses Luci and gives her a mission.
Luci is an entity that has been given a special mission, power, and immortality by Crystal.
Luci defends the crystal of his choice and tries to fulfill his mission.

However, human beings who have become Luci gradually lose their intentions and emotions, and in the end, the only significance of their existence is to protect the crystal and fulfill their mission.
Luci is an immortal who lives in eternity, but since he is not immortal, he will die if he is fatally injured.

In that case, a new Luci is selected, but it does not necessarily inherit the power of the previous Luci, and is often given the ability and mission that suits the selected human being.
Each country has several crystal luci from each country.

In addition, Luci is divided into A type, which has excellent fighting ability, and B type, which has special ability.

If Luci fulfills her mission, she will crystallize, and if she does not fulfill her mission, she will transform into a monster called Shigai.
Those who become Luci, even if they die or become Shigai, will not lose their memories from the people.

Suzaku territory Rubulm

The country that owns the Suzaku Crystal, which is the base of “FF Type-0”. The capital is Arkham.
The country to which the main characters belong.
It has the most stable climate in the Orient, coexists with creatures such as chocobos and moogles, and has a stable national life.

The power of Suzaku Crystal gives magic, and the human being chosen as the crystal can use magic.
Humans with magical powers are trained by the military as a national force at “Madoin Pericityrium Suzaku”.

It is governed by an eight-seat conference headed by the head of state, Kariya Shibaru VI, the director of “Madoin Pericityrium Suzaku.”

The eight-seat parliament is the highest decision-making body in Rubulm and consists of eight seats:

the Imperial Japanese Navy General Staff, the Magic Bureau, the Interior Bureau, the External Relations Bureau, the Compilation Bureau, the Logistics Agency, the Academic Bureau, and the Go Apprentice Bureau. ..Luci, who was selected as Suzaku, has Shuyu and Setuna.

Mirites Empire

The country that owns the White Tiger Crystal. A tyranny ruled by the emperor.
The capital is “Imperial Capital Ingram”, a modern nation with advanced mechanical technology.

Now that the emperor is missing, Marshal Sid is in control.
The power of the White Tiger Crystal is diverted to “weapons”, and the power is used to make powerful weapons such as magical armor.

In recent years, the power of the White Tiger Crystal has diminished, and the land has become thin and food shortages have become serious.
Sid invaded Rubulm in an attempt to conquer the crystals of other countries and solve the energy shortage.

Lorica Alliance

The country that owns the Genbu Crystal.
A nation built like a fortress on barren and rugged land surrounded by volcanoes and deserts.
The people of Lorica take in the power of Genbu Crystal directly into their bodies and strengthen their bodies.

In the Lorica Alliance, the idea is that the people are soldiers, and their bodies, which directly take in the power of Crystal, are muscular and strong.

The Empire of Mirites drops Artema bullets at an event early in the event, destroying the capital.

The Lorica alliance was also destroyed by the advance of the army of the Empire of Milites, and the Lorica alliance collapsed.

Kingdom of Concordia

A country that possesses Soryu Crystal. A country at a high altitude. The ruler is Queen Andria.

Queen Andria herself is the Luci of Soryu Crystal, and has the power to communicate with the dragon that is the incarnation of Crystal, and also has the ability to predict.
The Kingdom of Concordia is a woman-dominated country, with all major positions occupied by women.

Humans in the Kingdom of Concordia can communicate with dragons and monsters by the power of Soryu Crystal.

The power of dragons and monsters is also used for people’s lives and military power.
The army is composed of a unit of soldiers and monsters with a dragon at its core.

There used to be a blue dragon kingdom with a blue dragon crystal, where the blue dragons lived, but they ate the dragon, which is the incarnation of the blue dragon crystal, in search of power.

As a result, the power of the Blue Dragon Crystal diminished, and the Blue Dragons became monsters like zombies of half-fishers due to the curse of the dragon.

Instead of the lost blue dragon crystal, a new blue dragon crystal was born, and the blue dragon crystal sealed the blue dragon crystal.

The new Kingdom of Concordia was born by Luci and others selected as Soryu Crystal, and the Kingdom of Soryu was destroyed.

The blue dragons who became monsters were imprisoned with the blue dragon crystal in a place called Naraku by the Luci of the blue dragon, but sometimes they are released as a force.
The reason why the Kingdom of Concordia is female-dominated is that Luci, the founder of Soryu, was a woman, and because the Kingdom of Soryu was male-dominated, she became a female honorable man from her reflection.


The general theory is that Agito is the one who brings peace and salvation to the world orientation that is the stage, and the one who unifies the orientation where the war continues.
Therefore, each country is making efforts to produce those who will become Agito from their own countries.

In Suzakukuni, Agito is called a candidate, and a magical institute is created to make boys and girls with magical powers Agito, and they are trained there.

However, God’s perception of Agito is “the soul of a person with a strong sparkle to open the door to the invisible world.”

In fact, the god was in Suzaku, raising a soul that could become Agito with his own hands, and confronting them at the time of the Last Judgment to visit, conducting an experiment to see if he could become Agito.


A word that appears in Orient folklore, it is thought to be the calamity that comes when Crystal loses power.

“The time of Finis” means the time when the four nations are unified and the judgment is made to the world where the growth of the soul is saturated.
Linde has the role of giving finis to the world.

Finis is a “judgment” and is the last boss of this work.
The “judgment” is Luci, who was selected as the “Crystal of Rursus”.
The mysterious masked person who appears in the film is the god connected to Linde, and is the “Rursus Crystal” itself.


Fantoma is the soul of people, animals, and demons.
Although it is systematically important, it is also deeply involved in the story.
If the phantom is damaged, it cannot be recovered even with recovery magic, and if left as it is, it will result in death.

Systematically, it can be recovered from defeated enemies and is used to strengthen magic.

There are different types of phantoms, and if you are attacking with a flame when you defeat an enemy, you will get a phantom with a flame, and if you are attacking with a thunder, you will get a thunder.
There are 5 types of phantoms: flame, ice, lightning, special, and nothing.
You can use “Fantoma” to enhance magic and exchange it for status items.
Also, when collecting Fantoma, you can attack surrounding enemies with the impact.