Have a hard time buying things in World of Warcraft? Don’t worry, getting WoW Classic gold is easy.

When WoW Classic launched back in 2019, many people were excited to have a fresh experience of the game that popularized MMOs. Although getting gold in the game is much different than in modern WoW, anyone can do it if they research the right strategies.

To save you some time, we’ve put together all the info you need to know about WoW goldmaking.

Read on to learn how to get WoW Classic gold!

Complete Quests

One of the best WoW goldmaking strategies is to follow a questing guide. Many quests provide decent rewards upon completion, such as high-level gear and gold pieces. Although you’ll mostly receive silver from quests at lower levels, it’s best to go through as many as you can until you hit level 60.

This is a great way to earn gold because it’s something you’ll be doing anyway if you want to get better equipment within the game. You can also do things like traditional crafting while questing to make the process go more quickly.

Use the Auction House

Aside from questing, you should make use of the great auction house that World of Warcraft has. Unlike modern MMOs, such as New World, WoW’s auction house allows global trade. No matter which city you’re in, you can buy and sell items from anyone.

When running the AH, you’ll want to stick with items that people regularly use. For example, food in WoW Classic is highly profitable because many people rely on it for traditional crafting and health.

While questing, you can save items that aren’t bound to your character for the auction house. In the beginning, don’t expect to earn much. As you start earning more money, it’ll be easier to make higher profits.

Buy Gold Online

If you still have a hard time getting WoW Classic gold, you can resort to buying it directly from others. When it comes to getting quick gold in WoW, this happens to be the best method because it can be done within minutes. All you have to do is find a reputable platform to buy from.

A great place to start looking is ChicksGold.com, though you can find a plethora of decent sites with a quick Google search. Look for a site that offers both gold and accounts for several games.

To get a better idea of whether a site is reputable, search for discussions on Reddit to see what others have said.

Getting WoW Classic Gold Is That Easy

Now that you have a better idea of how to get WoW Classic gold, you shouldn’t have a problem getting whatever you want within the game.

If you’re a low level, we encourage you to focus on questing until you hit level 60. However, those that want to get quick gold without waiting can start flipping items at the auction house or buy it.

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