What do you think of when you think of Wyoming?  Do you even know what that is?  Where that is?  I have heard so many interesting answers to that question, horses, the wild west, snow…I have not ever heard someone say fine art or NFT’s though.  However, I think that this is about to change.  A company out of Wyoming is creating a traveling art show that features a hybrid of physical and virtual experiences simultaneously.  This means that people can visit Art at the Dockyard either physically or virtually.


Art at the Dockyard is a new project that has many people excited.  Spotlight Media Ventures, Inc out of Wyoming is putting on “Art at the Dockyard” as both a physical traveling art show as well as a virtual experience destination.  This had me confused at first so I will give you the courtesy of a clear explanation.  KoinHeim, the name of the virtual town, will feature art from around the world.  Art lovers and NFT collectors can visit KoinHeim and view this Art, specifically Art by the dockyards.  KoinHeim is an island, so there are lots of docks to check out.  The traveling Art show is what interested me most.  Because of the nature of the Art, being all digital, to do an art show properly one would need to have lots of screens and monitors.  The physical art show is planned to be in venues with lots of screens, from what I can tell it is all American sports bars.


This just sounds fun.  As the art show travels, sometimes it’s raising money for local art museums, sometimes it’s to help with local community charities, I just love the idea of getting drunk and looking at art.  Nothing beats getting drunk and looking at art.  I am interested to see how this works out in virtual reality, I wonder if getting drunk and going to a virtual destination will be a thing for me someday.  If it is, I would imagine that I would love to get drunk and then go to KoinHeim and enjoy Art at the Dockyard.


The world is a crazy place, there are lots of things that go on that are unpleasant and even more things that show the ugliness of humanity.  What a beautiful thing, when something is created with no other purpose other than, Art and bringing people together.  I have never heard of something like this, an entire reality based on nothing but love.  I think we would all agree that the world could use a little more trust and love.  Although virtual reality is a relatively new medium, we all know it is the future.  I mean it is safe to say at this point it is definitely a thing.


2022 and beyond, where are we headed?  It just sounds so interesting and fun.  Personally, I think I will be in Wyoming and American Sports Bars or on my Virtual reality on KoinHeim looking at art.  Art at the Dockyard, KoinHeim?  These are things I think of now when someone asks me about Wyoming.  I would encourage you to also think a little more about Wyoming, Art at the Dockyard and KoinHeim.


Get Drunk and look at Art!