Have a hard time playing games with friends? Are you seeking for other players to play with online? This is the correct spot for you. When it comes to playing massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs), 75 percent of gamers say they’ve become close friends with someone from the game.

As a result of the social framework created by interactive games, where players may discuss both real-life situations and gaming objectives. These connections have the potential to become long-term. Therefore, having a gaming buddy is super fun!

Groups of gamers also use message boards and other external modes of contact to strengthen their bonds outside of the virtual world they inhabit. In contrast to early digital games, which encouraged solo play, interactive games today provide new avenues for users to communicate with one another.


eBlitz has emerged as one of the best apps for this purpose. They are helping gamers find their best partners online! The possibilities are huge – as there are no limitations or bounds to exposure. You can meet thousands of people and play with someone your vibe matches with!

In the year 2020, eBlitz was born out of a basic need expressed by a large number of people – and that was “I want someone to play with.” Basically, the people wanted a gaming buddy for themselves that would give them a better playing experience.

Earlier, the problem was that we couldn’t find like-minded people in the gaming community. This led to the difficulty in finding non-toxic playmates. eBlitz team understood why everyone wanted a group of people that liked playing fun games, swapping jokes, and finding new friends. 

Thanks to eBlitz for coming up with a solution that was fast, dependable, and enjoyable, all at the same time! Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned veteran, eBlitz wants to provide you with a place to play with your friends or participate in exciting events. 

How Does eBlitz Work For Gamers?

Matching is as simple as swiping

Do you have a tough time locating dependable team members? eBlitz makes it simple to locate and match with people with only one swipe! All you have to do is just be willing to find the best game-mate for you!

Chat with someone right now

We all have heard of soul-mates, but have you ever heard of game-mates? Well, now you have! With eBlitz, you can communicate with other players in real-time by using text chat or the Discord voice integration features.

Rated gamers

With eBlitz, you don’t get to play with just anyone. One thing is – you have every right to choose. Secondly, you only play with the greatest, friendly, and 5-star community-rated gamers on the internet!

Take Away

The eBlitz community understands that gaming is not always about winning; rather, it is about having a good time. And, fortunately, life is always enjoyable when you have good friends at your side! eBlitz makes it possible for you to discover your gaming buddy.

You might see winning ends, or losing ends, but whatever comes, you have a buddy!

How To Download eBlitz On My Device?

You can easily download eBlitz from the Google Play Store on Android and Apple Store on iPhone. eBlitz is compatible with both operating systems, which means you can download it on any device and find your gaming buddy today! You can also check out their website here – https://www.eblitz.gg/