Level up Furnishing in the most efficient way possible with this guide.

The grind in MMOs has become part of the genre. If you play MMOs then you know the grind for certain items or skills can take a long time and suck the fun sometimes. This is particularly true when it comes to crafting skills. Crafting skills in MMOs are some of the most useful skills for money-making and getting powerful New World items.

This is also true for New World. New World has plenty of skills to level up that provide different usefulness. For example, Furnishing is a good skill to earn New World coins and to provide items for your house. Some of the items created can also provide benefits. However, Furnishing takes the longest to level. So, this guide will show you how to level up this skill efficiently.

Ready to level up Furnishing? Let’s go.

What Is Furnishing?

Furniture and storage chests can be made utilizing resources and materials, which is a crafting specialty in New World. Furnishing has more levels that allow players to create a greater variety of furniture and storage chests, as well as Trophies that may be put in player housing, offering various bonuses and buffs.

A Workshop may be found in Settlements. These stations are where you will be crafting most of your Furnishing items. Workshops have a tier level that can be boosted by completing Town Projects. Your Workshop has to be the appropriate level of the New World items you want to craft as well. If the Workshop does not meet the required level, then you won’t be able to craft items above the Workshop’s level.

How To Level Up Furnishing?

Leveling up Furnishing is a very straightforward process. You only have to craft New World items related to Furnishing at a Workshop and you will gain experience. It’s that simple. The rarer the item, the more experience you will gain. But for the most part, most people usually craft a bunch of low-level New World items as it seems to be the most efficient way to level it.

Other Recommended Skills To Level

One of the main problems with leveling Furnishing is you also need to level up a bunch of other skills first. It is important to have these skills leveled up a bit if you want a smooth leveling process with Furnishing. This is why Furnishing should be one of the last skills you level up. It can make some New World coins in the long run, but it isn’t worth leveling right away.

Here are the following recommended skills to level up a bit before leveling Furnishing:

  • Smelting
  • Woodworking
  • Weaving
  • Leatherworking
  • Mining
  • Logging
  • Harvesting
  • Cooking

These skills are very necessary IF you are getting all of the resources yourself. If you have the gold to buy all of the resources from players, though you probably don’t, then some skills don’t need to be leveled.

Furnishing Leveling Guide

Like a lot of crafting skills in New World, it is very simple to level them up. The problem comes with the tedious grind of collecting all of the required materials. But for the most part, you will be crafting the same New World items for most of the levels. This part of the guide will show you one of the most efficient ways to level up Furnishing. There is faster ways, but require more resources that are harder to come by and cost more from the Trading Post.

Let’s jump into the first 50 levels.

Level 0-50

From level 0 to level 50 you will need to start crafting a bunch of Rusty Iron Lanterns or something equivalent with the same materials needed. You will also need a tier 2 Workshop to craft these. It will take about 112 of these to increase your Furnishing to level 50.

The following total materials are needed:

  • 1,680 x Iron Ingot
  • 560 x Oil
  • 560 x Fibers

Level 50-100

We are going to continue crafting Rusty Iron Lanterns. I hope you have a lot of materials because you are going to need them. If not, either farm them or buy them the choice is yours.

The following number of materials are needed to reach level 100:

  • 11,370 x Iron Ingot
  • 3,790 x Oil
  • 3,790 x Fibers

Level 100-150

We are now moving on to Tier 3 Furnishing. You will need a tier 3 Workshop if you want to continue. Or continue crafting a low-level item, but it will take much longer. But it is best to start crafting Maple Stain. Weak Solvent is now going to be used. Either buy it or find it in supply containers.

You will require the following materials:

  • 91,540 x Weak Solvent
  • 36,616 x Oil

Level 150-200

In these last levels, you will craft the tier 5 resource: Mahogany Stain. Be sure to have a tier 5 workshop as well. You will need to craft 3,566 of these.

Mahogany Stain requires these materials:

  • 35,660 x Pure Solvent
  • 14,264 x Oil


In short, Furnishing is great for players looking to make New World gold or create storage chests. This skill can also be useful thanks to the trophies that can be crafted to gain temporary buffs. These buffs usually work to provide buffs to other crafting skills. However, this skill should be one of the last ones to be leveled, mostly because you need to have a lot of other crafting skills leveled. Also, Furnishing takes the longest to level up, so save it for last.

I hope this leveling guide was helpful. Do you have any other tips to share to help make leveling Furnishing easier? Let us know in the comments.