Are you ready for a gaming experience that will keep you hooked for hours? Look no further than Moxazza, a collection of three highly addictive HTML5 games that are bound to test your skills and keep you entertained. Let’s dive into the thrilling world of Moxazza’s games and explore the challenges they offer.

Drawingston: The Art of Strategic Platformer Jumping

Drawingston is the first game in the Moxazza collection, and it promises an addictive and strategic platformer experience. Your objective is simple: reach a score of 100. But don’t be fooled by the simplicity—this game will push your jumping skills to the limit. As you progress, you’ll learn the art of strategic platformer jumping, evolving your abilities with each leap. Prepare to embark on a journey of skill and precision as you strive to conquer Drawingston!

Blard: A Hungry Adventure in the Office

In Blard, the second game of the Moxazza collection, you’ll find yourself in a unique setting—an office. The protagonist, Blard, is a voracious character on a mission to satisfy his insatiable appetite. As you guide Blard through the office, you’ll encounter sliding office workers and various obstacles in your search for food. Prepare to indulge in this exciting adventure as Blard gets fatter with each culinary conquest!


Sniper Snipper: A Fresh Sniper Experience

If you have a penchant for precision and enjoy the thrill of sniper games, then Sniper Snipper is the game for you. This small yet captivating sniper game offers fresh animations and hitpoint counters, making every shot count. Your objective? Take down the police men who have taken refuge in the skyscrapers. With your steady aim and sharpshooting skills, it’s time to prove your worth as a sniper and save the day.

Moxazza invites you to dive into its world of addictive HTML5 games, offering endless hours of entertainment and challenge. Whether you’re drawn to strategic platformer jumping, hunger-driven adventures, or precision shooting, Moxazza has something for every gamer. Get ready to lose yourself in addictive gameplay, fresh animations, and the pursuit of high scores. Visit the Moxazza website today and let the addiction begin!


Whether you’re a fan of strategic platformers, adventurous office escapades, or sniper games with a twist, Moxazza has something for everyone. With its addictive gameplay, fresh animations, and challenging levels, you won’t be able to resist the allure of these HTML5 games. So grab your devices, head to the Moxazza website, and prepare for an immersive gaming experience like no other.

Note: The availability of the games may vary, so please check the Moxazza website for the latest updates and enjoy playing these addictive games in your browser!

Blard: Indulge in an Office Adventure of Culinary Proportions

Prepare for an extraordinary adventure with Blard, the protagonist of this captivating HTML5 game. In Blard, you will step into the shoes of a lovable, food-obsessed character who embarks on a quest through an office environment in search of delicious treats. The catch? The more Blard eats, the fatter he becomes. Get ready to navigate through the office repeatedly, encountering various obstacles and challenges, all while indulging in mouth-watering food that leads Blard to his ultimate goal: reaching maximum plumpness. Will you be able to guide Blard through his epic culinary journey?

Sniper Snipper: Aim, Shoot, and Protect the Skyscrapers

Get your sniper rifle ready and prepare for an intense shooting experience in Sniper Snipper. As a skilled marksman, your mission is to protect the city by eliminating the police men who have taken refuge in the towering skyscrapers. With precision and accuracy, take aim at your targets and unleash your shooting skills to ensure the safety of the city. Sniper Snipper offers a fresh take on the sniper genre, featuring captivating animations and hitpoint counters that add to the excitement of each shot. Can you handle the pressure and become the ultimate sniper in Sniper Snipper?

These two thrilling games, Blard and Sniper Snipper, offer unique and addictive experiences within the Moxazza collection of HTML5 games. Whether you’re drawn to the comedic adventures of Blard as he chases after delectable delights or the intense precision shooting action of Sniper Snipper, Moxazza has you covered. Both games can be played directly in your browser, allowing you to dive into the action without any hassle.

Note: To enjoy the adventures of Blard and the sharpshooting challenges of Sniper Snipper, visit the Moxazza website and start playing these addictive HTML5 games today. Indulge in Blard’s quest for food and unleash your sniper skills in Sniper Snipper. The excitement awaits!

Disclaimer: Please ensure that you check the Moxazza website for the latest updates on game availability and enjoy these addictive games responsibly.