Are you worried about the general standard of your language skills? Is it because a big test like the IELTS or TOEFL is coming up? Or is it because you genuinely want to improve the quality of your craft? Whatever your reason is, language has some rules, which cannot be bent nor can they be turned any other way. Although understanding linguistic technicalities is as boring and as hard as it was before the internet took over, you can still get a strong grip on this technical side of language arts.


No matter what level you are, whether a high school grad, a hobbyist, or a professional writer, these websites simplify grammar rules, so that it’s easy for anyone to follow. Read on to find out some of our favorite websites that are perfect for correcting your English grammar today:


Grammar Monster

For users in search of an online writing assistant, Grammar Monster is a great tool to try. Considered a top grammar-check website, this writing assistant ensures that your written word is immaculate, coherent, and fault-less. What’s more, is that the website is easy and simple to use, so users will have no confusion in using the various online tools. What’s even better, is that the website contains many free writing, editing, and proofreading tools. This makes the reviewing process uncomplicated and straightforward for the user. Furthermore, the website hosts plenty of free features such as countless grammar lessons that are aided by interactive grammar exercises. The tools present on the site are supposed to help a user if their grammar is particularly weak and needs constant supervision.


Moreover, the grammar rules are presented in an uncomplicated format and aided by examples, which makes memorizing these grammar rules quite easy. If a user is familiar with grammar rules, then he will not be flustered if the writing assistant identifies flaws in his text. However, if the opposite is true and the user is not familiar with grammar basics, then this website will prove to be a helpful tool for them. Moreover, explanations are present along with a video summary to assess their understanding. Unfortunately, this online writing assistant requires a stable internet connection and may not work for a person having a bad internet day. In that case, it is suggested to contact the area internet providers if they want to use the app without a hitch!



Even though a good reading habit can enhance and strengthen your grammar and vocabulary but nothing beats the power of the good ol’ dictionary! Although, most users have downloaded a dictionary app on their smartphones. But how many times in a day do they go through the online dictionaries? Only a few times, unless one is a professional writer and requires constant assistance from the thesaurus. One great example is Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, which is the oldest American dictionary publisher in the world. It is available both, as a website and as a smartphone app.


Although the primary focus is on the dictionary and the thesaurus factor, this website provides several other language tools and relevant resources to the user, which if used regularly can steadily improve the quality and standard of a user’s language. Besides this, several other features include daily language podcasts that draw attention to the root of words in the English language, explain why certain words are preferred over others, how to avoid basic spelling errors, differentiate between words that are often confused such as affect and effect, along with many others. On a side note, language apps like this can totally fall flat if your connection is glitchy and giving you trouble. If the usual techniques don’t work, we recommend that you get help from Xfinity Customer Service Number to get proactive support instantly!



How can this list not have Grammarly? Ranked as the top online grammar checker for all writing levels, this list would have been incomplete, had Grammarly not been included here. This app comes in several versions; whether a user uses it on his laptop or has downloaded it on their smartphone, Grammarly is available and accessible for all those, who want to give a professional touch to their written word. What’s more, is that the app comes with both free and paid subscription plans for its target audience. With the free version, the app facilitates the user with a basic spelling and grammar check. Although it is deemed basic, this AI-powered check is quite effective and much better than the countless writing assistants available online. However, the prepaid subscription plan is far more efficient as it can recognize subtle grammar errors, present better vocabulary options, rectifies redundancies, check for plagiarism, and even simplifies sentence structures that many other tools seem to miss out on. Once the desktop extension is downloaded, users can embed this in their Word document as well.


Quick and Dirty Tips by Grammar Girl

Mignon Fogarty’s Quick and Dirty Tips by Grammar Girl is a popular online tool that stands out for its fun and quirky personality. The informal arrangement of the grammar content on the website makes this mini grammar guide truly enjoyable. Following the innumerable tips and tricks of the Grammar Girl not only polishes one’s craft but it enhances text readability score. What’s more, is the various types of content available on this site. There are blog articles, podcasts, riddles, and cartoon strips, to name a few that aim to improve a user’s grammar. The idea behind this fun space is to make learning grammar rules fun, without the learner worrying about common grammar mistakes. Just make sure that your current internet service is as fast and reliable as one of the internet so that you can enjoy the countless benefits of this fantastic website!


Wrapping up

These are just the tip of the iceberg. Although these are some top sites, which will ensure that a user’s work is free from all kinds of errors. Even if the English language is not their native tongue, collaborating with these sites will allow a user to see their common mistakes and correct them. What makes these sites better than others is that they are handy, user-friendly, and minimalistic in their design format. Not only are these easy to use but they are easy on the eyes as well.


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