Creating a YouTube intro: You should pay attention to this

Do you have a personal YouTube channel and want to create your own intro for your videos? This guide explains how to go about producing a cool intro.

You can play your intro before your YouTube video starts. You have the opportunity to briefly present the content and summarize the topic. So viewers know exactly what to expect. You can also keep it short and just give a title with a cool animation.

What goes in an intro?

First of all: There are two types of intros. Either you create a unique intro for each video on YouTube, or you produce one that introduces your entire channel but doesn’t go into the specifics of each video. It is common to fill an intro with specific information. These are, for example, the name of the channel, music for the clip, possibly the logo and, depending on the case, a picture of the artist. You are completely free in your choice. You should make sure that your intro is not too long – seven to ten seconds is considered the optimal length. Make sure it’s a real eye catcher and looks professional.

During our research to find the best online tool for creating such videos, we found this Youtube intro maker. There you will find a lot of templates for many different video variants. These include  selecting this cool gamer intro explanatory videos, infographics, slide shows or visualisations with musical accompaniment. Once you have decided on a genre, the next round is about choosing an approximate background theme. For example, magical snow globes, spherical logo drawings, colorful color collisions (see example video below) or smoky logo reveals are available to you. The range is enormous, so you will definitely find what you are looking for and can try it out. First of all, it is recommended to watch a few example videos, as they will provide you with very interesting suggestions. If you already have your video in detail in your head, you don’t need to.

Text and image bring the video to life

If you know exactly what you want your video to look like, click the green “Create Now” button. On the next screen you will see a square box on the right, to the left of which you will get a small text explaining what to do. You can also skip this completely if you have already created a few intros and know exactly how to proceed. After you have clicked away the text, you can enter a text on the left edge of the screen that should appear in your intro.


With you can create your personal YouTube intro.

Familiarize yourself with the site. There is a lot to discover.

Decide on a suitable text and a cool picture.

Choose the style of your intro from many different animations.

Choose meaningful background music. You can also record audio files yourself and then upload them.

Download the intro and embed it in your YouTube channel.

If you are not satisfied, you can make changes later.