They attacked your tribe, they killed the elders and looted the good things. They burned the lands and the beautiful orchards. Everything became ashes.they Take the good things and kidnapped many of your brothers, but there is a hero who miraculously survived. The time for revenge has come.

Save your kidnapped brothers who lost their freedom and avenge them and destroy the savage leaders, they robbed your brothers of life, do not have mercy on them, you got all the equipment to start your search and conquest.

Attack with all your might the oppressors of the seven cursed lands, rage in the cruel valley of darkness, release the prisoners of oppression and torture, where every choice is decisive. Make your way through terrifying dungeons and dark caves full of horrific monsters to reap your rewards…

Spend your armed fist on the rebels and shoot those who attacked you. You have all you need an axe, swords, slinging hammers and hunting machetes, all fixed on the dark savages.

Infiltrate strategic locations, gather supplies and be armed, alert and alive to become the hero who stands tall on the battlefields.
Drop a lot of traps and surprise objects while collecting reinforcements, you drain your energy and find vital energy generators, there are bumpy and amazing areas, use the element of surprise and get rid of your enemies.

Get rid of the key guards, get supplies and dominate your enemies, find rare power-ups to strike the lair of giant monsters, extract energy from your enemies and take control of them.
Complete your mission and tighten your grip on the field

Come join now and experience an original fantasy, transporting you to another world full of action, adventure and power that only VALKKRYES can provide.
This game contains content suitable for all ages and all groups.
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