Have you ever wondered are there any tips that you can utilize in Erangle map? Well, there are and you’ll find tons of them in this article.
PUBG Mobile is one of the most trending games in the world right now. PUBG Mobile is being played throughout the world. Due to its different maps and game modes, it has gained the attention of many players throughout the world.
PUBG Mobile is a game that needs to be played through strategies and tactics. That is not the case PUBG Mobile needs much attention and focus if you want to ace this game. PUBG Mobile is a game that can help you get much success in your life through streaming and playing tournaments.
Many of you must be wondering what the strategies and tactics can be when playing PUBG Mobile or the tips and tricks to play PUBG Mobile. Well, don’t worry about that. I have got you covered. This article will discuss the best PUBG Mobile Erangle Map tips that will help you ace over your enemies. So, let us get started:

1. Drop Location
PUBG Mobile is a game played with a lot of dedication and will to win for the team. Choosing the proper drop location can be beneficial. In a map like Erangle, there are hot drops such as Pochinki, School, Apartments, Military Base, and Georgopol.

These hot drops have many early game fights, which make many players return to the lobby. If you want to survive the game and be the winner, you have to choose a safe landing spot. Choosing a safe landing spot varies in every match as the plane path changes. Try to go to places that are far away from the plane path.

2. Utilizing Vehicles in Erangle
In a map as big as Erangle, you should always keep vehicles with you. Now, you must be wondering how keeping a vehicle with us can be beneficial. Let me clear your thoughts. Utilization of a vehicle can come in very handy during the zone shifts.

For a map as big as Erangle, zone shifts can completely change the way you are playing. You may be holding a house, and suddenly, you have to rush towards a new location at the edge of the map. So, in these situations, a vehicle can help you majorly.

3. Spawn Sites of Vehicles in Erangle
If you wonder where you can find Erangle vehicles such as Dacia, UAZ, Buggy, and a boat? Let me tell you that there is no specific location from where you can get a vehicle. Rather, they are just randomly placed all over the map.

The tip about getting a vehicle in Erangle map is that you are landing with your squad at the start of the game. Look around the map and check if there is a vehicle or not. If you see a vehicle, land at that vehicle and take it with you to your drop location.

4. Utilization of a Camo Outfit
How can the utilization of a camo outfit be advantageous in Erangle? Camo outfits can be very helpful when you want to hide from an enemy and want to avoid the fight. A camo outfit will help you hide in the grass and behind trees and rocks as well. It is very difficult to spot a player that is utilizing a camo outfit. A camo outfit will help you stay alive longer in the game.

5. Utilize a Sniper
The utilization of a sniper rifle in the Erangle map can be very helpful. As we all know, the Erangle map is really big in size, so you will frequently encounter situations such as long-range fights. The ideal weapon for a long-range fight is a sniper rifle.

A sniper rifle will help you kill your enemies in an instant. All you have to do is be precise with your aim and fire exactly when another person peaks at you.

6. Avoid Fighting with Enemies that have LMGs
LMGs, known as Light Machine Guns, are one of the most overpowered weapons of PUBG Mobile. If you ever get in a fight with a player with an LMG, you must run for your life. Why? Because LMGs have a high ammo count and will not even let you think what to do. Stay clear of the LMGs, and it will help you survive longer.

7. Land at High Loot Places
Are there any high loot places on the Erangle map? Well, yes, there are. Places like apartments, georgopol, military bases are full of loots. All you have to do is land there and loot as much as you can. But make sure to only land in these places when there is no other squad landing at the same spot. Otherwise, you can end up going to the lobby pretty soon. Always ask your teammates to scout. If luckily, you get a whole place to yourself for loot. You will be unstoppable, and no one can easily kill you off.

8. Jumping from Plane
As I have mentioned before, PUBG Mobile is a game that requires a lot of attention and strategies. If you are looking for a tip for an Erangle map. There cannot be a better tip than jumping from a plane at the right time.

Jumping off the plane can be beneficial when it comes to getting a chicken dinner. How? Check for the number of players in the plane and land at the exact spot where you feel there will not be any squads going. Keep a check on the number and jump at the second when the player in plane number decreases to ten.

9. Use of Frag Grenade
The most underrated thing in PUBG Mobile is a frag grenade. A frag grenade can be beneficial when it comes to killing an enemy hiding in the squad houses of Erangle map. These enemies can easily kill you if you rush at them.

To avoid being killed off easily. All you have to do is unpin a frag grenade, throw it at the right spot, and boom! You got a grenade kill that didn’t even land a bullet on you.

10. Using the Best Armor
Utilizing the best armor can be beneficial in PUBG Mobile. Many of the players don’t think that armor plays an important role in PUBG Mobile. Well, in a big map like Erangle, utilization of armor is all you need.

There are different levels of armor. The best kind of armor is a Level 3 Vest. It helps you survive the shots of a legendary weapon such as AWM, Groza, or Machine Gun.

11. Use of Ghillie Suit
The use of a ghillie suit can be beneficial in a map like Erangle because it consists of many green places, and a ghillie suit will help you hide in those places without the fear of being spotted by your enemies.

The best way to utilize a ghillie suit is to wear it and be prone in the grass and wait for your enemies to come. As soon as an enemy approaches, you start firing. He won’t even know what hit him so well.

12. Frequently Change between Single and Auto Modes
Changing the pace at which your gun fires may make a significant impact on your overall performance. Most players pay little attention to the fire rate and continue to blaze in auto mode. In certain weapons, auto mode is the most effective setting.

At the same time, other firearms are best utilized in a single Mode, particularly when attempting to kill from medium to long distances. The recoil impact is considerably less noticeable in a single Mode, which means you have a greater chance of hitting the target than you would in auto mode.

13. Try to Kill Enemies by Exploding their Vehicles
The vehicles may be utilized as coverings, but make sure there is a small space between them since cars can explode if they are subjected to prolonged gunfire. After a while, smoke will begin to pour out of the car’s engine, which a fire will follow, and finally, your vehicle will explode. You may also eliminate opponents by continuously firing at their vehicles, causing them to blow up.

14. Loot with Closed Doors
When searching for weapons and armory, you must wash your tracks clean before continuing. The most effective method of doing this is to shut the doors behind you when you enter or exit the building. Because each building has closed doors by default, an open gate indicates that either someone is inside the building or that the best loot items have been selected from the building.

15. Utilize Eye Button
Do you use the ‘Eye’ button when playing the PUBG mobile game? If you haven’t already, you should. Because of this, the button’s size does not accurately represent its significance in the game. You may be wondering how an eye button will give you an advantage over your enemy.

Let me tell you how. When you are searching for enemies, you are moving here and there that gives a sound to the enemy making him aware. With the use of an eye button, you can simply watch all 360-degree angles without even giving a single sound.

16. Check for Flare Gun
A flare gun is one of the rarest weapons of PUBG Mobile, and if you are playing the Erangle map, there are many chances that you may find the Flare gun. It randomly appears in the least expected places on the maps.

If, by chance, you get the flare gun, immediately use it as it will give you a level 3 armor, helmet, and bag pack along with legendary weapons that will help you ace over your enemies.

17. Kill before Revive
When an opponent knocks your teammate down in the duos or squad modes, you have the option to revive that person or to be resurrected yourself. However, before you hurry to assist your buddy in need, be sure first to wipe out the enemies trying to rush on you.

The best way to surprise your enemies is to make them think that you are giving a revive, and as soon as he approaches near you, pick your gun and fire at him. This will give you an advantage over your enemy resulting in an easy kill.

18. Help your Teammates
If you are knocked out, you may still utilize the ‘enemy ahead’ message from the text chat box to alert your friends who are still in the game.

19. Avoid Jumping from a Building
The building in the Erangle map is huge in size. Leaping from the top of a large structure or a moving vehicle may be deadly—the damage increases in direct proportion to the structure’s height. Jumping from high buildings results in decreased health, giving you a disadvantage over your enemies.

20. Utilize Voice Chat
Many players think that voice chat is not usually required. Well, that’s where you are wrong. In a map like Erangle that has a lot of rocks and trees, it is necessary to turn your voice chat on and tell your teammates the location of enemies to know from where they are getting shot.

21. Don’t Unnecessarily Fire
In a map like Erangle, Don’t go all over crazy and shower bullets. Hitting a long-distance moving opponent is a difficult job. Hit the trigger only if your target is steady; otherwise, you will eventually give up your position instead of killing it.

22. Use of Smoke Grenade
A smoke grenade is one of the best grenades that should be utilized for your advantage. It can be used to hide in open places or to revive your knocked friend without the worry of being spotted and killed.

23. Holding a House
In Erangle map, if you are a squad member who likes to get chicken by staying low throughout the game. You should definitely find a house or squad house in which you can take hold. This will give you much advantage over your enemies and sometimes results in getting easy kills.

24. Use a Vehicle to Hide in the End Zone
How can a vehicle be useful for hiding in Erangle? There are times when we encounter a safe zone with no cover, such as rock and trees. To protect yourself from enemy fires, you can bring a vehicle to the rescue. You can lie behind the vehicle in an open place and avoid being shot and killed easily.

25. Take Hold of the Bridge
One of the most common and important parts of the map Erangle is bridge camping. Almost every squad tries to loot first and camp the bridge. How is this advantageous? Well, people come in vehicles to pass through the bridge without knowing the dangers that lie ahead of them. If you are already camping and holding a bridge and see a vehicle coming full of the squad, you can simply open fire at them and get easy kills without any hassle.