PS4 car games

At Goodyear, we show you the best car games, the most popular and addictive ones about the car world

Play Station 4 is advertised as the best-selling game console in the world. Its HDR games (even in 4K) and the DualShock 4 wireless controller are enough to justify such sales. However, if we add a wide variety of high-quality games and legendary games (such as Uncharted or Final Fantasy), we can say that we are facing one of the best consoles in the world. Video game machines in this category have the first sword in each type.

Whether it is arcade games, role-playing games, adventure games or sports games, the video games owned by Sony’s representatives in the virtual entertainment field are already very famous among the public. What about car games? There is one category that stands out over other games: driving simulators. Discover the best car game for PS4 through kilometers.

Thanks to Play Station 4, racing fans can feel that they are indeed driving a Formula One car, or flying on the legendary Le Mans circuit, or crossing the canyons of the Colorado Grand Canyon. The authenticity and playability of PS4 driving video games are unique. In this way, Play Station players can be immersed in it, whether through the controller or the video game steering wheel.

Need For Speed: Payback

Need for Speed: Paback (link to the best Need for Speed that came out on February 13) is synonymous with speed. Over the years, Electronic Arts has been providing services for high-quality products, dazzling car fans. Use NFS: The streets of the Valley of Return Fortune are again full of drift and night races.

The bet on La Casa and the tuning of already spectacular cars such as the BMW M5 are very juicy incentives.In this case, the game hopes to increase realism, which is why it works with companies outside the world of video games.

DiRT Rally

Sometimes we have commented that DiRT Legend is one of our favorite car games. In fact, DiRT may be the best driving game in this subcategory: Rally. A demanding simulator requires the skill and patience of the player.

Since DiRT Rally is a historical review, Colin McRae has important appearances, such as Carlos Sainz or Richard Burns. Gravel, test, co-pilot…DiRT realizes the most perfect drift of Play Station 4.

Gran Turismo Sport

Already expected. Four years have passed since “Gran Turismo 6” appeared on PS3, but a new sheriff has come here. Gran Turismo Sport continues the world’s most famous automotive video game legend.

In the seventh part, the car customization is absolute: vinyl, paint, tire replacement and suspension can be applied… Gran Turismo is once again surprised by its circuits and cars, proving that it is one of the best video games on Play Station.

F1 2017

On March 25, Formula One will start at the Australian Grand Prix, and as usual, Play Station will launch its F12018 in August. However, until that date, F1 2017 is the best Formula One racing game in the world. Decades. Because, it must be said, versions before 2016 have declined in terms of driving and quality of details. It now appears that everything has been restored to its original condition, and F1 2017 has returned to the path of another leap in the quality conferred by its predecessor products.

The code steward knows that there is no competition in making Formula One cars, which means that the best simulation of the FIA Championship is performed on Play Station 4. The British charge for a video game whose circuit is very similar to reality, while single-seater games are fascinated by their realism.

Project CARS 2

The climax of driving comes from Project CARS2. With the help of crowdfunding, game developer Slightly Mad Studios successfully created Project CARS with driving style as the protagonist. For the second part, they followed this trend, so the game continues to focus on those who like the engine, not just a hobby.

During the development of Project CARS 2, pilots such as Nicolas Hamilton or Ben Collins intervened, which provided an idea for the perfectionism that the driving simulator was trying to achieve. All in all, the most outstanding thing about Project CARS is the fidelity of its many equipment: Le Mans, Catalonia circuit… it replicates as many as 53 circuits so accurately. Projetc CARS 2 is a round game of Play Station 4.

The Crew 2

Crew 2 is a guide for traveling from Miami to Los Angeles from the United States by land, sea and air. Since Ubisoft played this game, it has been flying planes, boats and many cars. Hummer, ’63 Camaro or Masserati will race along Route 66 or the Pacific Coast Highway, passing through legendary areas such as Las Vegas, Detroit and New York. It is a challenge for those who want to take the iconic path.

Asseto Corsa

If we talk about being immersed at a level close to reality, then Asseto Corsa is one of the games most similar to driving a real car. In a way, it is one of the few video games where you can see tire degradation, thermal cycling or energy recovery simulations. In all of this, you can see the hands of Kunos Simulazioni, a software company that has developed cars for legendary brands such as Ferrari.

In addition, the processing of the Asseto Corsa circuit is so meticulous that you may wonder if you have been transferred to Imola or Silverstone. Not only that, you must also stop in the maintenance area. If you. There is no automatic mode, just like in other driving simulators, you have to approach the team, brake in the designated space, and then choose whether to fill up the fuel tank or change the tires or suspension.

In short, Asseto Corsa is the closest thing to racing outside the virtual world. Its visual fidelity and driving accuracy make it not only one of the best driving games on Play Station 4, but also on all devices.

Rocket league

Rocket League is not a typical driving game. It is a mixture of cars and footballs. In fact, it is still an arcade based on a driving simulator. Nevertheless, it is still one of the most interesting car games. Its multiplayer gaming platform has hundreds of fans who, like any duel, are eager for speed and nitrous oxide propulsion.

Play Station 4 is the fastest game console on the market. Speed is built into its DNA, so it’s no surprise to see so many driving champions in the list of best simulators.

The fact that Sony continues to promote this video game (a video game based on the Dakar Rally will be released within a few weeks, which is a milestone in the history of video game consoles). They may not be wrong. Car games and PS4 are a great combination.