Before you sign up, you should always look at the design of the casino메이저놀이터. Just by looking at the casino, you don’t know if it is fair or not, but you know if it is professional. A poorly designed, an unattractive visual casino might also have a bad reputation. If you register for a casino with a great design, you will be assured of the reputation of that casino. In some casinos, no matter the game, every game or table has the same layout and design. You can find casinos that offer a great table experience and an unattractive card experience. If you find a casino that offers a great experience in one game and doesn’t offer a great experience in another, you’ll see that the casino is inconsistent. It will help if you are looking for casinos that offer a consistent experience across all games. That way, you can truly enjoy the casino without being deceived by the unattractive visuals.


A Malta-based online gaming메이저놀이터 brand that offers games such as sports betting, casino and poker, has announced that it has launched an affiliate program with Income Access, a technology provider and digital marketing services in the iGaming space. The TowinBet affiliate program uses Income Access’s award-winning number-tracking software.


Established in 2013, Town Bet is regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority, providing players with a vertical online gambling experience. The brand’s sports bets cover soccer, tennis, basketball, F1 motor racing, rugby and ice hockey. It also features live betting for major sporting events.


In addition, online casino games are also substantial. The casino at Town Bet features slots from leading content providers NetEnt and BetSoft and a wide range of table games, including American and European roulette. The brand is announcing a special affiliate promotion to mark the launch of the new Totowinbet affiliate program on the Income Access platform, which won the EGR B2B Award for the last two consecutive years. All new affiliates can receive a 50% flat-rate special revenue share agreement for the first three months in a program that provides 360-degree support from the moment they register.


After the first three months, the commission returns to the standard revenue share model. Commissions vary between 35% and 55% depending on which Totowinbet products affiliates promote and how much revenue they showcase each month, including sports betting, casino, poker and gaming. During the first three months of the affiliate, you will return to the standard revenue share model. The commission varies between 35% and 55% depending on which Totowinbet products the affiliate has promoted and introduced monthly revenue, including sports betting, casino, poker and gaming.


“We are delighted to partner with Income Access to launch a new affiliate program. “Income Access’s software is incredibly reliable and cutting-edge regarding player acquisition in affiliate channels, especially when new mobile tracking solutions are used.”


First introduced in December 2014, Income Access’s mobile tracking tools are integral to Totowinbet’s white label. This tool will support the acquisition of players for the mobile offer of the brand.


“The new Totowinbet affiliate program provides affiliates with an important opportunity to target a wide variety of players. “Offering sports betting, casino, poker and other games, Totowinbet allows affiliates to cover player attributes and maximize profits.



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